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Beer garden, sauces, and rejection

Posted on 05 April 2012 by ~baba

I’m not associated with Cat & Dave Bar anymore, the ex of the owner came back and was putting money into the bar and grumbling in Thai and giving me cold stares so I left it to him. I had nearly nothing invested, lived there two months and was fed well, had a pool table, tv, and big sound system. Not to mention the pretty girls. My former roommate asked me as soon as I left if I’d like to open a beer garden next to her restaurant, I thought about it and she pushed me to do it and I said ok. Today we bought about $70 worth of poles and grass thatches to make a large structure, cement, sand, and gravel were delivered, I went to the nearest megastore and got glasses, ice buckets, and tongs. Beer is drunk here with ice cubes in it, I’m used to it and actually like it better than having the last 1/4 be warm. Tomorrow two workmen are coming to help us put it together, hope it works, I spent alot this month and it’s just day two of my fiscal month(SS deposited to my account on the 4th)
I had a 19yr old college girl had a crush on me and we were going to get together after she returned from Bangkok but she found a guy there and is going to stay/move there. So I went out last night lookin’ for love. I’ve mentioned my ex roommate Som, the Lao girl who took care of me while I was scrambled from my mugging, turns out though she’s less than 100 pounds, everyone is afraid of her. Of the three girls I flirted with last night only one was willing to come home with me and she started talking about her parents in Lao, her little boy needed a school uniform, etc, I finished my beer and came home alone. I don’t know what I’m going to do, there are several girls available to me that I’m not really attracted to but I want someone so hot that I can’t live without her, it’s worked for me in the past, got a lot of fine ex’s. Oh, sauces… I had some roast chicken two days ago, same as all the rest but the sauce which is usually sweet chili-garlic sauce had tamarind in it, really good. Every once and awhile someone has a good idea and they usually get my business, all the food is good here, even the unidentifiable intestine dishes. Tonight I had the back 1/2 of a large talapia with steamed veggies and rice and a sauce that was way too hot for me but was delicious. It tasted like chilis but it was savory and a little salty and I couldn’t not eat it. I usually get a 9 baht icecream cone when I’m suffering Thai mouth but I savored the pain on this one, hope it doesn’t backfire on me tomorrow….baba (photo is of Som, she’s not too mean, she only hit and kicked me about 40 times)

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