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Ponder me this….

Posted on 19 March 2009 by Enigma

I ask of you a question, not because I expect an answer but because I expect all you to ponder the question, situation and my statements as if your life and the life of your children lay dependent upon it.

When a man (human) reaches a point in his (or her) life when every moment is a struggle and all decisions they have available seem as if all other people are at fault then usually it is time to reflect upon yourself….. After all if it is everyone else it is most likely you.

However let us just pretend for a moment that there is a case where it actually is everyone else. Then what are your choices? Well I have come to the conclusion that you have limited options. This person could remove themselves from the problem… end it so to speak. This of course is the easy way out – however if all of a sudden all of the people in this society who are actually right just checked out all at once…. Well it would lead to a very rapid decline in humanity -although I love this possible result for many occasions example: remove all our troops from any country that says they do not want us there. Now let me make myself perfectly clear this message for you to ponder is not an AMERICA IS GREAT Message…. It is a “the whole world is fucked” sort of message.

OK so what is the second option? You could press forward – trying to change the situation or the world one wrong person at a time. This option has some amazing possibilities however it is terribly ineffective, unless of course you could become king…. Ohhh the changes I would make if I were king… but that is yet another story.

The third option is my personal favorite. This person, whom is right, can retreat into a self induced sociopathic psychosis. From then on you can either choose to ignore all of society’s problems and watch the world around you (however big or small it is) crumble and fall apart OR you could help it burn – taking as many of your “problems” down with you.

Now ponder all I have said…. Now think about the state of the world, the quality of people getting educated in the US…. The sad state of our “economic leaders”. Now I ask you to decide…. Unless you are one of the herd of cattle or sheep . What path do you decide?

I would tell you what decision I made…. But what would the fun be in that?

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How I feel at this very moment

Posted on 04 June 2008 by Enigma

Angle 2

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Integrity, Business, IQ, Capital Punishment

Posted on 08 May 2008 by Enigma

I have now come to realize beyond any possible doubt that American business is doomed, and coming in a close second in the race to annihilation is the human race as a whole. 

Why do I say this: Ask yourselves these questions

1.) When in business did it become ok acceptable expected for a sales person to just flat out lie to the face of a customer?

2.) Why is the intelligence of the average person slowing creeping to the level of a dodo?

3.) Why is the high school curriculum easier then the classes we had to take in elementary school?

4.) Why oh WHY is there even question as to what to do with THIS person?

5.) What happened to break the new generation of workers?

Well I had a lot more but now I have depressed myself. I am gonna get a drink and go turn some tricks in front of the local circle K.

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Monday’s…. the oh the joy

Posted on 06 May 2008 by Enigma

So I got this email from a work associate, not only did it make me laugh but i thought it was very appropriate given my Monday.

———– The Email ————-

Tonight I rushed out at 6:10 pm to get my daughter to her dance class – listening to my preteen complain at me that I am always late, after having ONE MORE YUCKY PROBLEM – with a day that amounted to multiple emails – wanting to keep everyone happy and figure out if I am doing it right or missing something, and one more time, did not have time to make dinner!

I dropped her off and went over to my favorite Subway store, and, of course, there was a large line of LARGE PEOPLE, and in West Virginia, I mean large!    They are all huffing and puffing, the Subway had run out of Italian Bread and Honey Oat Bread.   I watched as these kids working their butts off tried to appease their customers with some really good customer service.   You see, here in WV they take their food way too serious and I guess bread is very important.   Mind you there are still 3 other types, and for goodness sake it is only bread.     They ran out of chicken, and were low on veggies, but too busy to cut more!  These kids were busy working on getting sandwiches, and there I was at the back of the line watching them do their best while getting completely abused.   I was impressed!

Then it finally came my turn, and I am very patient, they make minimum wage and try to smile for everyone.   The guy in front of me was very rude, and again very large.   He said to this poor girl trying to get it right “are you stupid, I said no pickles”, that was all it took for me.    I told him politely that he did not say no pickles and not worry about it, it was just a sandwich.    He growled, yes growled and went on, they will yell at kids but not a grown up.

I got my sandwiches and went to pay – at least I was the last person from the rush.    They rang me up – and the cash register blew up!   The kids were ready to cry!    I mean this bad boy was smoking, literally.    I started laughing so hard.   I pulled out as close to the amount as I could, and they looked and started laughing.    Told them, IT IS MONDAY!    I complimented them on the job they did, and they were calling the manager to come in, and pulling out all the change they could of their pockets to write down if more customers came in.

So, if we think our Monday went bad, think of not the right type of bread, running out of cooked chicken, trying to cut more veggies, trying to get orders straight as they yell at them and then your register blows up!

Kind of makes you think!   My day did not suck that bad at all!

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