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BSPA Times

Posted on 25 June 2010 by scanjack

“We’re going to have to evacuate the gulf states,” said Matt Simmons, founder of Simmons and Co., an oil investment firm and, since the April 20 blowout, the unflagging source of end-of-the-world predictions. “Can you imagine evacuating 20 million people? . . . This story is 80 times worse than I thought.” (Washington Post)

There is no end of the dooms day scenarios being put out daily it seems, with the ongoing oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, as we move into the tropical storm season it’s possible some fears may be more credible than anyone thought. Stranger than fiction?

In positive news today, at least Iran woke up and realized sending an aid ship into Gaza was a really bad idea.

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Wars. The true four letter word.

Posted on 05 March 2010 by scanjack

This is hard to watch, you have been warned.

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20 Minutes with the President – Winning Video

Posted on 30 November 2009 by scanjack

So many of American Liberties have been infringed upon, or outright removed in the name of the war on terror resulting from the lies and disinformation of the 9-11 tragedy. Unravel the shame of what is the ever changing “official” story of the events of, and surrounding, 9-11 and Americans can begin to regain their once great Constitutional Republic.

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Gore’s Global Warming Scam, Slammed by Congress!

Posted on 22 October 2009 by scanjack

Now if he would just go take his Nobel and crawl under a rock, or maybe hang out in the cave with what’s his name!

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It would seem we’ve all become test subjects …

Posted on 15 September 2009 by scanjack

I have heard Rosalind Peterson interviewed several times over the past year, and find her to be very credible. Today she brings us news that without any public consent the U.S. Navy to conduct massive atmospheric experimental tests.

Article here.

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Nano Particles used in Untested H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccines

Posted on 14 September 2009 by scanjack

If there is any truth to this information, Wow! This whole H1N1 Flying Piggy Flu-Vaccines etc., just keeps getting better and better.

In part …
In their report, the scientists concluded something so alarming it is necessary to quote at length:

“Immunological tests, examinations of bacteriology, virology and tumour markers, bronchoscopy, internal thoracoscopy and video-assisted thoracic surgery were performed. Surveys of the workplace, clinical observations and examinations of the patients were conducted. Polyacrylate, consisting of nanoparticles, was confirmed in the workplace. Pathological examinations of patients’ lung tissue displayed nonspecific pulmonary inflammation, pulmonary fibrosis and foreign-body granulomas of pleura. Using transmission electron microscopy, nanoparticles were observed to lodge in the cytoplasm and caryoplasm of pulmonary epithelial and mesothelial cells, but are also located in the chest fluid. These cases arouse concern that long-term exposure to some nanoparticles without protective measures may be related to serious damage to human lungs.“3

Full Article here.

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Why all the hype around the Flu?

Posted on 29 July 2009 by scanjack

Well Science Adviser Holdren is all for it ….

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