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Reason #492 Why Im am glad im not IT

Posted on 08 June 2010 by Five0ClockCharlie

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Things you just cant make up ID #10T

Posted on 04 October 2009 by Five0ClockCharlie


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Complete Moronic Incivility This Way Comes

Posted on 24 September 2009 by Caravaggio

“Being civil”.

This can mean many things to many people.  During the homogeneous 1950s it was the era’s byline for “towing the line”.  Civility in many aspects is the glue that holds society together.  Recently I read an article about pirate culture.  They enjoyed a public relations victory by having their ilk described as chaotic anarchists (because such lore provoked their victims to just passively hand over the targeted booty without fighting) when actually they employed extremely civil rule sets for all their members to abide. Without the defined rules, their all-to-human selfishness would have caused a breakdown in their system which would have led to their own demise. Alas, modern day America is facing its own demise.  When I write this, I’m not focused on the highly visible incivility at present. Such as shouting during a Presidential address to Congress or taking the limelight away from an award-winning starlet during her acceptance speech.  No, I’m thinking about the seemingly more benign common man and woman of this once great land.

This morning whilst engaged in the ritualistic behavior called “trash day”, I set about busily collecting and sorting garbage from recyclables to then place the categorized corpus in individual sections upon the curb for pick-up.  At this very time, an assorted Rogue’s Gallery of parents had amassed on the street corner adjacent to my own to watch their grammar school-aged kids wait for the school bus.  When I type “watch”, I mean this empirically and literally. Out of the half dozen parents, no one showed evidence of the slightest electrochemically-induced synaptic-arch leading to a cognitive awareness of their children literally destroying my neighbor’s yard.  Kids were running to and fro while screaming (loudly, very loudly).  Throwing items pulled from the landscaping. And playing tag in-between my neighbor’s cars with backpacks full of the prerequisite contraband comprised of PSPs, Comic Books, neglected school books, and the culturally-desensitized presence of a probable Smith & Wesson .45 caliber handgun, all smacking the sides of the parked automobiles.

My existence at the circumference of this prepubescent melee triggered only a couple of sweet-gestured waves from some of the mommy-attendees. The fathers continued discussing their latest purchase of lawn mower or whatever it is “normal” fathers talk about. (Author’s note: long ago I resigned my club membership from this gender-based, liberated sperm-requisite sub-culture after running out of things to discuss within the first 5 minutes of social interface).  So after a 20 second run down of a risk-benefit analysis, I stood and cast the old “stinky eye” to the parental-aggregate locus.  My body language now being fully incorporated into the vibe of the evil eye ninja move obviously lent itself to full effect as some of the uncivil morons took notice.  And what was the end-result, you may ask?  After a brief interlude of uncomfortable silence between the “adults”, the fathers looked at their feet; the mothers spoke in hushed tones while the kids grew more violent and louder in their miniature, pseudo- G-rated version of Nicholas Poussin’s “Rape of the Sabine Women”.

On this very day … I weep for the future.

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Glen Beck Throws a Tantrum

Posted on 20 July 2009 by Five0ClockCharlie

Really grow up you ass hole. Just because you have a TV show does not make you better than any other 5 year old that throws a tantrum because mommy took away your lolly pop. PS learn the facts you pinhead.

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Cheerios – Baby boomer Drug?!?

Posted on 18 May 2009 by scanjack

“The ads say in six weeks, “Cheerios could help lower your cholesterol four percent”.  In making that claim, the F.D.A. says Cheerios becomes a drug, which can’t be marketed for its benefits without approval. “
Really F.D.A. ??? Maybe the organization could  be working on some more important issues? What’s next? “ABC Company Exercise equipment could make you more healthy. Ad awaiting approval from the F.D.A.”

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7 Signs of Terrorism – KC Metro

Posted on 20 April 2009 by scanjack

I really should not be suprised to see this, and understand that sadly many people are probably going to see an Obama Osama around every corner. Some seriously retarded people seem to be running things.

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You are not paid to think. Now sit down, nod your head, and agree.

Posted on 19 May 2008 by Caravaggio

Over the past three decades, the gradual reduction in true American innovation remains negatively correlated with the gradual increase in the mass media’s ability to continually flood the populace’s awareness with insignificant (read: statistically insufficient) stories of successful innovators. This has led to a broad-based false awareness regarding our true state of competitive effectiveness. Yes, there is innovation in this country. No, it is not as prevalent as it once was. Some would state that this is the logical result of >50% of all hard science and engineering advanced degrees being bestowed in this country to students of foreign birth (many of whom return to their homeland upon receiving said degree). A recent New England Journal of Medicine article cited forecasts illustrating that by the year 2020, 80% of bio-engineering advanced degrees will go to foreign students in American universities. I believe this is just part of the story. Through the systematic dummying of our society (which begs for a separate blog entry all of its own), business culture has begun to reflect general culture and has morphed to adopt norms that actually instill disincentives towards the process of thinking (critical thinking, creative brainstorming, etc.). In Corporate America, we are taught that critical thinking is what you do during your off-hours. In fact, the fine art of brainstorming is now a course that must be taught so you can show your hard-earned certification on our résumé. As a F500 management consultant, I’ve become very use to seeing situations where ideation is simply given a superficial nod with little more expended towards its evaluation. Who wants optimization, intrapreneurialism, and positive change when one can work towards and embrace the status quo? When change (or just the idea of change) becomes a four-letter word, it indicates that our society has become mollified by its own history of success. Arrogance and ignorance become closely intertwined in this realm.  


There is literally a monetary hurdle imposed on the activity that I’ll call “practiced thinking” (sans the depiction of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial culture). A primary example of this Onslaught Of The Stupid is when the ex-CTO of Microsoft was forced to defend his funding of Microsoft’s global research and development division AT EVERY INTERVIEW given during his tenure in the 90s. Dr. Nathan Myhrvold would patiently restate the tangible and intangible ROI of “practiced thinking” and cite a few viable examples of why this endeavor is actually primary to Microsoft’s longevity (fast-forward to now, and Microsoft has indicated that every single project in its pipeline has been thoroughly vetted by its R&D division for optimal market traction). Most obvious from this case in point is that the standard criterion applied to this cerebral-based activity is immediately categorized thusly, “You cannot make money from brainstorming.” It is currently considered of limited purpose in this country… like a peripheral effort that can be undertaken by anyone while zoned out watching “Reality TV”. I completely disagree. It takes an explicit degree of general and specific experience as well as broad applicable knowledge to generate innovative ideas (imaginary or not) – plus a rebel-like personality that doesn’t follow convention. This type of person is on the “endangered list” in our society and within the current business landscape. Additionally, I’ve yet to find certification training in practiced thinking that reflects these necessary attributes.


Personally, I seek-out and surrounded myself with idea-driven people as family, friends, and associates. It is people of this caliber that are required for continued innovation and forward momentum in any society. This particular variety of rarified “practiced thinker” isn’t limited by current stereotyping or succumb to cultural normative pressures — hiding in some ivory academic tower offering little free-market potential or willfully sequestered in some back office outside of the real work flow. These thinkers, and their ilk, are producers and their ability to create given the hurdles outlined here will be a true micro-measure of the continued success of our country in an ever-increasingly competitive global market.

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