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OWS Song

Posted on 30 November 2011 by scanjack

It’s a little bit funny this occupy outside
I’m not one of those who can wear hide
I don’t have no money ’cause Mom’s wallet she hid
I’d really like Dad’s tent back where we both could live

If I was a banker, but then again, no
Or a man who makes profits by selling this blow
I know it’s not much and not the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one’s for you

And you can tell everybody you occupied this song
It may be quite stupid but now that the pepper spray is done
I hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re on the dole

Gitmo Nation

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Right Where You Are Sitting Now!

Posted on 15 April 2011 by scanjack

(The title borrows a phrase I believe was coined by RaW, an author of some very entertaining, thought provoking
books of which my favorite was the original version of “Cosmic Trigger”.)

You would have to have been living under a rock to not understand that “Big Brother” is watching you, and everyone you know these days. From security cameras, red light cameras to those cameras in your own office complex, you are more than likely vid-streamed or imaged several times during the course of your normal day. Big deal right?  “Who cares?!? I have nothing to hide.” is a tired refrain I hear/read most often. I suppose this may well be true, unless you didn’t realize that what you thought was protected freedom of speach/expression, is considered an
indicator that you might be a dangerous threat. Fire sale on Ron Paul bumper stickers.

So yeah, most people just don’t care (as ToyMaker makes a case for in a recent post) anyway. However, let us forge ahead and serve up some information about newer, rather far reaching technology – in the hands of well, anyone.

Creepy Stuff?!?
Bob does a nice job of laying out how this great data aggregation software can be used by anyone, pretty much any where, and take advantage of people blindly using this or that technology must have. If you must have this yourself, grab it here.

Still with me? So what might the government be doing with all this overload of technology? The Onion hit it on the head.

Facebook, a Dream Come True for the CIA!

This next bit in a nice cheeky, and dare I say a little snark thrown in, actually puts forth some facts.

More on just some of the facts, nothing to see here though.

All of this continually sets off my “Suspicion Theory Meter”, but hey! I’m probably just paranoid…

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Mandatory, Volunteer National Service for 18 to 42 year olds

Posted on 27 July 2010 by scanjack

H. R. 5741

To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes.

A little change you can believe in I guess. It’s bad enough we have moron censors workers that call and call and show up asking about your neighbors for Pete’s sake! So I guess now we will have Brown Shirts running around doing who knows what. Can’t wait. Tasty liberty.

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Simple Math, .gov style

Posted on 01 July 2010 by scanjack

Here is a little Thursday levity for everyone on Government Math for Kids. As we know if you were to line up all of the worlds economists, they would all be pointing in different directions.

“Let’s pretend that this milk cow represents YOU and that this CHAINSAW represents the Federal Reserve.” a gem of a quote from the linked article.

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AZ Congressional Ad

Posted on 30 June 2010 by scanjack

I can’t believe they actually allow people to run these kinds of ads! There are guns in this video, and a kid WITH a gun! What the heck are these people in AZ thinking?!?

I wonder if we are looking at a whole new line of “Political Barbie Dolls” with Palin leading the way; Hillary can be the G.I. Joe 🙂

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BSPA Times

Posted on 25 June 2010 by scanjack

“We’re going to have to evacuate the gulf states,” said Matt Simmons, founder of Simmons and Co., an oil investment firm and, since the April 20 blowout, the unflagging source of end-of-the-world predictions. “Can you imagine evacuating 20 million people? . . . This story is 80 times worse than I thought.” (Washington Post)

There is no end of the dooms day scenarios being put out daily it seems, with the ongoing oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, as we move into the tropical storm season it’s possible some fears may be more credible than anyone thought. Stranger than fiction?

In positive news today, at least Iran woke up and realized sending an aid ship into Gaza was a really bad idea.

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Free speech is dead.

Posted on 22 June 2010 by scanjack

Surely this is a joke!

Does anyone know what a Constitutional Republic is?

Has anyone seen my country?

Does anyone even know that there is a Bill of Rights?

Has anyone read it?

Can I possibly ask more questions?

Maybe you should.

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I-69 International Highway

Posted on 18 June 2010 by scanjack

Who knew?

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Nanny State Quietly moves forward

Posted on 14 June 2010 by scanjack

Nanny State Dictator - Barry.

While everyone is distracted with the Gulf Oil disaster (and it is indeed going to be an ever growing crisis) our continued spiral into a complete Fascistic system moves forward.

“National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council.” – Last Thursday, June 10th, 2010.

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U.S. Tax payer funded MDK, and cover ups. Pave Paradise…..

Posted on 08 June 2010 by scanjack

Don’t believe you will see anything about this on your MSM programs.

Ooops! We may have fiddled with those tapes there.

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Nothing to see here, move along. BP Rules Coast Guard?!?

Posted on 08 June 2010 by scanjack

Just a quote, there are others out there, and some more detailed coverage of what I consider treasonous, not to mention anti-freedom, anti-humanity, anti-environment etc.

“The Associated Press, CBS and others have reported coverage problems because of the restrictions, which officials say are needed to protect wildlife and ensure safe air traffic,” the AP reported. “A CBS news story said one of its reporting teams was threatened with arrest by the Coast Guard and turned back from an oiled beach at the mouth of the Mississippi River.” Officials said the denial of access was under “BP rules.”

So, President Pussy, maybe you don’t have far to look to find that ass you supposedly want to kick.

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Now THIS is Sedition.

Posted on 10 May 2010 by scanjack

Speaking out for upholding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is demonized daily, but this is actual Sedition and it’s okay apparently.

Divide and conquer seems to be encouraged among the masses, while the wealth of sovereign nations is hustled out the back door.

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A Good-Bye from Paul Craig Roberts

Posted on 25 March 2010 by scanjack

Worth a few minutes to read. Roberts has, from what I have heard and read, always weighed in on topics with a mindful eye on the facts of the situation. He has consistently left the “jumping to conclusions” out of his writing and reporting on the events that have, and continue to shape our world.

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Wars. The true four letter word.

Posted on 05 March 2010 by scanjack

This is hard to watch, you have been warned.

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Land of the Free

Posted on 23 February 2010 by scanjack

Introduction to the Articles of Freedom – It is no surprise to me that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not taught in our schools any more. Nor does it surprise me that what is taught about the founding fathers is primarily that they were the first terrorists in North America.

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Our continued “state of emergency”

Posted on 10 February 2010 by scanjack

Rule of law. Good one that bit. U.S. is still in a state of emergency.

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Eeny Meeny Miny Moe … Oh, Wait this is about New Math

Posted on 04 February 2010 by scanjack

Here are your end of the world triggers via global finance fun!

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New feature? False Flag Bingo?!?

Posted on 27 January 2010 by scanjack

There is a new book out on the attack of the USS Liberty false flag event, Ship without a Country. Paraphrasing from “The Art of War” , that all war is based on deception, and with comic book hero Obama set to announce a three year freeze in discretionary spending, except for the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and of course whatever term they use this week for the funding of any, and all of Israel’s debt (quite a few links out there on The Cranston Amendment which 9 out of 10 people do not even know exists, or in fact what it really means) payoffs payments, as well as Veteran Affairs (can’t fault that one, they need more, not less to be sure). What we end up with is spending here at home really being the target.

I bring this up quite simply because this country is so far in debt that there is NO way out. We have seen time and time again over the course of history how a war has pulled the U.S. out of its economic disaster. We have had the “Crotch Bomber” fiasco, and if you believe the MSM on this, and Yemen being the “new front line incubator” for “The Toilet”, a.k.a. al qaeda in Arabic slang,  enjoy the bliss of ignorance. Israel is encroaching upon Lebanon more and more, and now saying that February is the deadline for Iran, if you will. BTW, when you fly a war plane over another country without permission, you have committed an act of war.

So a Canadian company came up missing two (2) tons of explosives recently. Then they said they found it, no worries all is well. It seems the investigation is showing that their accounting of explosives materials really doesn’t add up. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Back to the title of this post, and the desperation to somehow, someway whip the American people up into a patriotic frenzy like we saw in late 2001, that will provide support for whatever war, where ever it may. What false flag event will be staged? Will it be at the Olympics (yes, Canadian hosted, and gee golly gosh darn isn’t that where the company is that somehow lost track of 2 tons of explosives …) or possibly the Super Bowl? Somewhere else perhaps?

At this point I think a false flag event would have to be very big, and very devastating for it to even have a chance at successfully selling the American people on sending more of our families off to die. I’d say it’s a possibility, more than 60%, but take PDD-51 and Obama’s own recent signing statements, and they can pretty much enact Martial Law any time they want to. I still  bet against a big enough event to do the job.

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Friendlier Fascism – Here a Czar, there a Czar …

Posted on 15 January 2010 by scanjack

So much corruption, so little time. I liked the phrase from one of the comments on the article, and used it for this posts title.

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The new “toilet” base …

Posted on 04 January 2010 by scanjack

Interesting compilation video of yet another country base for Al-CIA-duh …..

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Ron Paul on Terrorism

Posted on 30 December 2009 by scanjack

This whole “crotch bomber” mess is just such a huge, disgusting joke upon the sheep that WE the American people have become. We will believe anything the MSM puts on the TV, well spun, polished and lacking any sort of real details. Full body scans for all! Yea! War in Yemen, Yea! Come on people, stop and think about this. No passport, “we do this all the time.” off to see the manager down the hall; flight paid for in cash; unknown man video tapes this patsy “bomber” the whole time. Enough explosives to possibly put a small hole through the hull, were it actually placed there and not sat on; the plane was on decent and therefore the whole “Hollywood” explosive cabin decompression bit just would not have happened. Bleh.

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Security – Act 6?

Posted on 29 December 2009 by scanjack

Interesting read from CNN by Schneier on aviation and overall security in the United States.

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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Posted on 24 December 2009 by scanjack

Parody work in progress – New lyrics for the 1833 song: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

(Link to song music, and lyrics I have been using.)

God rest ye merry, congressmen

Let no Page go unplayed

Remember, the Proles your saviour

Are born everyday

To save you all from Bank Failures

and stocks gone astray

O tidings of silver and gold

Silver and Gold

O tidings of silver and gold.

In back rooms, in Secret,

This Cash Cow was born

And laid the Yoke of debt

Upon even your unborn

To which the Founding Fathers

Would decry in scorn

O tidings of silver and gold

Silver and Gold

O tidings of silver and gold.

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The U.S. Constitution

Posted on 24 December 2009 by scanjack

Throughout the world in general, now and throughout history, “States” are known as Sovereign Countries. This was no less true when the U.S. Constitution was being written, and signed, yet I believe most people in the U.S. do not actually understand what this means, and why it is so very important.

I found this article to be a nice primer if you will, to understanding what the U.S. Constitution is and is not.

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Executive Order 12425 – Obama’s update

Posted on 22 December 2009 by scanjack

Really?!? File under more stuff you just can’t make up.

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