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Be the first to know if your life is gonna blow

Posted on 04 May 2009 by scanjack

Be the first on your block to know when the ominous, deadly flying Swine Flu has arrived!

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Update on WHO is trying to run the world …

Posted on 04 May 2009 by scanjack

There is way too much hype around this whole “Swine Flu” outbreak. You’ve heard the expression “When pigs fly!”, well this virus is at last check: 2 parts Swine Flu, 1 part Human Flu and 1 part Avian Flu – there you go, pigs with bird flu they must fly. Seriously enough with the hype all of you government shills and mainstream media goons!

NATO’s WHO Update

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Conspiracy About Vaccines – Real?

Posted on 29 April 2009 by Thraxxus

This is a FWD from a friend, I found it intriguing. 

Dear friends,

Quick heads up…

Last summer, some conspiracy theorists said the bird flu was going to be spread via vaccines. Then, in February 2009, Austrian vaccine manufacturer Baxter was caught shipping vaccines to 18 countries with the live Avian flu virus in them. It was discovered randomly (by testing a ferret) and was called an accident.

On March 6th, some of these same conspiracy theorists warned the virus would likely start spreading at the end of April, which we’re already seeing happening. They warned this over a month before the first case. The same folks also warned weeks ago that the pandemic state would hit the US this coming Wednesday, April 29th, in Akron, Ohio. I dread but expect we’ll see this come to pass too.

If you have the power to call this out publicly before or after it happens, please do it. It may stop whatever is in store for us next. Please keep in mind that if this does come to pass this Wednesday in Ohio, there is no way whatsoever this information could have been made available in advance, if it was truly a flu by the forces of nature.

Thanks for listening. And please see my sources below.

Source Says Flu to Being End of Month, Sites April 29th, Akron, OH for Beginning of US Pandemic (emailed on March 6, 2009)

Bloomberg: Live Avian Flu Virus Shipped In Vaccines (Feb, 2009)

Source Warns Avian Flu to Spread through Vaccines (emailed on July 19, 2008)

Then there is this video. The Plot Thickens? or the Thot Plickens? You decide.

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