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NBA – Who Cares?

Posted on 05 October 2011 by Thraxxus

It seems like it was just yesterday that people were talking about the NFL and how they would never get past their labor disagreement, talks, etc to such a degree that the season would be lost forever! Of course it wasn’t, in fact very little was lost – except for theĀ fervorĀ of the fans. Yes the NFL talks finally finished with the greedy bastards getting mostly what they wanted (you can guess who I am talking about) and the season did go on with all the drama that one could expect – that said it all happened and the fans that I know just don’t seem to care as much as they did last year. That is important to understand. I know people with season tickets who really don’t even care to go. Its not that they now hate football, they just seem a bit disenchanted.

I still think that the NHL never fully recovered from their debacle. Sure people go to games, but I never hear anyone talk about hockey any more – I mean nobody. I have a dear friend who is a die hard NHL fan and he never talks about it either. I told him the other day that there was going to be an NHL game played here in Kansas City. His reply? “Meh. Who cares.” DIE HARD FAN. What happened? Disenchantment again. I believe that witnessing the greed based meltdown of his beloved sport and borderline religion ruined his love of the game. He still has a certain fondness, just now when he thinks about Hockey one of the first things that happens is that bad taste in his mouth.

So what now of the NBA? Again we are looking at greed. Lots of it. The crux of the argument is that a huge portion of the teams are actually losing money. Think that through. The players association gets 57% of the take from ticket sales, and the owners get 43%. Turns out most of those owners are losing money – some how – to such a degree that several of them implied that losing a season would actually SAVE them money. Apparently the owner proposed a 50/50 split with the players, who flat out rejected it. Understand this – we are talking about a sport where some players make 20 million per season. TWENTY MILLION. Apparently making less than that is just too painful. WTF?

We now live in an age where sports players are glorified to the level of Demigods, and are paid as such, where at the same time those who teach and care for our children daily are having their pay cut yet again. What gets me here is that if teachers were to strike the citizens get upset, the politicians start to cast stones of blame, and eventually everyone tells the teachers to just buck up and take it – and teachers make an average salary of like 37k per year. Meanwhile, professional athletes go on strike because they might not make as many millions as they usually do and the citizens seem to back them up by still buying tickets and going to games. Why?

I say let the NBA strike finish -and then boycott the shit out of the games. You can still watch it on television – in your local bar or at home – just don’t buy a ticket. Show them what it really feels like to lose out on money. Greedy bastards.

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  1. go sports Says:

    imagine if we took the amalgamated time spent on playing and watching sports (primarily the watching category because their are orders of magnitude more watchers than doers) and applied this to research in alternative energy. Or the money spent on spectator apparatus (hats, shirts, body paint, etc.) was donated to protecting the last 2,000 tigers on the planet. This would make a true difference. The NFL, NHL and NBA are meaningless games that have become a false religion to the masses. Our priorities in this modern life are humiliating. Goooo Chiefs!

  2. Thraxxus Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. REAL important topics are dismissed, rich people arguing over who should be even richer are a focus for the media. Its all a joke. What a huge joke we have all become.

    I am seeing the Chiefs play the Cowboys in December. Wait what?

  3. Kenfu Says:

    hey now….why just pick on sports.

    The whole Capitalism system is based on buying crap you don’t need. – I don’t need an Iphone, Ipad, 99″ TV, computer, etc….. but we do buy them and it fuels our economy, gives people jobs and etc.

    Sports is a private venture that is your choice to support or not. Same as movies. Actors and Actresses make just as much as sports athletes for less work IMHO. Yet you don’t see a huge outcry about Tom Hanks making 20 mil+ a movie.

    If you need to complain about supporting something – pick a supercollider that we spend BILLIONS of tax payer dollars on to find the next smaller particle. This isn’t going to cure wolrd hunger. At least sports generate revenue which pay taxes………

  4. Jobs Says:

    Imagine how much more over priced iEverything is going to sell now that I am in the beyond…or so you think!

    Too soon?!?

  5. Thraxxus Says:

    U MAD BRO?

    My point was why give these fucks any face time in the media when all they are arguing about who who gets paid even more?

  6. Kenfu Says:

    I don’t support the NBA by buying any products or going to the games. I do watch games that happen to be on TV when I’m watching – so I do count in the advertising #’s for the games.

    I just don’t think its a good argument to attack how much the players are making. Its an elite skill set that is required to play in the NBA. If everybody could do it, then the players wouldn’t get paid that much – supply vs demand. Same with any athlete.

    There definitely isn’t the same coverage of the NBA situation as there was for the NFL because it isn’t as popular.

    I agree that NBA – who cares. Their product has gotten better though with the 1 year out of high school requirement and just better players. Given time the popularity should continue to increase. The NBA is also a better Global product than the NFL – thus higher upside.

    Ultimately the NBA owners need to be protected from themselves and that’s what they are trying to do with a new CBA. No one’s holding a gun to their head giving when they offer these contracts to players.

  7. Reel Rhino Says:

    Celebrities are revered because we have created a machine that puts them on a pedestal. Businesses (sports franchises, movie studios) are in business to make money, regardless of how their product is respected or received. Athletes and actors being the two worst offenders, pushed hard through time to get their fair slice of the pie. Everybody wants to be compensated as to what they see as “fair” within the confines of the system that they are working. We paved the road for greed in athletics by paying $100 per seat for tickets to games that are miniscule in importance to bigger world issues. But in response to go sports above, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

    I agree our priorities are jacked, but if not for recreation, what sanity would we be left with. The fault is with a society that is in awe of technology and feats of greatness. Instead of hiking, we opt for Wii Golf. Its amazing that we can create something that looks like us and moves like us, in the virtual plane of existence. How long before we are WALL-E’ed?

    I am the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, but I tell you this…for all my movies, we take at least one nature walk a week with our son and we schedule at least one natural experience over each and every weekend.

    I appreciate sports and entertainment, but I also appreciate life and all its wonder and the joys that come with seeing my son experience things for the first time.

    All I wonder is this…and believe me, I googled my ass off looking for the answer…Who pays for all these athletes to visit the White House? Is it me? Is it the teams themselves? If it is me, that pisses me off. I for one would rather see the money go towards more fruitful causes…maybe increasing salaries for public servants.

    I don’t think it would take much work to proove the danger level for police, fire, and military is a tad bit higher than for any pro-athlete. Even if the Presidential visit is covered by the team in question, which I highly doubt, especially for most college teams, who is paying the President’s salary during those visits? The Secret Service? The White House staff? There are a lot of champions in a given year…

    Casinos are privately owned industires that are forced (thankfully) to contribute to the community in the form of revenue for education…and at what a price. How much more could the high dollar sports and entertainment industries be asked to provide for public betterment. The sad, sad truth is that even if they were asked to pay more into the public funds, they would pass the buck right onto your average American in the form of higher prices.

    In the end, we all get screwed…especially for those rooting for the Chiefs. All our wallets are bled dry and in January, its nothing but tears.

  8. LHC Says:

    Picking up on this thread, I’d be remiss if I didn’t focus upon the comment about the LHC. The search for the Higgs Boson (“God Particle”) does have substantial potential for all humankind. Once one gets beyond the seemingly metaphysical theories of entanglement and standard models, the opportunities for real application are, indeed, rich. From endless natural power to intergalactic human travel, the LHC remains a vital instrument from which the human race will benefit in the not-too-distant future.

    World Hunger is also worthwhile topic but one I’ll save for another post entirely because a basketball game is about to come on TV and I don’t want to miss it.

  9. Thraxxus Says:

    Again, my issue is how much media focus is given to the NBA talks. Screw them. That is their issue. If they want to flush an entire season down the drain – go ahead. Meanwhile real problems in the worl and real news are totally ignored in the USA. Got to love that.

    Dude anyone else catch the NFL games this weekend? The chiefs won? I swear a pig flew past my window.

  10. Kenfu Says:

    I guess my point is – I don’t even notice the NBA talks with all the football talk. ITS NFL ALL THE TIME.

    the NBA is in the background and I don’t think anyone is paying any attention.

    LHC – i’m very skeptical…….the amount of energy it takes to smash atoms and you think we’re going to find a way to make use of even tinier particles when we can’t even do anything with the crap we already found? it’s just nerds with expensive toys wasting government money and we have better uses for that money at the moment.

  11. Kenfu Says:

    Another note….NBA just canceled the first two weeks of the season…DON’T CARE.

    I personnally won’t miss the NBA until probably April—after March Madness – After NFL season is over.

    But I fully expect it to be solved by then because all of these players will be missing too many paychecks and needing to pay their bills for their lavish lifestyles.

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