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My hatred for Monsanto

Posted on 08 July 2013 by Valkyrie

No-GMOMonsanto – this one word alone can quickly get my blood boiling faster than any other word I hear as of late, actually, for about the past 4 years now.

M-o-n-s-a-n-t-o just has an ascorbic sound to it. Like a knee jerk reaction when I hear the word, you will quickly hear me retort, “Don’t even get me started on the subject!” And those that know me will then be the victims to my rant that goes on and on about how I despise this superpower of a company that misuses all of its wealth and ‘prestige’ to manipulate and dominate our food sources and supplies, all in the name of ‘the greater good’.

The ‘greater good’, ha! This is exactly where I start waving my bullshit flag.

Monsanto, with their GMOs and their pesticides is doing more damage than good to the human and animal population. Bees are dying by the millions, other insects as well, and children and adults are getting plagued with illnesses that seemed to never really be an issue before Monsanto got their greedy hands on their mission of taking over the world’s food supply.

Altered soy, corn, sugar beets, wheat, vegetables, fruits, and now the world’s rice has now been tampered with. Other countries are growing to hate us and are making their stand and making GMOs and Monsanto leave their countries with some heroic acts of burning acres and acres of corn to get their point across. I read an article this morning that Kenya has now banned any importation of GMO foods into their country.

I admire and respect other countries for taking a stand and protesting in a vigilant matter and making a loud stir about it. We Americans can take notes from so many of these active countries.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire and support many movements here as well, ‘March Against Monsanto’, and ‘Millions Against Monsanto’ to just name a few. But, the tragedy here is that Monsanto has just become an all-out bully. They are a powerhouse that spends around 6 million a year in lobbying alone. The FDA and USDA has been ‘cross contaminated’ (pun intended) with the greed mongers. Monsanto and the FDA are one in the same.

This article is written with the sole purpose to convey my passion of disgust for Monsanto and its purpose to destroy farmers and the natural process of raising food. They enslave these farmers and if they so much get out of line, they get buried with lawsuit and legal debt that the farmer can never recover from. A multi-billion dollar company coming after sole farmers to gain in their own ugly agenda just seems wrong on so many levels but yet it keeps happening time and time again.

In India, there are farmers committing suicide due to Monsanto’s tactics. Cotton farmers there find no other alternative but to take their own lives? Are we okay with this?

The scales are tipping and I believe we are at a crucial point to no longer accept what this bully powerhouse is trying to force-feed us. I pay so much gratitude and appreciation to the people out there being a force to be reckoned with and admonishing and shining a light on Monsanto and their greed stricken ways.

I have a voice, one voice… I have chosen to use my voice to bow out of buying any GMO food or pesticide laden produce that the supermarkets carry. I have studied the long list of companies that use GMOs and that paid billions to help Monsanto during voting season to avoid laws requiring labeling GMOs on our foods. I avoid these companies like the plague and skirt around being subject to the insanity. I spend a bit more on Organic and find health food stores that share my passion to carry GMO free food. But, to me, it is worth it. I put health as a top priority and do not want altered foods or chemicals invading my body to wreak havoc. Monsanto does not get that right.

Chemicals are not only altering our food, it is also altering our bodies and minds. How can it not? The only one deeming GMOs and pesticides to be safe is Monsanto themselves. If you really want to laugh, go to their website. You can cut through the bullshit with a dull butter-knife.

It all really boils down to this easy saying, “garbage in, garbage out”… question is, is the USA going to be the last on the bandwagon to stand up and refuse to be poisoned? At this rate, it sure feels like it.

Make a change, one small change… that is my drive behind writing this article. I urge of you. If at the store, buy organic apples instead of ‘conventional’ Monsanto apples. Make one change with this thought – your hard earned money is either making somebody very rich while you follow along in the game, OR your hard earned money can make a vote every time you opt out of the food paradigm Monsanto is trying to make us succumb to.

Monsanto may have the financial power – but we, the people, have the final vote… our outcries.


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  1. Chad Says:

    RIGHT ON! That’s right! We the people have the power of the vote in our wallets. Buy organic, grow your own, be informed. Keep the information flowing!

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