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Weather Driving

Posted on 21 December 2011 by Thraxxus

Today I left my house in my Civic Si to drive to work and quickly noticed within no more than twenty feet on the street that there was black ice, everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Quickly I realized that today I would need to drive more defensively than I usually do, in fact I would need to drive to work almost geriatrically. Realize that I do drive what can be classified as a sports car, thus the “Si” part to the car’s title, but in recent years the idea of driving around like I used to back in my twenties has somehow just left me. Maybe it is because I have kids now, maybe its wisdom – who knows really? Suffice it to say I don’t drive my sports car like it is one. In fact the only reason I bought the damned thing is nostalgia – and the only reason I keep it is for those situations where I might need a little power to stay alive – like running from Zombies.

My trip to work is roughly 12 miles. Fairly straight shot too. I am on side streets for only about 2 miles of that journey, and those are straight shots to and from the freeway entrance – the rest of the time I am on a freeway. Let’s stop here for a moment. What is the difference between a Freeway and a Highway? No clue. Anyway – I travel to work by driving down a 3 lane wide road, on direction, 3 lanes the other way as well. My journey has literally one turn on this road as it is a beltway – meaning a giant circle. Today, within the ten mile stretch I spend on that road I saw 7 accidents. SEVEN. Why on Earth were there seven accidents one might wonder….LEt us rewind this article:

“there was black ice, everywhere. EVERYWHERE.”

Yeah. I noticed it 20 feet out of my driveway. TWENTY FEET! (notice how I keep repeating words in caps. Good times.) How is it that nobody else did? Surely they had to have felt it. Right? If you feel that you MIGHT be travelling on ice shouldn’t you account for that possibility? Apparently not. One accident was so bad that there were 6 cop cars there and two news crews. No shit. My friend Zhazoo, had a guy fly past him and off the freeway – twenty feet away from him. Going around that turn I mentioned the dude was doing no less than 65 miles per hour. SIXTY FIVE on black ice around a turn.

PEOPLE. LISTEN. TO. ME. IF you are driving in bad weather, if not for yourself, maybe for your kids, or for the rest of us – slow the fuck down. Please. Sigh.

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