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The Salad Problem

Posted on 01 April 2012 by Thraxxus

Americans, maybe other people too, are always looking for easy ways to lose weight and be healthy. In fact, there are entire industries based on this fact: Gyms, Taibo, Erotic Dance training (btw these are all not easy) and of course a whole series of weight loss drugs (the easy, and oddly enough most dangerous, option). Exercise and eating right are really the only right way to do things. In my opinion, using weight loss drugs are the easy way out that typically have a way of killing people. There are loads of cases for this – drugs that people consume at an alarming rate that were never actually verified by the FDA (still not sure how they can even sell them without being verified, but then I am no lawyer).

Let us discuss, for a spell, eating right. I could go on and on about working out, what is better, blah blah, when it really comes down to a personal choice anyway. What do you like to do that is exercise based? Walking, running, water polo – who cares really. With food it is a different story – there is healthy and unhealthy, period. People love to lie to themselves, but the fact of the matter is that fried foods really aren’t all that good for you. Too much sugar? Bad for you. Too much bread? Catastrophic. What about salad? It is the healthy choice right?

Here is the thing about salad, in America anyway: Salad is almost never healthy. See Americans love to lie to themselves. It is true, and most of the rest of the world knows this simply by just looking at pictures of Americans – most of them are fat. Why? Salads in America start good and healthy and end up a delivery mechanism for the most fattening foods that people can think up. ┬áStart with a series of green vegetables, typically leafy, then throw on some more brightly colored vegetables. Everyone at this point thinks you are a borderline health genius for your creation. Do you stop there?

NO. You start to throw on a series of crap that most doctors tell you are lethal. Hard boiled eggs, nine types of cheese, dressings that are made out of even more dairy products, bacon, more bacon, chopped ham, chicken, beef in steak form, more bacon, blue cheese crumbles, and of course, croutons. You lie to yourself that you aren’t eating bread, dismissing of course that croutons are actually made of bread. Who knew right? Yeah.

Thing is, if you didn’t do all that, you would be left with a plate of vegetables. Not much wrong with that beyond the fact that 20 minutes after eating them all you’d be starving again. Therein lies the trap of not eating meat – and thus the issue of being a vegetarian – eating just vegetables means that chances are you are used to being hungry. Guy that stuffs his gullet with a triple bacon cheeseburger and fries? Yeah, he is stuffed for hours. “Couldn’t eat another bite!” You hear him say. You? Vegetarian person? Person who just ate an entire field of greens covered in other vegetables? Yeah, RAVISHED. You could tackle and eat anything.

So non stop cycle of starvation feeling, or adding loads of meat by products to feel full. I know what you are going to do – and so do you – fatty.

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  1. baba Says:

    Wow, I want a salad now!

  2. JoBoo Says:

    Death by Salad topping! I like it!

    In the morning!

  3. Kenfu Says:

    my opinion is always: As long as energy out >energy in you will lose weight. + You don’t see fat old people.

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