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The Repubs – Who the what?

Posted on 11 January 2012 by Thraxxus

Mitt Romney has won two primaries in as many states – Iowa and New Hampshire. Apparently this has never been done before by a nonincumbent – woot for him I suppose, frankly I don’t actually care. What I did think would be interesting to discuss is what those running for the Republican seat for the upcoming Presidential Election actually believed it – aka who the hell are these people? Let’s get started:

Mitt Romney – Named after a piece of sporting equipment. Romney favors a strong legal immigration policy, and he favors deporting illegal aliens who have not followed the proper procedures for entering the country.  He is against amnesty for illegal aliens, but at the same time, he does not feel we can round up all of the illegal aliens who have entered the country.  He believes that the federal government should cut off funding to sanctuary cities that encourage illegal immigration. He believes that the US Congress does not need to officially declare war to take military action.  He believes that Guantanamo Bay should stay open.  He is opposed to using torture as part of US military interrogation strategies, but he does approve of enhanced interrogation techniques.   He has not specifically indicated whether he believes that waterboarding is torture, but he has stated he would refer to military experts on the subject. He supports the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which gives citizens the right to bear arms.  Despite his views regarding the second amendment, he is in favor of a ban on assault weapons. He supported the Brady Bill in 1994.  In earlier days, Romney did not support the NRA, but in 2008, he stated that he is a member of the NRA. Romney passed a statewide healthcare mandate for the state of Massachusetts when he was the Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007.  He signed the bill in 2006 requires all Massachusetts residents to purchase healthcare coverage.  This bill could complicate matters in his run for the presidency, as many conservatives want ObamaCare to be repealed if Obama is not re-elected in 2012.  Romney has publically stated that he feels ObamaCare is not right for the United States, but he still supports his own state legislation from Massachusetts. (source)

Ron Paul – Guy came in second, twice, and is a doctor. What does he think? Ron Paul is a strong supporter of states’ rights.  He believes that the states should be much more powerful than they are today.  He believes the individual states should be able to make their own decisions regarding any social matters that are not explicitly directed by the constitution.  He thinks the death penalty should be regulated by the states.  He also believes the states should make their own decisions about education and marriage too.  He even believes states should be able to make their own decisions regarding drug use like medical marijuana.

Ron Paul has written six books on Austrian school economics.  Paul always votes against tax increases.  Ron Paul is against raising taxes under any circumstances.  He even feels that the country should abolish the state income tax, and he believes this can be done if we scale back the spending in the Federal government to 2000 levels.  Ron Paul gets a lot of support for his positions on the economy. He believes that the Federal Reserve should be abolished.  He does not believe that the country should return to the gold standard, but he is very concerned about inflation, and he is often known as an inflation hawk. He has been warning about the threats of hyperinflation since 1981. Paul is a pro-life supporter.  He spoke at the National Right to Life Committee Convention in 2007. He pushed for legislation that would give states the right to decide if they want to support or oppose abortion laws.  He opposes gay marriage, but he believes states should have the right to decide how to rule on the issue. He is a strong supporter of national sovereignty.  He opposed the Iraq War Resolution of 2002.  He does not believe the United States should be involved with the North American Free Trade Agreement, and he believes we should withdraw membership from the United Nations.  He believes strong National sovereignty is more important.  He believes that most of our military resources should be used to enforce border security.  He did support military action against terrorists involved in the September 11th attacks, but he feels the attacks should have been more limited to targeting specific terrorists as opposed to invading Iraq and Afghanistan. (Source)

Rick Perry – Dude is a Texan – period. Perry is strongly pro-life.  He opposes the government policy of funding abortions.  He has also signed a bill in Texas where teenage girls under the age of 18 must get parental consent before deciding to get an abortion.  In 2011, Perry signed the Mandatory Ultrasound Bill.  Governor Rick Perry supports limited central government.  He feels that the current Federal government is bloated and needs to be cut back. Governor Perry believes that there is no substantial evidence of global warming.  He feels that scientists have not concluded that global warming is a real problem in our society today.  He believes that global warming is a lot of media hype, and he is staunchly opposed to passing legislation that supports climate change initiatives. Texas is one of the states that does‘t have a state income tax, and Governor Perry has opposed any attempts to create an income tax for Texas.  He is a fiscal conservative that stands for conservative fiscal values in most cases.  He is very strong on job creation, as Texas leads the nation in new jobs created since 2003.  It has created 73.4 % of the nation’s jobs since 2006. (Source)

Rick Santorum – Came up Quick – appears to have smashed into a wall. He is pro-life and vehemently opposes same-sex marriage.  He is a strong proponent of heterosexual relationships and traditional child rearing.  He is concerned that the Supreme Court is making too many decisions about moral issues that the public should be making on their own. Santorum favors strong foreign policy initiatives against our enemies.  He feels the War on Terror started by the Bush administration can be won, and he supported President Bush on his leadership in occupying Iraq and Afghanistan as long as necessary to bring peace to these regions.  Santorum has recognized the threat of Islamic fascism in the Middle East and throughout the world.  He is pro-Israel, and he feels that Israel and Lebanon must be strong to counteract Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.  He strongly opposes having talks with known terrorist harboring nations like Syria and Iraq, as he feels we cannot negotiate with radical Islamic extremists. Santorum is opposed to illegal immigration.  He is vehemently opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens, and he feels that we need to take a stronger stand against illegals entering the country.  He wants the border fence to be built.  He would support National Guard troops being used to protect our borders with Mexico and Canada, and he also wants the United States to re-establish English as the official language in the USA. (Source)

Newt Gingrich – Guy is named after a lizard. He supports public school prayer. He feels that schools should compete for students just like businesses compete for customers. He feels teachers should have to compete with each other too. Gingrich feels education is one of the keys to getting the country back on solid ground. Gingrich feels we should have low taxes. He is opposed to increasing taxes on the rich, and he feels the corporate tax rate in the United States is too high. He wants to do away with the corporate tax rate, and he also wants to eliminate the inheritance tax. Gingrich is all about limited government. He feels that the government intrudes in our lives too much, and he feels that we should get the government out of our lives as much as possible. He used to teach an environmental studies class at West Georgia College. He also co-authored a book with Terry Maple called A Contract With the Earth. He is a strong proponent of green technology and energy conservation. He also feels the government should incentivize people with monetary prizes and tax incentives to come up with new innovative ways to generate alternative energy sources. He is against Obamacare, also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He feels Americans should have the right to make their own decisions on their healthcare needs. He believes ObamaCare is unconstitutional and should be repealed by the United States House of Representatives. He feels everyone should have to contribute to the healthcare system in some form.

Yeah, I know right? Each one, to me anyway, has something okay with him, and stuff that is like WHAT!??! Out of that list the one I like the most….. Ron Paul. Chances of him winning? ZERO.

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  1. neuroguy Says:

    Excellent deposition of the Candidates!

    Even with this outstanding write-up describing their individual platforms, they tend to run together in my mind like crayolas in a microwave. The overlap is muting my ability to discern capability. The only one that holds my attention beyond 15 seconds is Ron Paul. Mitt is an automaton made by the Federal Gov’t for the Federal Gov’t. Perry is Bush v.2.0 or is that 3.0? Santorum is like Perry only more open in his blurring religious dogma with governmental decree. And Newt. Well he is entertaining in how he reconstructs his rather mercurial past but I like his very strong focus on “small federal government”.

    In the end, I resonate with you… Dr. Paul.

  2. sype Says:

    RP ftw.

    He wont win though because he speaks the truth. He has a big following of young people in the nation, from what I keep on noticing.

  3. Trigger Says:

    Paul does resonate with the ‘young vote’. The problem there is that the ‘young vote’ in every single election fails to to just that, vote. He’ll never win.

  4. ZAMan Says:

    Thank you most excellently for this post of genius. You really dig the issues up and down which helps me and my co-workers achieve success in all kinds of life. I can’t prefer enough the positive impact of this page inside my brain, hopes and dreams.

    I was hope for Michelle Bachmann to do better for her mystic powers are what are needed for the today to be realized in the world and in the home.

  5. Thraxxus Says:

    ZAMan, I am of the debt for you! We have in at the of a love at it all!! Congrats for the muffins of labor! You in a post are at it for me at the post level in a post! Say it more and they will also be it and then the more!

    Trigger – totally agree.

  6. Kenfu Says:

    Ron Paul is about as wacky as you can get with some of his ideas but what is currently being done isn’t working so we need to change something.

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