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Nano Particles used in Untested H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccines

Posted on 14 September 2009 by scanjack

If there is any truth to this information, Wow! This whole H1N1 Flying Piggy Flu-Vaccines etc., just keeps getting better and better.

In part …
In their report, the scientists concluded something so alarming it is necessary to quote at length:

“Immunological tests, examinations of bacteriology, virology and tumour markers, bronchoscopy, internal thoracoscopy and video-assisted thoracic surgery were performed. Surveys of the workplace, clinical observations and examinations of the patients were conducted. Polyacrylate, consisting of nanoparticles, was confirmed in the workplace. Pathological examinations of patients’ lung tissue displayed nonspecific pulmonary inflammation, pulmonary fibrosis and foreign-body granulomas of pleura. Using transmission electron microscopy, nanoparticles were observed to lodge in the cytoplasm and caryoplasm of pulmonary epithelial and mesothelial cells, but are also located in the chest fluid. These cases arouse concern that long-term exposure to some nanoparticles without protective measures may be related to serious damage to human lungs.“3

Full Article here.

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  1. scanjack Says:

    An article breaking down some of the tasty chemicals in the H1N1 vaccine.

  2. Caravaggio Says:

    The respiratory effusion and resultant fibrosis are a logical result of such an action. Interesting that the report didn’t cite bilious insults to our largest filtering gland, the Liver. However, what prey-tell are the nano-particulates being utilized for? I might have been remiss in my readings but I couldn’t find the answer outside of speculation as a “turbo-boost”.

    Additionally, the mentioned adjuvant is a component that enables the body to increase it’s response to the inactivated virus via producing the sought-after antibodies. In Epidemiology, the primary temporal factor in waging war against a virus is “burn rate”. If a particular virus burns too fast, infected people die quickly and the virus cannot succeed in its evolutionary hard-coded, adaptive behaviors. When it burns “just right” the virus turns virulent, ergo producing pandemia. By augmenting the time it takes for vaccinated persons to produce the correct antibodies, we are justly disrupting our ancient foes primary equation… time + human infection rate.

    All-in-all, very interesting information! Thank you. A general note to readers: P-L-E-A-S-E get your seasonal as well as H1N1vA influenza shot for the well-being of your loved ones as well as my own. Once infected and shedding live virus for others to become infected, it is too late to reconsider. H1N1, although less serious than initially speculated,is still a disease with a nasty pathology.

  3. Thraxxus Says:

    I understand both points of view – I just have major concerns with regards to what is actually in the Vaccine. I worked first hand in the Pharmeceutical industry on a system that actually found compounds that were to be used in vaccines and our process, even with the hardware and software we produced, still required YEARS to make a calculated and tested decision on the validity and safety of a compound.

    Looking at the H1N1 vaccine, they admittedly bypassed almost all of the processes that I am aware of, and are supposed to be upheld by the FDA, to get the vaccine “done.” To accomplish this they added back into the Vaccine materials which are no longer allowed to be used by companies in vaccines – such as mercury – seemingly with no explanation other than “H1N1 is a bad thing!” The “fatality rate” of the H1N1 being reported by most countries is actually less than that of the “normal” Influenza virus that normally plagues humans – so I am not sure why we have pushed the vaccine envelope for the H1N1 virus to begin with.

  4. scanjack Says:

    I have to agree with Thraxxus here and state that as for myself, my family and friends, I do Not suggest anyone take ANY vaccine for anything.

  5. Thraxxus Says:

    I am a big advocate of at least knowing what you are actually taking. Too many times in the past people have been given shots of some kind or another to only find out later “ooops” it is harmful. Remember the poor kids that were borne with malformed appendages back in the 60s and 70s? Yeah.

  6. scanjack Says:

    I believe somewhere on BB here I posted the MSM news report (with Mike Wallace maybe???) about the last Swine Flu vaccine nightmare in the 70’s. Really, we are doomed to repeat history if we do not learn from it and heed its warnings.

  7. Thraxxus Says:

    Don’t get me wrong here – I am not opposed to western medicine – in fact I take a drug now that has helped me quite considerably. I am however opposed to hurried anything, especially having worked in the industry that has produced the vaccine.

  8. scanjack Says:

    Informed decisions and choices are needed. What we have been seeing in MSM is a lot of “hype” and every case, that I have looked into, of a death attributed to the new H1N1 virus, has involved persons with serious existing health conditions. Some actual facts, and not fact lacking articles with inflammatory titles, is what the We The People of the world need.

  9. Caravaggio Says:

    Inserting a favorite House, M.D. quote here:
    “… but all the drugs I prescribe are addictive and dangerous!”

    Since the Summer of 1843, when a Cholera outbreak killed off a moderate section of downtown London – which also marked the beginning of Epidemiology and to a lesser extent Virology (taken cumulatively presents us with the primer for the Science of Infectious Disease) – people have speculated about how bad modern medicine has been for humanity.

    The ironic thing is that ever since that time, due in no small part to vaccination programs, people have enjoyed extended life spans which has enabled them to speculate much longer on how bad modern medicine has been for humanity.

  10. scanjack Says:

    I suppose one can read historical data, papers and such in many ways. With the possible exception of one or two vaccines, I do not believe they have contributed to better health. Ever increasing sanitary conditions, bathing, increased access to healthy and diverse foods providing vitamins and minerals, have had a much greater impact on life span. It can even be argued that our current generations are not living longer, do to insane percentages of cancers and such things you only saw much more rarely just a few decades ago.

    Vaccines containing mercury, and squalene (which they are going to use up to four times as much of) are not safe or healthy things to inject straight into a persons body.

  11. scanjack Says:

    The more information, the better:

  12. Caravaggio Says:

    Thank you for the site. In keeping with the “snarky” by-line with which this blog is blessed (note: this is just a debate and nothing personal)… upon closer inspection, there is but a single Ph.D. in the entire consumer advocacy group. This particular “Doctor” specialized in “Health Services Organization and Policy”. There is not any representation here with the background qualified to successfully pontificate through a complete sentence regarding biology, virology, epidemiology, infectious disease,oncology or the reflective pediatric sub-specializations.

    The take-away from this site was that evidently “fear sells” on both sides (pro/con) of this national discussion. And that my mother was right… you can’t always trust what you read (and this was spoken well before Berners-Lee did his magical carpet ride with HTML).

  13. scanjack Says:

    Indeed, and Cheers. More information is, well, more information 🙂

    Another “selling” link I suppose –

    Enjoying the back and forth.

  14. Thraxxus Says:

    Pontificate – always liked that word.

  15. scanjack Says: is also a decent link for vaccine information as well. I’ve listened to several interviews wherein she comes across as very knowledgeable and sincere.

  16. Caravaggio Says:

    definitely interesting writings.

    AT LEAST, these sources do establish plans to self-quarantine. this is a form of rudimentary immunization-like behavioral adaptation in response to pandemia.

    i do have some cognitive dissonance caused by the sloppy utility of statistics reflected in blaylock’s findings. but then again he is an M.D. and not a mathematician.

    for entertainment value:
    ~32 papers have been submitted to the Cambridge Astronomy Society depicting the systematics/morphology of alien-beings “discovered” living and interacting amongst the human populace of greater London.

    Is this proof of aliens here on Earth?

    …caveat emptor…

  17. scanjack Says:

    Another link – I’ve also heard him interviewed several times.

  18. scanjack Says:

    Following up as the Flying Piggy Flu scam unravels in hearings, and investigations.

    I listened to an interview of Dr. Wodarg and he played no games, took no sides other than the one where science and the credibility of the WHO being completely lost, especially in countries other than the U.S, can indeed see “real” Pandemics causing massive loss of life.

  19. Caravaggio Says:

    Interesting link.

    The pathogenesis of the “flying piggy flu” carried with it the majority of markers utilized for a true textbook definition of a pandemic. The rate of drift in its genetic composition was such that this specific H1N1/a virus had one or two primary courses of behavior standing before it, as of early spring last year: 1) become the next “1918 Influenza” Epidemic or 2) drift just enough so that the core virulence factors don’t cause broad-demographic mortality.

    Obviously, given the leverage offered through hindsight, path #2 was the winning ticket. Nevertheless, I hold the WHO, and my specifically, the CDC is high regard for taking the stance they took. Can you imagine if path #1 had taken effect? In all probability a few of you reading this post would not be here right now to read this post.

    The theory of capitalistic sabotage via pharmaceutical companies is pure rubbish. Think about it… I create havoc to sell drugs now only so when a true epidemic happens no one reacts because of my past “Chicken Little” behavior and, ergo, my core market dies. How might one then keep the lights on in said Big Pharma if the very market that buys their drugs no longer exist?

    Very myopic theory of fear being circulated. It annoys me completely. I’m utterly peeved. Uselessly inflamed. Genuinely Hypertensive.

    Just kidding.

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