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Fear Tactics

Posted on 24 July 2013 by Valkyrie

fearful-faceFear is everywhere, we are driven by it. It is the one emotion that drives most of our decisions and molds our lives. Stop long enough to deconstruct most choices we, as a western society makes, and it seems pretty apparent.

Fear is inevitable it seems – in case you haven’t mastered the emotion properly, we are made sure to feel and create it through viewing television, movies, news, commercials, etc.

As a kid I used to ask my parents over and over again why the news stations and newspapers always showed bad news. Horrific stories usually wrapped around war, greed, scandal, crime, etc. Why? Why weren’t these sources filled with positive, heroic, and/or inspirational stories? My parents never had answers for me.

As an adult, I am coming to the conclusion that we are being fed fear by Main Stream Media, Government, and other venues on purpose to keep us in line – “Fear! Terrorism! Enemies! Evil-doers!”- It is what we hear time and time again, every single day. Just like that of a leaky faucet – hear it long enough and you become entranced or hypnotized to the feeling of fear, not even realizing that we absorb it and make the feeling our own. So it seems, we then mold this manipulated fear and lash out with hate and wanting recompense for the agitation we feel inside, which sadly leads down ugly paths… even war, in my opinion. Fear it seems, makes followers.

However, fear can be a good thing – when not force fed and presented in a way to support an already manipulated agenda. And I do believe my above paragraph is a way to get us fearful to support such agendas. Fear keeps the masses obedient to the ‘super powers’ that we call Government or the others that are ‘in charge’, so to speak.

I think the only thing that we, as a society, should fear is what is in store for our own and most definitely, our children’s futures. Seems the very few ‘elite’ hold the reigns as to our destination as a country and it doesn’t seem like a very positive path. More war, more greed, more economic crisis’ is always looming, and it seems to grow at a far quicker pace as of late. Keep we, the people, afraid of what they are claiming to be truth – wrap it in more fear, and we all just go along with the program. Fear will do that; keep us from questioning our very own ‘elected’ as to the best intent for our country.

My wish is that this all-consuming and manipulated fear tactic turns into a public awakening and we turn said fear into strength and bravery to come together and fight for what really needs to be done, just like other countries do. Why doesn’t America rally together? If they do, like the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement or the ‘Millions Against Monsanto’ movement, they just seem to be highlighted as idiots to whom we are told and informed not to agree with. So the separation happens amongst ourselves and we then squabble over trite differences, while the higher ups get away with their real agendas. Fear and separation works wonders… Just look to our past.

Fear – it’s a dreadful feeling, seriously. But sadly, in this day and age it is the driving force of how this world that we live in operates. Manipulated fear is like wearing shackles and letting another person hold the key. Our fate is then in their hands and we have no say or control to the outcome, unless we stop being manipulated and break the fear cycle that blares at us daily. I admire other countries that rally together, and as a steadfast ‘oneness’ they stand up against such fears that try to oppress. I hope for our sakes, we will do the same in this country… soon.

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