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Posted on 26 August 2008 by Thraxxus

NPR BABYOn my way to the office every morning I enjoy a cup of coffee and National Public Radio(NPR). I have always enjoyed NPR as they seem to put the least amount of spin on their news stories – which I appreciate. Furthermore NPR is normally good at avoiding stupid news stories, like what Paris Hilton had for dinner, choosing to focus more on what I like think is real news. The catch is lately real news is all about the political race for the President of the United States between Barrack Obama and John McCain. Oddly enough, I have been paying some attention to the musings of the radio on this topic as in most instances I have to if I still want to listen to my beloved NPR.

On to my problem. The Media in the United States of America, be it crooked or honest, still can only report on what information is out there. What I mean by this is that manufacturing news is bad for business thus they need to wait for a story to break. Yes a news station can break a story with their own flair added to, with their chosen light if you will, but at the root of it all there still must be a story. This is where the problem is for me on the Political Conventions. There is no story.

Let me fill you in. The Democratic Convention happened last night in Denver. Barrack Obama, the Democratic Candidate, wasn’t even there. He was in my town, Kansas City, at some friend’s house. He did appear at the Convention via satellite for a bit, but the only part that could be directly linked to him that was at the convention was his wife, who gave her first speech, which apparently included loads of statements about how great Hillary Clinto is – still trying to mend that tear in the Democratic Party I see. Beyond that we here Obama saying the same things over and over again – “We need Change. McCain and I are different, I swear! I am just like all of you.” Problem with the last bit is this – a person cannot be like everyone, unless of course he is referring to how he is a human, in which case, bravo sir, you are correct.

How about McCain? The big news on McCain these days, which to me is hysterical, is that he owns so many houses that he lost count. Seriously. A guy who is trying to connect with the people, and blue collar workers are a big deal when it comes to elections, has so much money that he owns so many houses that he lost count. How can a candidate possibly connect with anyone who has a hard time with their only mortgage when he can’t even remember how many houses he owns outright? Much akin to his opponent McCain wants us to know that he is different, well, different from El Presidente Bush that is. Seems his camp figured out that most people look at him as Bush Light. Or Bush 3 The sequal to a dead series.

There are other sparks of news – like both candidates have selected their running partners. Oh wait! No they haven’t! Only Barrack Obama has in the form of Senator Joe Biden. It seems that McCain’s party is having a difficult time figuring out who he should choose. At one point a few stations were talking about how he doesn’t even agree with his handlers, er, staff. He threw some names out there and some of them grimaced, others coughed, one even guffawed!

I guess my only reason for writing this article is this: we really don’t hear about the important things anymore – the ISSUES. We hear about where these guys go, who the eat with, who they meet with, we hear loads of slander of which neither party appears to be above, although the Republicans seem to be better at it. We hear about running mates, and potentials and hopefuls. We hear about conflicts abroad – the ones that have a media impact anyway. We hear about the Olympics and how George Bush was there, and his lovely speech where he made up even more words. We hear about Obama being some blue collar kid who grew up borderline poor and how McCain is a war hero, again and again and again. What kills me though is this: we never hear about what anyone actually stands for. We gets hints here and there, but not the precise information.

I wish someone would release a listing on their beliefs, maybe a website somewhere has that information. You read about both candidates, their beliefs side by side in column format. You could go zipping down the listing to the issues that are important to you and actually see what they believe in. Crazy thoughts!

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