Thraxxus Heart Bourdain

Posted on 16 March 2009 by GlazednConfused

This link is for him. I think he is too easy on Rachel Ray, for once.

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  1. Thraxxus Says:

    Thanks a ton for the post. I do heart him in a sick twisted man crush kinda way as I appreciate the way in which the man calls it how he sees it. If someone sucks, he says “You suck.” People always know where they stand with the dude.

    I am just not sure where he puts all the food he eats. If I ate like that I’d be 450 lbs – oh wait I am.

  2. Tessa Says:

    Thraxxus…just wanted to check in and say hello. All is …ok… no news on anything SJ, I believe that the issue will be hidden for all time. I hope all of you are doing well.

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