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The Failed Dream

Posted on 09 July 2013 by Thraxxus

martin-luther-kingMartin Luthor King Jr. said:

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.’”

In modern times we like to say that all PEOPLE are created equal, but the question remains to be answered: Are all people treated as equals? Since Doctor King’s amazing speech many things have changed, above all of them is technology. Today we are more advanced, that we know of, than humans have ever been. Most of the people that live in modern societies walk around with a piece of technology in their pocket that allows them to instantly contact any other person with the same type of technology, in a myriad of ways, instantly, practically no matter where either of them is at that moment. This object also allows them to access an information marvel instantly, whereby they can have almost any question that they could fathom either answered directly, or indirectly via several sources.

In effect humans have the capability to be more amazing, powerful, educated, and intelligent than ever before in the history of the species. So, are we?

Let us consider some things that, through the marvel of technology, that includes cellular phones, computers, and the internet, should have changed for the good as a result of the use of these borderline miracles.

  1. Education is now easier than ever before. Consider this – humans used to have to travel to a library, if one was near them, and if they were allowed inside at all, to look for information, which was an arduous process at times, that may or may not be there and which may or may not answer their question or solve their problem.  Now, through the use of technology, people can research almost any topic, instantly, without ever having to get out of their chair at home. They can search, read up on, and interact with a community on the topic, all in hopes of becoming educated on said topic. Now consider that the youth of America, not even considering other countries, are now less educated than they have been in the past fifty years on core subject matter. Math, history, language skills, current events and many others are at all time lows. Why?
  2. Racism is a core plague against the foundation of a healthy society. With the ability to reach out and interact with people of all walks of life, from all corners of the Earth, instantly, how is it that racism still exists at all? You want to learn about Africans? Research them instantly. Talk to some on chat boards. Interact with Africans on forums. You can do this with almost every single culture and “race” on the planet! So how is it that racism is still prevalent? Why is it that many choose to use the technology that could educate them about other people to instead instantly spread their own form of hate speak about those same people? How is it that we have not grown socially at the same rate as our technology?
  3. Sexism may actually be more ignorant than racism if such a thing was even measurable. As a species there are slightly more females than males. Given this fact, how is it that in many cultures around the world males are still favored over females? Let us consider the United States of America for a moment: More women go to and graduate from college than men. Period. More women graduate from high school than men. Period. So from a purely educational perspective women are getting more education than men. So why then are men paid more, on average, for the same job than women? How does it make a drop of sense? The documentation that the nation was founded on, the language that Doctor King references in his glorious speech, actually says that all MEN are created equal. What about women? We like to refer to the documentation in question and say that it applies to People, but still, if that is the case then where is the equality? Why do we still have this “Women belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant” twisted joke floating around? It isn’t funny. It wasn’t the first time it was said.
  4. There are heterosexuals and there are homosexuals. Period. Thats it. There is nothing anyone can do to change either of those facts. To take those facts further, it has always been that way throughout history. Explain to us all, collectively how two men, who love each other, getting married effects anyone else in any fashion whatsoever. Seriously. Many religious folks like to say that it is an abomination against their religion.Let us pretend for a moment that they are right – what if the two men that want to get married aren’t a member of your religion? Do the same rules apply to them? If so are we then saying that religious beliefs and sexuality are now united? How does that make any sense at all? By that rationale doesn’t that imply that religion is attached to all beliefs? If that is the case then how in the world is anyone with differing religious beliefs even living in the same nation together – given that by our supplied definition religion is also tied to politics?
  5. So let us take a look at religions then. There are multitude of religions in the world, if you want to learn about any of them that information is literally seconds away. Why then do we have so much ignorance about other peoples’ religions? If you really want to know about Muslims, research them, don’t just guess or believe ignorant rhetoric. If you really want to know about any religion, just research it – this applies across the board. If you truly believe, as oddly enough many religious texts dictate, that people are created equal and are entitled to believe what they want to, then why do we still have conflicts over what religions people follow? As long as two people don’t impose anything negative on each other as being related to their difference in beliefs then really where is the problem? Why does it matter? Do the laws that we create, and agree to live by, need to be bound to religious beliefs? If so then should we have absolute segregation in our species? If that is true then can we not also conclude that at some point won’t our species diverge into several species over time?
  6. So we have racism, sexism, sexuality and the inequalities that come from them –  so what about equality in general? If we are all truly created equal, meaning with equal rights, then why don’t we act like that? Men and women equal in all things. Caucasians, Blacks, Asians, whatever equal in all things. Heterosexuals and homosexuals as equals. In fact, why do any of those labels matter at all? Why does it really matter where someone is from, who they are, or who they love as long as they are not breaking agreed upon laws? If we are all equal then why aren’t we actually acting the part? Why is there so much inequality in a nation that is founded on the principles of equality? How does that make any sense? All this technology, and all of it so inexpensive, and still we remain this ignorant, this uneducated, and this biased?

The issue stems from the fact that we greedily advanced technology to make our lives easier but didn’t bother to educate ourselves at the same time. We, as a species, have grown complacent and thus we have not done the work to advance ourselves intellectually and socially. We now have more ways to communicate with each other, instantly, than ever before and yet we say almost nothing of value. In fact, many people can’t even write a complete, coherent sentence. We allowed technology to do things for us that we never bothered to learn how to do ourselves – and that is the danger.

There is nothing wrong with using a calculator to do your addition as long as you already know how to do addition. At the least you should understand the basics, the trap comes into play when that technology is now not only doing the work for you, and the thinking, but knows more about the core of that thinking than you do. That technology is there to help you be more every single day than you were the day prior. You should be learning more, doing more, growing more, and helping other to do the same. Why aren’t we?

At some point we have to ask ourselves: When will the technology no longer need me at all? The answer, we may find, is sooner than any of us thinks, and most of us won’t even see it coming. Doctor King, wherever you are, your dream is still only that, just a dream, and we are made lesser for that being the case.

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