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Posted on 26 March 2009 by Thraxxus

I may have talked about this before, and if I have I am sorry – I am old so deal with it. Robotech was a cartoon that was first created in Japan in the magical mystical animation style of Anime (the Paper version being Manga). The show was released in the USA in the early eighties by Harmoney Gold via a guy named Carl Macek, whom I have met and is an egomaniacal shit on a level that rivals William Shatner – seriously it was at the only Comic Con I ever attended and still remember him going on about how lucky the USA is that he exists.

In my previous rantings, if there actually were any (might help if I read the site I write for sometimes, or stopped drinking vodka from a straw) I might have mentioned that Robotech, much akin to The Transformers, is being made into a live action film. When I first heard this I did a boyhood “BADASS!” as with technology for movies being what it is, the film could truly kick major booty. But not all was as it seemed. The first actor they signed to play the lead role of Rick Hunter, dude of asian decent, was Toby McGuire. Don’t get me wrong, I like Toby, but why is it that whenever Hollywood gets their hands on a script, story, or book they seem to want to change it. Sure the guy’s nationality may not be a big deal, but it was a big part of the story. So I thought on it a bit. Rick hunter was asian right? Then I realized, shit I don’t really know. He had the wicked cool sticking 5-feet off your head in random directions Anime style hair, and he was not the biggest dude ever, so maybe he was. Of course he called Roy Fokker his big brother, and Roy is Germanic. Whatever.

So Toby McGuire. Turns out he is PRODUCING the film as well. Who knew he was a fan? And if he is not I officially hate him. Given Toby it makes me wonder who is going to play the other major roles? Minmei is most certainly Japanese, so if they swap her our with some blond girl I am going to lose it. She needs to be a petite Japanese girl, period. Read her name for pete’s sake – Minmei – that is not Californian for DUDETTE. What other atrocities could await us? I have no idea, but I am very interested in what this could become – both good and bad. The crew over at cover it pretty good. I also included a video some dude made on about who he thought the actors should be.

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  1. Rick Boyer Says:

    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. scanjack Says:

    Wait, wait, wait!

    You drink Vodka from a straw?!?


  3. GlazednConfused Says:

    If having Toby as Rick is what it takes to get the movie done and with a decent budget, then count me in. Zac actually isn’t a bad choice, but I wouldn’t want to be watching it on a Saturday afternoon in a theater crowded with HSM fans. Ick. The problem with the video is the guy is dreaming. You don’t get blockbuster actors and actresses, because this is kind of a cult movie. Here are my choices:

    Rick Hunter = Toby, Zac, whoever is cute enough and with enough influence to get the movie made.
    Roy Fokker = Val Kilmer
    Lisa Hayes = Rachel McAdams (even she may be too “big”)
    Lynn Minmei = Kristen Stewart

    Disclaimer: we may have to mix the hair colors of Lisa and Lynn. Finding a sympathetic bimbo brunette in Hollywood is unrealistic.

  4. Thraxxus Says:

    I actually like Toby – I was surprised by him in Spiderman which I originally thought was a serious cast mistake. He could pull it off, I just have a hard time seeing it.

    To your point – it will bring the bucks though.

  5. Kenta Says:

    With a name like Rick Hunter, I doubt he’s asian…

    Although my name is Glenn Washington………

  6. Thraxxus Says:

    Aren’t you also like 6 foot 3?

    So Glenn Washington, 6 foot 3 half japanese guy.

  7. Aaron Says:

    I liked this list for Robotech the live action movie.

    Rick Hunter= Please not Tobey Maguire. Chris Pine might work but an unknown might be good this is the most pivotal spot to get right.

    Lynn Minmei = Kristin Kreuk Shes part Asian and beautiful tempting for Rick Hunter.

    Claudia Grant= Zoe Saldana she was a bridge officer on Star Trek she would work very well here.

    Max Sterling= Tobey Maguire would be good for Max, quiet, shy type smart best pilot of the fleet Toby fits this perfectly.

    Lisa Hayes= Hilary Duff why not shes young and I think an unknown might be needed here too.

    Breetai= Clive Owen He would make for a good 50 foot BAD..A.

    Admiral Global= Gary Oldman he sounds good with a Russian accent (AF1)or
    Edward James Olmos (From Battlestar Galactica)again experience as an Admiral in space just add a mustache.

    Roy Focker= Owen Wilson he acts like Roy also Behind Enemy Lines good start for Robotech though BEL used an F-18F
    and Robotech uses an F-14 modified version. He has the experience to do this job well.

  8. GlazednConfused Says:

    Aaron, except for Lisa Hayes and probably Max, that is a quality list. I like Christian Bale as Breetai too. The Owen Wilson pick is inspired.

  9. Azault Says:

    I like the Owen Wilson pick hed be a good Roy Focker. I think Johnny Depp would Make an ok Max Sterling

    Rick Hunter= Maybe Toby Could do it but the unkown might be better
    Roy Focker= Owen Wilson yep
    Lynn Minmei =Kristin Kreuk real not many other choices
    Lisa Hayes= i think maybe Jennifer Aniston she might be to old though
    Max Sterling= Johnny Depp
    Captian Global= ? Cant think of any maybe if they could get Clint Eastwood but he doesn’t do movies anymore
    Claudia Grant= Zoe Saldana seems like the women Roy would make advances on

    i do hope they will still use the f-14 or were they f-15 just as long as there not f-22 raptors

  10. calico_jack73 Says:

    No no no!

    Lisa is older and portrayed as more mature than Rick. Claudia is the older sister to Lisa the same way that Roy is the big brother to Rick. Lisa needs to be cast by someone who can hold their own against Rick… I don’t think that Rachel McAdams could pull that off against Toby.

    Personally I don’t mind them messing around with the characters/actors. I’d rather rather have good actors who may be mismatched a bit with their roles rather than actors who are the proper age and have the right look but can’t act to save their lives.

    Rick – Toby (he does the innocence thing really well)
    Lisa – Reese Witherspoon (great actress and she’s got chemistry with Toby)
    Minmei – Kristin Kreuk
    Roy – Nathan Fillion
    Claudia – Gina Torres
    Max – Johnny Depp
    Ben – Alan Tudyk
    Capt Gloval – Sam Neill (Watch Hunt for Red October if you doubt this)
    Miriya – Gisele Bündchen (need someone unearthly beautiful for this)
    Breetai – Clive Owen
    Exedor – I’m drawing a blank on this one
    Khyron – David Thewlis

  11. GlazednConfused Says:

    Great suggestions all around for the cast.

  12. Old Robotech Fan Says:

    Hey, just a few quick notes on the original posting comment…

    I watched Robotech when it was originally aired and read all the books in 1984/1985, so I know a good deal about it.

    Rick Hunter was an American. In fact, from the clues of the tv show, he was an American, Catholic, Caucasian/White, blue eyes, black hair. The only guy I think could have pulled the looks off was John Stamos…Back in the 1980’s He had the looks, the HAIR! OMG…crazy hair, but he wasn’t a good acting choice.

    Lisa Hayes, Caucasian/White, blue eyes, dirty blond hair. Natalie Portman…Ew…I mean, seriously. The only woman that truly looked like her was Helen Hunt. She has the eyes, hair, and can be gentle, but a spit fire as well. Too Bad she’s too old now to play the part.

    MinMei was not Japanese…well not totally. She was Half Chinese and Half Japanese. When Rick flew her off of the SDF-1 in the Pacific, in the flyer she had won in the Miss Macross contest, they went to see her parents in China. Also, the resteraunt was Chinese, not Japanese.

    I don’t think any actors in this movie should be Asian except MinMei and her cousin, Lynn Kyle. Odd Name…Kyle..being Chinese and all. Anyway, the Captain Gloval was Russian Captain, Ben was Canadian, from Ontario, and the rest of the main cast were either American or Aliens from space.

    Now from the last post I saw I don’t agree with some of the choices:

    Rick – Toby (he does the innocence thing really well)

    Lisa – Reese Witherspoon – OMG Nooo! She’s Lisa Hayes as much as my cat.
    Minmei – Kristin Kreuk (Yes, Perfect, beautiful and coy, except Clark Kent may hurt Rick.

    Roy – Nathan Fillion (What? OMG…Noo! Val Kilmer maybe.

    Claudia – Gina Torres…Gina? She’s half black/Half Spanish…and well
    she looks it. I mean she’s hot, but definately not Claudia. There are many black actresses that are hot that could pull it off though.
    Max – Johnny Depp…Seriously? Max, the shy, humble…but I’ll kill you in combat and pretend it was close to make you feel better? Nooo.

    Ben – Alan Tudyk…Come on? Big Teddy Bear Loveable Ben? Alan is way too small and not even beleivable in the part.
    Capt Gloval – Sam Neill (Watch Hunt for Red October if you doubt this)

    I agree with this one totally.

    Miriya – Gisele Bündchen (need someone unearthly beautiful for this)
    Ok, she’s pretty, but not right. Now..Megan Fox is well, a “fox” Plus she would look good in Green hair…well, any color. She has the correct features and can be a Biotch and Kind…like in “Drama of a TeenAge Drama Queen” and then kind as in Transformers. She’s a much better choice.

    Breetai – Clive Owen (Who cares) Any giant oaf that has a corncobb up his bottom could do the 1 dimensional Breetai.

    Exedor – I’m drawing a blank on this one (I don’t know…What about the Guy from Lord of the Rings who played Golem/Smeagal) He’s just a Toad Monster.

    Khyron – David Thewlis (O.k. Now that is a sniveling enemy…but try Luke Goss, the Bad Elf from Hell Boy 2…He’s got menace and the moves.

    Toby is a poor choice for Rick, but hey…he’s doing the movie so I guess he gets to call the shots.

  13. Thraxxus Says:

    I say we take a swing at the worst possible casting for this: Like Sylvester Stallone as Captain Gloval. Britney Spears as Minmei.

  14. Brash_Heash Says:

    My friend and I have been reading several sites that have been talking about the ROBOTECH live action film. In both of our opinions they should keep it within first generation. If they do that, we have a triliogy on our hands ladies and gentleman. With that said, here in our opinion would be our ideal cast for the movie.

    Rick Hunter – Zac Efron (for the love of god NOT TOBEY MAGURIE)

    Roy Fokker – NOT OWEN WILSON. We dont want a gay Roy Fokker. He is too goofy of an actor to portray someone as awesone and as hardcore as Roy. If you dont like this is our opinion so get bent. Anyways in our opinion, Jonathan Frakes. Think about it…

    Lisa Hayes – Amanda Tapping. Look, she has already kicked a lot of alien ass. so she has the experience. And if we cant get her, Denise Crosby. She comment about Amanda for refrence.

    Lynn Minmei – Kristin Kreuk. We agree with all other statements.

    Claudia Grant – Zoe Saldana. Yessssssss….

    Captain Gloval – Sam Neill. We agree with all statements above

  15. GlazednConfused Says:

    Jonathan Frakes?!? Denise Crosby?!? Let me guess – Star Trek fan? Amanda Tapping is not a bad choice, but let me guess – Stargate fan? As a ROBOTECH fan, I want this movie to make money and not attract some niche group of wayward fanboys who are looking for their next source of collectible busts. I’d rather go for relative unknowns or actual legitimate MOVIE actors.

    Umm…no offense.

  16. Shan Says:

    LOL! Most of the actors listed are I old. Wasn’t Rick 16 when the series started? Most actors listed are too old. Roy & Capt. are older.

    All I can say is that I am giddy w/anticipation. I
    don’t own the entire series on DVD for nothing!

  17. GlazednConfused Says:

    I’m sorry Shannon. You are no longer welcome on BlinkinBlogs. Your cheerful “LOL” and subsequent giddiness has insulted my sarcastic beliefs. I feel like an unfit cynic. I would appreciate it if you no longer visited this site or posted your positive feelings. Also, don’t judge someone’s “music” – you come off as a crusty old widow snarling for kids to get off your lawn.

    Thank you.

  18. Thraxxus Says:

    Ooooooh Can you feeeel the luuuv toniiiight?!?!?!

  19. Darkjedi1313 Says:

    Toby needs to be the man and give the part to a more suitable actor, I mean come on, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

    Rick – Zak Effron (Flock of seagulls hair cut and there you go)
    Lisa – Sahara Michelle Gellar (Mature, and can be a nag + spitfire in 1)
    Minmei – Kristin Kreuk (Perfect Choice)
    Roy – Ben Browder
    Claudia – Jade (From America’s Next Top Model, you need darker complextion, just add more spray on tan.)
    Max – Elijah Wood
    Ben – Adam Baldwin
    Capt Gloval – Tom Selleck (Add Pipe + Russian accent)
    Miriya – Kristen Stewart (Imagine the honey in green hair,WOW)
    Breetai – Clive Owen
    Exedor – Garret Dillahunt
    Khyron – James Masters (Spike from Buffy & Angel,does evil good)

  20. Stargate Atlantis Says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  21. t__t Says:

    stay with the original plot …if the anime can do it, the movie needs to do better.

    Rick – Zak Efron / Chris Pine
    Lisa – Jennifer connelly
    Minmei – Kristin Kreuk, totally agreed
    Roy – Bradley Cooper
    Claudia – Halle Barry
    Max – Casey Affleck
    Ben – Adam Baldwin,agreed
    Capt Gloval – Richard Harris
    Miriya – Sienna Miller
    Breetai – Jason Statham
    Exedor – Neil Patrick Harris
    Khyron – James Masters (Spike from Buffy & Angel,does evil good)>,agreed

  22. lolo81 Says:

    Hola,i wait for this moment many,many years,i hope this proyect will be a great succes,here my list :
    Rick Hunter:Emile hirsch(speed racer),looks exactly
    Lin minmei:kristin kreuk-she is perfect for this role
    Lisa Hays:Jessica Alba-we need body here,lisa is hotttttt…
    Roy Fokker:Owen wilson
    Cap.Global:Tom Sellek,if no i like Sean Connery
    Claudia:Zoe Zaldana
    Max sterling:Toby Mcguire
    Bretai:Clive Owen
    Exedor:Garret Dillahunt
    Kyron:James Masters
    Ben:Adam Baldwin
    Miriya:Mena suari or Anna pakin

  23. Old Robotech Fan Says:

    Thought I would check this site. It’s been since May and saw some good posts.

    O.k., So, has anybody heard an update and have a web link to any confirmed or official reports on the progress of this movie?

    Is there a way to contact Toby McGuire and make cast suggestions?

    Anyway of knowing how to organize this to get some good characters and not some dopey cast?


  24. Em Says:

    Rick: Josh Hartnett or I guess Toby
    Roy: Owen Wilson
    Lisa: Jennifer Garner
    Claudia: Zoe Saldana
    Capt. Gloval: Sean Connery or Gary Oldman

  25. VS Says:

    rick: chace crawford
    lisa: leelee sobieski
    minmei: kristen kreuk
    glovall: edward james olmos
    claudia: zoe saldana
    roy: garrett hedlund
    breetai: clive owen
    miriya: ashley greene
    ben: seth rogen

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