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Interesting Spam – Rhythm Tree Radio

Posted on 06 July 2010 by Thraxxus

Our SPAM filter for Blinkinblogs works much akin to a giant fish net catching all the tasty little SPAM chunks thrown at our site via the comments section. Each and every day this handy dandy little SPAM filter grabs the morsels and I read each and every one every single day. Why you ask? Occasionally I come across one that could almost pass as not being SPAM which I find to be a fun share for the BB reading community. In fact I used to list the best of the SPAM posts for a month in a write up with commentary but we started getting so much that it would be a nightmare to share them all. So without further ado here is the one I enjoyed recently.

“Hi, i heard your blog in the 3 am radioshow on RhythmTreeRadio New Jersey, these people produced a show about running a blog and web 2.0. Just after that radio show i’ll try to sally to your postage about I-69 International Highway | Blinkinblogs. Superb post mate! I hits the point – Its beneficial to find simply only one post writer out of a lot i study which is familiar with what he is publishing about! Stay on your way.”

Enigma did some digging and found that the reference to RhythmTreeRadio is in reference to a real station – albeit online on The amusing part is that there really is no way that BB was talked about on that show as it has nothing to do with what we talk about on BB. Apparently they stream music as they have a DJ that does rhythm and what not. With even more digging here I found this comment:

Broadcaster Comments

Oh well the worlds financial problems are also hitting RhythmTree Radio. With the fall in the dollar to the pound the station has become very expensive to run as a private individual. It costs $75 a month to host the stream from Live 365 and this was a good price back when the dollar was almost 2:1 to the £. Things have changed and it is no longer possible to keep going without any other funding. RhythmTree does not attract many Radio 365 VIP listeners so income from them is almost zero. It has always been the policy of the station to be free for both musicians who contribute their music and for listeners to have an advertisement free stream. Please keep listening as there are a few weeks left of funding. Thanks for listening in. Gerry AKA Cyberdidg If you would like to support RhythmTree Radio with a donation please eMail. If enough of you do this to keep the station going for at least another year I will send out an eMail with a PayPal donation button. Please eMail with DONATE in the subject panel.”

It seems their attempts at SPAM aren’t working out for them. Tragic – I enjoy a good try.

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  1. ZAMan Says:

    The Broadcaster comment is written in reasonably cogent English, but the SPAM comment isn’t. Do you think RhythmTree Radio is outsourcing their SPAM needs to Nigeria?

  2. Thraxxus Says:

    My understanding of many spam business is very much like you have implied. You try to get link backs to your site so you pay some company to do so, catch being they are not very good at it and thus you get comments on sites that make no sense regarding your branding.

  3. Kenfu Says:

    shouldn’t be hard to get a standard blurb in correct english though….

  4. Thraxxus Says:

    Yes, I too am a huge fan of poor english being used in spam.

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