3rd Annual Reel Rhino OSCAR POOL – Come Get Some!

Posted on 21 February 2012 by Reel Rhino

3rd Annual REEL RHINO Oscar Pool – JOIN IN THE FUN!!!

Folks, last year was a BEAR tracking in Excel all of the submissions to the Oscar pool.  Well track no more Reel Rhino, for I have found a trusted and reliable website that runs it for FREE!
Much like the Fantasy leagues have their sites in ESPN, YAHOO, and CBS SPORTSLINE, we now have…
This is a website that specializes in entertainment games and it was our good fortune that they have an OSCAR POOL!
The password for my group is….. rhino …yeah, surprising, I know!
Here is the link:

REEL RHINO OSCAR POOL (password: rhino)

I will be posting and reposting this until the Academy Awards start on Sunday.  Also, I am employing the sites recommended scoring system which takes into account a heavier weighting of the more popular categories to try to keep the shots in the dark from skewing the results.
WINNER GETS TO PICK ANY MOVIE FOR ME TO REVIEW — last year’s champ had me write-up on Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never…what will you choose…oh, yeah….nothing, since I WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!
Again, the password is rhino and the site is…
JOIN IN THE FUN….can you take down last year’s champion, KRISTIN (See her late 90’s promo head shot to see just who you are up against)!?!?!
Take care and good luck…
Reel Rhino

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Reel Rhino Says:

    I tried and tried and tried…the spacing on this post just wouldn’t get right! Thrax, take a crack at it if you get a chance, at least separate the Oscar pool link to its own line…Also, make your picks soon and prepare to bow down to THE RHINO!

  2. Kenfu Says:

    watched the Big Year on your recommendation….I liked it.

  3. Reel Rhino Says:

    Thanks Kenfu….glad you liked it! I thought it was unfairly raked over the coals! Here’s part of why I think it failed….it was rated PG….it was good clean fun, without the cursing, tits/ass, etc. Now I like T/A and cursing as much as the next guy, but in a movie without it – the film was carried by wit and the grace of the actors. Truly, the adult content was not missed or noticed by me when I saw it.

    Also, good to have you in the Oscar Pool!

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