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Love Potion #9

Posted on 06 August 2013 by ~baba

Love_Potion_Number_9_by_Justin_ZakLast night I went out in a shirt I’d worn all day and had sweated in several hours, it smelled a little funky but not bad really. As I went place to place I noticed that the women I passed by seemed to want to engage me in conversation, buy me a drink, play pool… There was a Don Juan type character a few hundred years ago that used to keep a handkercheif in his armpit and offer it to any lady he wanted to bed. Pheremones. What you smell like when a woman is attracted to you, your pheremones, subtile scents your body puts out that attract the other sex. There is a moth that puts out a pheremone that another moth can smell three miles away and a tomato plant that, when attacked by a tomato worm, produces a pheremone identical to that of a male wasp in heat, attracting female wasps that sting the tomato worm and lay eggs in it, thereby saving the tomato plant. Pheremones. There is a pig pheremone on the market that you can add to your aftershave or cologne or whatever, supposed to get the girls(pobably going to be pigs)to come to you. Something I’ve found, after reading a book ‘Probable’ is that if you increase your probability by being at the place your intended girl is, doing something she’s interested in, looking like someone she wants, whatever you can subtly do to increase your chances of her finding you attractive, she will more likely notice you. If you’re on the hunt you’re already producing pheremones that she will unconsciously detect. Unless you’ve slathered some Axe or whatever crap you insult our noses with every day, in which case no one will want you but the above mentioned pigs. Last year I was eating at a restaurant and a stunning, tall, young girl walked by and I put the ‘bump into her plan’ into action, I finished eating quickly, jumped on my motorcycle and went down a one way street the wrong way to catch up with her. A policeman politely pointed out to me I was breaking the law and I turned around and found a parking place and continued on foot. I soon found her buying a fruit smoothie and paid for it and asked about what she was doing and where she was going. After awhile we went somewhere else to hang out and still today she comes over sometimes to play. I’m dating other girls but she doesn’t care, I helped her with some stuff as a result of our meeting and she’s still grateful and lets me know it. I think the pheremone thing works and helps you if you do the rest, act respectful, be helpful, listen, be a gentleman and let her know you want her without overtly saying it. DON’T TRY TO DRILL HER IMMEDIATELY, take your time, let her get to know you, that’s the love potion.

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