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Ebola – You should start paying attention.

Posted on 06 October 2014 by Thraxxus

ebolaspreadsEbola is a serious matter when it is contained in the middle of a jungle in some country that no American can remember even exists. When Ebola walks out of that jungle and enters an African village some where a few Americans raise an eye brow, hear the death toll, and go about their merry business figuring quietly to themselves “at least it is not me.” When Ebola finds its way into a major city in Africa we take a little bit more notice. We talk about it. We talk about how horrible it must be.

We go back to what we were doing.

Then Ebola gets on an airplane and comes to the USA. Some American doctor got it, and someone in the USA figured that the only humanitarian thing to do was to try to save the fellow American. It works. Then it works again with the same back story. A doctor went to help in Africa, got sick, we saved her.

We go back to what we were doing.

Then Ebola sneaks a ride inside a man on a plane bound for Dallas, Texas. It hangs out inside him for a few days before it starts to tear him apart. He goes to an urgent care center, they look at him, figure he has the flu (because really, who could possibly have Ebola in the USA and be walking around the street?) and they send him home. He gets worse over the next two days, showing more and more signs of something worse than the flu. He spends time with people. They are around him. He touches them, and they him. He goes back to the hospital and they admit and quarantine him.

The story breaks and we sit up and listen. Ebola here? In Texas? In Dallas, Texas? A Massive metropolitan area? Can’t be! How could this have happened? What can we do?

Then the CDC tells us that all will be okay. They will take care of it. They will find everyone that Patient Zero interacted with, and they will watch them. They will quarantine them. The CDC will do its job.

We go back to what we were doing with this icky feeling in the back of our heads that something should really be done about that Ebola thing.

Today it was announced that a lady in Spain contracted Ebola, and died. This, at first glance, seems like no big deal, after all over three thousand people have already died in Africa from this outbreak, with many more to come, but then, that is Africa, and this lady was in Spain, a thoroughfare of Europe. So she had Ebola and it killed her – so what? The real news here is how and where she got it – she was in Spain when she contracted it. She wasn’t in Africa, it didn’t hitch a ride inside her back to Spain. Nope. She was in the country where she lived when she got it, and that is scary.

Gone back to what you were doing yet? You shouldn’t, you know. Not this time.

See in the USA people are notoriously stand offish. Americans like their space, and we love it when others don’t violate that space. Furthermore, America is huge, not Africa huge, but basically the exact same size as Europe, except we are far more spread apart – with a full 75% of the population on the coasts. Because of these simple facts it was noted, by some scholar whose name eludes, that Ebola won’t spread that quickly in the USA, if it does at all.

Still here?

Europe is entirely different. Europeans are notoriously more physical. They hug. They embrace. They kiss cheeks. They enjoy life and each other. It is because of these reasons that if Ebola finds a way to spread, even a little, in Spain, it will spread through Europe like fire through gas drenched straw and the world will be changed forever. You will be changed forever. was nice enough to discuss this case here. The video they posted on their site is here, in case you can’t be bothered to click the link.

Come for the popcorn, stay for the show, it is a real barn burner.

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Kyoto Protocol – A Total Joke

Posted on 24 September 2014 by Thraxxus

I am all for living greener. In fact, I am working on a plan to not only change my life in that direction, but to assist others to do the same. Consequently, you would think that I would be all for the Kyoto Summit. I’m not. This seems counter intuitive – a guy who is all about going green and “saving the earth” (btw this concept is a joke in itself – the Earth isn’t going anywhere – humans are) should be all for a world summit that is all about talking about all countries going greener. The issue is that the summit really isn’t getting it done and to date it never has.


The Kyoto Summit was this idea about bringing the world leaders together to work as a team at reducing green house gases – the stuff that is supposedly destroying life on Earth as we know it. Let’s let the Kyoto folks tell you their concept:

“The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which commits its Parties by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets.

Recognizing that developed countries are principally responsible for the current high levels of GHG emissions in the atmosphere as a result of more than 150 years of industrial activity, the Protocol places a heavier burden on developed nations under the principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities.”

The Kyoto Protocol was adopted in Kyoto, Japan, on 11 December 1997 and entered into force on 16 February 2005. The detailed rules for the implementation of the Protocol were adopted at COP 7 in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 2001, and are referred to as the “Marrakesh Accords.” Its first commitment period started in 2008 and ended in 2012.” – (Kyoto!)

How could that possibly be a joke? Simple really, nobody is actually doing anything. Sure there is lots of talk, Obama just did a great bit on it.

…..but…. What does it really mean?

If you pay attention to the entire bit, and did as they covered the story just this morning on Air, you will notice something interesting. During their broadcast they pointed to some smaller, developing countries and how Kyoto impacts them. One of their leaders, from Aruba, talked a bit about how awesome it is for the developed nations to tell everyone that they need to cut back emissions when it was those developed countries that created the problem to begin with. Obama said that everyone has to do their part. True. However, to developing nations point, why is it that they suddenly have to change how they are developing because large, developed, and often times greedy countries created a massive problem for the planet by ignoring what was being done to the climate for so long?

The answer is simple, and it is the same answer that the Developed Nations have been ignoring for so long: We Live Here. That’s right! The planet that you live on, and require certain conditions to be stable, is totally out of whack and humans are largely responsible – anyone that says otherwise is either delusional or a greedy bastard. Seriously. You live on this giant rock that floats through space at an alarming rate, and it keeps you alive via oceans, food, plants, bio diversity, bees (we are killing these off, no big deal unless you like to eat), and a myriad of other things (Atmosphere much?) and thus you sort of need it to persist, else you stop persisting.

Therein lies the joke, really. We NEED change, we are way past wanting it. We all have to do our part, but the developed countries, the ones that caused the problem in the first place, need to step up and do most of it. To demand that under developed countries make dramatic changes when they are a tiny fraction of the whole is actually absurd.  Think about this: The islands of the Caribbean, many being nations of their own, put out less than 1% of what China does every year in carbon footprint, and yet they must change as much as the big five? They must be held just as responsible? Seems silly when you look at it that way – but they can do their part.

The truth is the burden of world clean up should be on the offenders. Aruba isn’t creating a massive amount of plastic and tossing it in the ocean. They aren’t mass polluting the planet. They aren’t putting out a ludicrous amount of toxic gases through concrete manufacturing (China again). Aruba isn’t fracking the ground to oblivion. In fact, they really aren’t do much of anything. sure they have like 300 cars on the road there that probably don’t have emissions controls on them. Los Angeles has like 10 million. Sure they have cruise ships going into their harbor, like 1-2 per day. LA harbor’s ships put out over 1 million cars worth of emissions per day.

Starting to see the silliness? The Joke? Sure, we can all do our part, but the big boys, the destroyers of worlds, need to get it done first and foremost – in closing, they need to lead by example.

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Your School Lunch Brought to You by No Right of Choice

Posted on 11 September 2014 by guybehindtheguy

mobamaI get it… There is a growing obesity problem in the United States. Look around… There seems to be a lot of over weight kids running around. That being said, since when did we give the “First Lady” the supreme power to DICTATE what our children are fed in school? I mean, I don’t have children, but I do remember my rebellious youth. There is ONE THING that can never be taken away – free will. The school lunch program in entirely dependent upon the child’s free will. Seems to me that the issue of obesity in this country did not begin nor will end in the school cafeteria. The rising cost of food, the stagnant incomes, and employers rise in expectations leading to a true increase in the work week from 40 to 47+ hours a week, I believe contribute more obesity in our country. If it’s cheaper, more convenient, and I can pick it up on the way home from a long day at work then the choice is clear…

Eating healthy is expensive… School lunches – a logic flawed… Michelle Obama a food dictator… The real problem – unhealthy lifestyle… Stress and lack of sleep are equally if not more detrimental to a healthy body. Nutrition is extremely important. The real question, why is Michelle Obama not addressing GMO foods? See, that would be the individual versus the corporation. I’m all over the place, my point is that it is easy to DICTATE to the individual with no money and no voice to dissent… Or is it? We may have no money, we may have no voice… But that same concept is wrapped into winning “hearts and minds”. That has never worked either. So as children snub their school lunches and we throw millions of dollars away I ask Mrs. Obama, did you make a difference? I thought the liberal party was all about “CHOICE”?
And for anyone who thinks the liberal party is about the common man let this be an example. Enforcing the 40 hour a week labor law, infusing incentives to return the American manufacturing base to our own soil, and restoring hope to our citizens would provide a greater incentive for health… I’m just sayin…

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Ebola – Coming to America

Posted on 01 August 2014 by Thraxxus

ebolaThis is a picture of Ebola, by now you have seen it, either in passing or you have actually read about it. This article is about known facts, and a few speculations. We strongly urge everyone to educate themselves on Ebola, and to remain calm. Seriously.

Here are some facts about Ebola you should know.

  1. Ebola is a Virus – thus antibiotics do nothing to it.
  2. Ebola has no known cure.
  3. Ebola comes in many colors and flavors by way of what scientists call Strains – the one plaguing the Earth right now in the largest outbreak ever is brand new!
  4. Ebola is known to spread by trading bodily fluids. Any body fluids. Sweat, saliva, blood, you name it.
  5. Ebola has a 50-90% mortality rate. What does that mean? Ebola kills between 50-90 of the people that get it.
  6. Ebola has spread to four countries( Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea), and to the largest city in Africa.
  7. This is the largest outbreak in recorded history. 729 deaths so far.
  8. People who had the virus have traveled.
  9. People outside of the known infected countries have been tested and are quarantined.
  10. The USA is bringing known infected carriers to Atlanta. (No we are not making this up)


220px-Twelve_monkeysmpThose are the facts folks. There is lots of speculation. There are many conspiracy theories. The hard truth is not much is actually known about Ebola. There have been experiments, like the one where the figured out that Ebola can be airborne for brief periods of time via sneezing and the like. Again, when you sneeze, bodily fluid is kicked out that is carrying the virus. This is an important distinction as that means that Ebola still needs to be carried. Truly airborne viruses and bacteria don’t, and those are the scary ones. If Ebola were truly airborne we would have gone the way of 12 Monkeys a while ago – aka, all but totally wiped out and probably spending every minute in plastic suits.

Over the next few weeks, months, and probably years, you are going to hear about lots of Ebola stuff. Please, don’t believe anything that you hear in passing – why? People are full of crap. Instead, do some research. Read some facts. Look into it yourself. The only way that humans can prevail over something this deadly is through education and learning. We try to remain calm, work together, and educate ourselves on how to best battle the situation.

We are our only hope.

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My hatred for Monsanto

Posted on 08 July 2013 by Valkyrie

No-GMOMonsanto – this one word alone can quickly get my blood boiling faster than any other word I hear as of late, actually, for about the past 4 years now.

M-o-n-s-a-n-t-o just has an ascorbic sound to it. Like a knee jerk reaction when I hear the word, you will quickly hear me retort, “Don’t even get me started on the subject!” And those that know me will then be the victims to my rant that goes on and on about how I despise this superpower of a company that misuses all of its wealth and ‘prestige’ to manipulate and dominate our food sources and supplies, all in the name of ‘the greater good’.

The ‘greater good’, ha! This is exactly where I start waving my bullshit flag.

Monsanto, with their GMOs and their pesticides is doing more damage than good to the human and animal population. Bees are dying by the millions, other insects as well, and children and adults are getting plagued with illnesses that seemed to never really be an issue before Monsanto got their greedy hands on their mission of taking over the world’s food supply.

Altered soy, corn, sugar beets, wheat, vegetables, fruits, and now the world’s rice has now been tampered with. Other countries are growing to hate us and are making their stand and making GMOs and Monsanto leave their countries with some heroic acts of burning acres and acres of corn to get their point across. I read an article this morning that Kenya has now banned any importation of GMO foods into their country.

I admire and respect other countries for taking a stand and protesting in a vigilant matter and making a loud stir about it. We Americans can take notes from so many of these active countries.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire and support many movements here as well, ‘March Against Monsanto’, and ‘Millions Against Monsanto’ to just name a few. But, the tragedy here is that Monsanto has just become an all-out bully. They are a powerhouse that spends around 6 million a year in lobbying alone. The FDA and USDA has been ‘cross contaminated’ (pun intended) with the greed mongers. Monsanto and the FDA are one in the same.

This article is written with the sole purpose to convey my passion of disgust for Monsanto and its purpose to destroy farmers and the natural process of raising food. They enslave these farmers and if they so much get out of line, they get buried with lawsuit and legal debt that the farmer can never recover from. A multi-billion dollar company coming after sole farmers to gain in their own ugly agenda just seems wrong on so many levels but yet it keeps happening time and time again.

In India, there are farmers committing suicide due to Monsanto’s tactics. Cotton farmers there find no other alternative but to take their own lives? Are we okay with this?

The scales are tipping and I believe we are at a crucial point to no longer accept what this bully powerhouse is trying to force-feed us. I pay so much gratitude and appreciation to the people out there being a force to be reckoned with and admonishing and shining a light on Monsanto and their greed stricken ways.

I have a voice, one voice… I have chosen to use my voice to bow out of buying any GMO food or pesticide laden produce that the supermarkets carry. I have studied the long list of companies that use GMOs and that paid billions to help Monsanto during voting season to avoid laws requiring labeling GMOs on our foods. I avoid these companies like the plague and skirt around being subject to the insanity. I spend a bit more on Organic and find health food stores that share my passion to carry GMO free food. But, to me, it is worth it. I put health as a top priority and do not want altered foods or chemicals invading my body to wreak havoc. Monsanto does not get that right.

Chemicals are not only altering our food, it is also altering our bodies and minds. How can it not? The only one deeming GMOs and pesticides to be safe is Monsanto themselves. If you really want to laugh, go to their website. You can cut through the bullshit with a dull butter-knife.

It all really boils down to this easy saying, “garbage in, garbage out”… question is, is the USA going to be the last on the bandwagon to stand up and refuse to be poisoned? At this rate, it sure feels like it.

Make a change, one small change… that is my drive behind writing this article. I urge of you. If at the store, buy organic apples instead of ‘conventional’ Monsanto apples. Make one change with this thought – your hard earned money is either making somebody very rich while you follow along in the game, OR your hard earned money can make a vote every time you opt out of the food paradigm Monsanto is trying to make us succumb to.

Monsanto may have the financial power – but we, the people, have the final vote… our outcries.


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Part-time Badass

Posted on 01 July 2013 by Valkyrie

part time badassDuring the past several weeks I have come to observe something while driving around on the weekends. I have noticed that the people I see on these very days, on the city streets and such, are quite different than those that I see on the weekdays. 

It seems that the weekends bring about a certain change in people. As if the masks of the work world can be taken off and the cool masks of fun and adventure can then be traded out.

I call this metamorphosis, ‘Part-time Badass’. And in some ways, I find it epically fascinating. What I have observed are people that break free a bit, relax, and express themselves in a way they want the world to see them, and what brings them joy.

In the city I live in, there are always Harley Davidson Dudes taking to the streets in groups or solo, all donning their leathers, their bitches, and their cool as hell attitudes – all while purposely revving up that engine at every stop light, to really drive it home how badass they really are.

But, seeing I have a busy mind and like to ponder the behaviors of people, it led me to wonder… just where in the heck are these same guys Monday thru Friday? They obviously come out in full glory on the weekends, but what do they do on the other days of the week? Are they CEOs, principles of elementary schools, janitors, preachers, grandparents? Just who in the dickens are these cool personas? 

I have a friend that is, in fact, a CFO of a big corporation and is part of a Corvette Club. Yep, he and his friends all get together quite often with the sole purpose of finding new places to rendezvous to. They group up by the dozens, all convoying their way to curvy mountaintops, coastal scenic drives, or dessert roads that lead to an oasis of sorts. To me, he is a Badass through and through; it also drives my point and speculation home that on the weekends, this successful CFO gets to cut loose and express himself in a way he finds joy and pleasure. 

And much to my own admittance, I do the same thing – across the board, really. I mean, who in God’s tarnation doesn’t want to be some sort of Badass in their own rite? I know I do! 

Yesterday I was pure Badass at the beach with my family when it came time to pulling out the Smash Ball paddles and ball and challenging my husband to a match. I am quite good at this game and it is usually hard to find a well suited partner. Yesterday, I was lucky. Pounding that ball back and forth and keeping the volley going, time after time, was stellar. So much so, we gained a small audience. It was my moment, the American Gold Metal came down to he and I – all or nothing! Of course, the victory was ours. I felt at that moment, I was pure unadulterated Badass.

I truly believe we are all Badasses in some way or another, but it saddens me that it is only a part-time thing (for most of us, anyway). Responsibility seems to come a knockin’, which subdues our child-like eagerness to be free and expressive until the following weekend.

So, I guess Mr. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Dude has returned his leathers to his closet to go clock in and do what needs doing, my CFO friend has parked his Corvette back into his garage to go be the Chief of those Financials, and me – myself, have put the Smash Ball paddles away in an organized place, all to be a mom again and peck away at my keyboard.

Part-time Badass needs to be more of a full-time thing. In doing so, I think we would all be a bit more fun and tolerable of one another. Waiting to let out that alter-ego for weekends only, leaves us to feel caged and bored as we slave to that 40 hour work-week.


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Chemical Trails In Our Skies

Posted on 28 June 2013 by Valkyrie

chem trail 1What are they? What is their purpose? Many state that those that question what is happening in our skies are just silly Conspiracy Theorists looking for a new subject matter to regale in and should be dismissed. That what we are seeing above our heads in the blue above us, is simply blamed on con-trails.

I am sorry, but I beg to differ. There are reports after reports and video after video of proof that the Government is spraying matter into the sky and using large jets to do so. It’s no secret either.

Con-trails dissipate quickly in the skies – while chem-trails expand, grow bigger, finally making the sky overcast.

Scientist claim that what is being sprayed are particles that are supposed to remain in the air and help with weather patterns and global warming. These same scientists were questioned about the ramifications of these particles ever landing onto our soil and they actually had no answers, nor proof that it would stay in the atmosphere. The very actions of these Scientist doing this without further study is becoming a Lab Experiment of sorts – and we, the people below, are the ones being experimented on.

It is believed that both Barium and Aluminum are being pumped into the atmosphere in aerosols sprayed from aircraft around the world, waging a silent war against humanity – for stealth warfare purposes. 

And oddly enough, these metals are now being found in our water supply, along with arsenic being found in high levels in our rainwater – all in the exact places chem-trailing is occurring. Tragically enough, the aluminum is now altering the pH of the soil from acidic to neutral and causing the trees to die.

So, Conspiracy Theory? Really?

Scientists openly talk about the experiment, there are loads of articles on the inter-webs regarding the matter, there are videos on YouTube showing jets overhead spraying huge doses, easing off, spraying more, easing off… all to circle around and do it again – over city after city, making obvious zig-zag patterns, and finally, we have proof in our water supply!

chem -interiorThe Government and Scientists may be stating it is to ward off Global Warming, as a way for us to stay mute on the matter and feel we are being looked after, but I say we should question every act that is being done – also ask yourself this… why isn’t this covered much? If the Government wants to look heroic, would they then not plaster this all over Main Stream Media? Makes sense to me… but this subject is rather subdued and we are being distracted to believe it is from con-trails.

Last time I checked, con-trails cannot be turned off and on, but chem-trails can.

It is real people, it is happening.




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Zuber’s Gambit

Posted on 27 June 2013 by Thraxxus

_DSC1749eThis is an old school chum of mine, Chad Zuber. He is a male model, internet model, adventurer, photographer, physical body specialist and all around good guy. A while back there was a debate going on regarding how someone in the west (read as USA) could eat healthy on 5 bucks a day. Chad stood up (I think since I couldn’t actually see him at his computer) and declared that he already did. A few people called BS, so Chad wrote the following. I found it illuminating enough to ask him if I could share it here, with all credits due. So here it is, unabridged:

Hi Adam, this is in response to the conversation posted on your Facebook page regarding the “high cost of healthy eating”.  Now a very brief comment on my history, the recession hit us like a ton of bricks and I cut down to the basics for survival.  This is when I stopped using supplements and I had to figure out the healthiest and cheapest way to eat.  This lead also to the study of wild edible foods and with that I can actually reduce my food expense even more than what I’m sharing with you but I am assuming that you will be purchasing everything you eat.  Also, some of the more high-cost ingredients that I use today can be cut out or reduced in quantity, such as the cheese and butter, further reducing the expense.  I learned to shop around and find the best prices near me.  Also, much of this is not organic.  High quality eggs, for instance, cost double.  Some things aren’t available as organic.  You’ll notice that there is no wheat and the only grain is rice (which I only eat a couple times a week anyway), no soy, no corn, none of the popular GMO foods.  Organic and free-range eggs will bring the price up a few dollars, unless you have a neighbor with chickens.  So, here we go:
Five full meals (for a very physically active person) – $8/day

15 oz can of mackerel (2 servings protein at 35 grams per serving, purchased at Ralphs market) – $1.69
Dozen extra-large eggs (3 servings protein at 28 grams per serving) – $1.79
Two servings sprouted lentils stew with kelp, raisins & fresh garden herbs – $0.50
One serving steamed or stewed russet potatoes – $0.20
Two servings of salad with spinach and red cabbage – $1.25
Butter (from Irish grass-fed cows) for the lentils and potatoes – $0.50
Cheese (from raw sheep milk) for the lentils and salad – $0.75
Half a coconut (drink the water from it first – mmmm) – $1.00
Other ingredients in small quantities:  coconut or olive oil – $0.25
Two fresh limes – $0.20
Fresh herbs (Just grow your own, it’s so easy.  I use rosemary and mint all the time.  Both grow really easy here.) – FREE

TOTAL = $8.13
Three full meals (for the normal days or weight control) – $5/day

15 oz can of mackerel (2 servings protein at 35 grams per serving, purchased at Ralphs market) – $1.69
Four extra-large eggs – $0.45
One serving sprouted lentils stew with kelp, raisins & fresh garden herbs – $0.25
One serving steamed or stewed russet potatoes – $0.20
Two servings of salad with spinach and red cabbage – $1.25
Butter (from Irish grass-fed cows) for the lentils and potatoes – $0.25
Cheese (from raw sheep milk) for the lentils and salad – $0.75
Other ingredients in small quantities:  coconut or olive oil – $0.25
Two fresh limes – $0.20

TOTAL = $5.29

The bulk prices of some of the foods mentioned.
Green lentils – $1.69/lb
Thompson seedless raisins – $2.69/lb
Russet potatoes – $0.30/lb (often I pay $0.10 or $0.15 per pound)
Red cabbage – $0.89/lb
Coconut – $1.99 each (I usually pay $1.50 or even $0.99 each)
Bag of baby spinach – $1.99
Pecorino Romano cheese from raw sheep milk (I’ve only found it at Trader Joes) – $6.49/lb
Kerrygold unsalted pure Irish butter (8 oz) – $3.00 (Trader Joes price is the best.  Other places sell it usually for $5.00)
Eggs I usually buy at Trader Joes for $1.79/dz but you can get them for as little as $0.99/dz if you keep your eye open for sales.

Canned mackerel.  This one has a little history.  I have gone from one company to another as supply has dwindled and many distributors have gone to China.  The mackerel I’ve bought that was caught in China is so nasty and disgusting.  Twice I got sick from it and my mom’s cat wouldn’t even drink the juice.  (He loves mackerel juice.)  The best was from the Crown Prince company but years ago they simply weren’t bringing any more in.  I wrote a lengthy letter to the company and learned about this.  I then found good mackerel from Bumble Bee.  The best mackerel came from Chilean waters.  The Bumble Bee brand then switched to a Chinese supplier and it tasted disgusting.  I frantically began searching, bought a case of another brand from  It turned out to be Chinese and was equally disgusting with a nasty yellow scum floating at the top.  Then my dad, a loyal shopper at Ralphs, caught sight of the Ralphs brand and although not from Chile it was also not from China.  I tried the Thailand product to be of good quality and have been using it ever since.  It has been eternally on sale at Ralphs ($1.69 per 15 oz can) for a few years now.

Now, going back to the lentils.  I soak and then sprout them.  The sprouting action increases the bounty by 400% and also increases the nutritional content.  So, that $1.69/lb bag of lentils is really like $0.40/lb after I sprout it.  Sprouting is easy and makes grains, nuts, and seeds tastier, increases yield and nutritional value.
Okay, so I went a little over on both.  Keep in mind that some ingredients can be further reduced.  You probably noticed that I didn’t include any fruit in this.  I don’t eat much fruit.  Most of the fruit I eat I obtain free, such as this one that I collect from October through May.

I’m as human as the next person and I love sweets, pies, ice cream and chocolate.  I eat these desserts from time to time and often regret it because I don’t feel quite right afterwards.  Health is the result of discipline.  As long as I eat the way described above I never get sick and I enjoy a highly energetic life.  I’m 40 years old  and feel wonderful.  My strength is good, I don’t go to a gym but I do exercises at home and incorporate exercise into my daily activities such as running errands, I literally “run” errands.  I job to the store.  I often carry the 5-gallon water jug a mile and a half round trip to refill it.  That’s a 3/4 mile walk with 5-gallons on my shoulder.  One time I carried two 5-gallon jugs the same distance.  That alone was a workout, especially going up the steep hill to where we live.  Talk about functional exercise!

As I mentioned before, I study wild edible plants.  I recently did a week-long stay on a mostly uninhabited island in the Caribbean and mostly ate what I found.  The experience was so amazing that I’m currently writing a book about it.  I actually experienced physical healing as a result of the experience.

So, that’s it in a nutshell.  I could go on and on.  I hope this is helpful and if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to share.

Your Super Duper Pal,

Chad (I added this in as he didn’t actually say anything like this – Thraxxus.)

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The Correlation of Urinary Tract Infections and Poultry

Posted on 26 June 2013 by Valkyrie

UTIs and Poultry - blinkinblogsThere is a new strain of E Coli in our food industry and it is coming from chicken. This new strain of E Coli is linked to causing Urinary Tract Infections in women.

Upon researching this more, I have learned that half of poultry samples that were taken were indeed contaminated with the UTI – associated strains of E Coli. Scientists now suspect that women who eat chicken are infecting their lower intestinal tract with these meat borne bacteria which can then creep into their bladder, causing major infection and of course, severe discomfort.

This is kind of a big deal, I mean millions of women get UTI – Extra Intestinal E Coli infections every year, with the potential to invade the blood stream and cause blood poisoning.

This hits a nerve with me due to having experienced UTIs time and time again, myself. Always paying a visit to my General Practitioner bent over in agony and begging for relief, to only be back in another three weeks, suffering from the same condition.

I became quite the anomaly among my Doctors in the Medical Profession. My General Practitioner referred me to get major testing done – all to get a thumbs-up as to my plumbing being intact and fully operational.

I then was referred to a Urologist who was never quite fond of my midnight calls to him begging for antibiotics and pain killers. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, even though I did not fit that mold. I stumped my Urologist so much so, that during one visit… he told me I was the topic of conversation at a Convention he attended with loads of other Urologists. I guess my anomaly stumped their theories on Cystitis in a young woman who is healthy and has nothing wrong with her insides (or so we thought).

The only solution that was resolved between my Urologist and I, was to be put on antibiotics daily. I lived on antibiotics for 10+ years, never missing a day. The fact that that was my only solution was horrifying. My Urologist didn’t like it either, but the alternative was me being curled in a ball with a major UTI twice a month in seething pain wishing for death as a relief from the madness.

During that time, I decided to get healthy and adapted a Plant Based Diet. Bammo, did it cold turkey overnight – one day carnivore, the next day – no animal products of any sort. I was also interested in Eastern Medicine and sought out Acupuncture. Amazingly enough, my zest for seeking health had nothing to do with my UTIs. I did not correlate the two.

While being examined by my Acupuncturist, he said something time and time again at my appointments. He said, “Do not eat chicken or turkey at all, stay away from them, they are bad.” I then informed him I was strictly Plant Based in my diet and he smiled and said, “Good”.

Fast forward 3 months. My Acupuncturist said it was time for me to wean off of my antibiotics. I was scared to death when he said this. I wanted to try it, but knew how bad and how fast a bladder infection can drop me to my knees. But I trusted and did so.

I am happy to say I have been off of antibiotics for 3 ½ years and have never had an infection since. I tried acupuncture and still have a plant based diet – a strict one at that.

So when I came across this information yesterday regarding E Coli in chicken meat and UTIs in women, it made me realize that perhaps I fell prey to such a disgusting bacteria. It downright stole my quality of life for damn near 20 years.

Studies have shown infection risk can be directly linked to overcrowding of chickens on these ‘so called’ factory farms. In egg-laying hens in cages, there is a significant risk for flock infection due to hen density per cage.

Here is where it gets interesting – affording only a 4 inch cube of space more per cage would actually decrease the risk of this type of E Coli related UTIs by 33%.

Are chicken factories instilling this new ‘4 inch more of space per cage’ idea? Hell no. Their mindset is cramming them in, produce produce produce, all the while, ignoring the consequences to those very actions alone.

Our food system and the way it operates is making us sick. I was an example of this, hence me sharing my personal struggle. I was a victim to an unnatural way to produce food. It was only upon doctor visit after doctor visit, seeking alternative ways to get better, changing my diet and studying the living daylights out of nutrition, have I really gotten better.

And to think, it was only a 4 inch cube of less space that almost became my demise. I don’t know about you, but that angers me to no end.

If the Poultry Industry is not going to change – which is apparent that they are not… then avoiding poultry altogether can now be added to the list of how to fend off UTIs for women.

I believe in the Golden Rule and/or Karma… what we are doing to the very Beings that feed us at almost every meal, is in some way becoming our full circle moment. This unnatural way to industrialize our food is causing illness after illness. When will we stop long enough to pay attention and make some changes?


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Modern Technology and the Word ‘Goodbye’

Posted on 21 June 2013 by Valkyrie

woman-running-errands-smartphoneI have a Smart Phone… I think we all do. A Samsung Galaxy S4, to be exact. Smart Phones are fascinating. So advanced – technology in the palm of your hands! Internet, camera, texting, weather, directions, games, etc… you name it, it is all there. All the knowledge you need right in your pocket or purse, at a quick glance and a moment’s notice.

This leads me to my topic of the word ‘Goodbye’. I have never been very fond of this word, nor do I know anyone that actually is. It saddens me really. A departure that leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable inside due to physically pulling away from the ones I cherish in life. I guess it just feels so final. Even though I know I will be seeing them again… if a good time was had, a connection made, a laugh was shared, whatever the case may be, it has always been hard for me.

I have since gotten a bit better with saying ‘Goodbye’ until recently. I have noticed something about these Smart Phones and I believe they are a bit responsible. Let me explain.

With the great technology of texting or messaging, we can reach out to those in our inner circles whenever we want to, and them to us – just by putting letters to text that string out sentences and thoughts. Then all we have to do is hit ‘send’. Magical really – conversations, laughs, sharing, etc… you get the idea.

So if it is all so great, then why do I feel perplexed at times when I am not quite sure if a conversation via text is indeed officially over? Is it perhaps the other person got busy multi-tasking and forgot to respond, or simply got bored? There are many possibilities. These are the new feelings that float around in my head, regarding this certain topic – and I know it has with others since this topic has been brought up in many a discussion.

While pondering this further, I think I have somewhat figured it out. With all this new texting style conversation and reaching out to somebody at the drop of a hat, it seems to have brought about a new type of social disorder (in my humble opinion). DOUBT – an old feeling really, but is newly translated with modern technology.

With texting and friendships, relationships, bonds… whatever term you use, there seems to never really be an official departure. No solid ‘Goodbye’. Rather, our words just linger in the air waves either waiting to be received or replied to. There is not the physical act of sharing conversation at a local coffee shop, meeting for lunch, or hooking up for happy hour – nada… none of it.

Here, all along I thought the word ‘Goodbye’ was a dreaded word. But as of late… actually, just as I am writing this – have I been given the clarity that the term is appropriate and needed.

When texting fellow friends and loved ones, whether they are near or far – seems conversations never come to a close as they do in person. There is no beginning, middle, and end… like we were all taught in school about the infamous ‘5 paragraph essay’ – it lacks form, I suppose. Don’t get me wrong… I enjoy messaging and the ease and convenience of it. Probably would have to detox for a few days if the luxury was taken away from me.

With that being said, I have come to the realization that the very word I thought I didn’t like has become just the opposite. Kind of an endearing word for me, really. ‘Goodbye’ seems to give closure to a time that was spent with someone of special value. In cyberspace, perhaps we should use this word a bit more frequently and state that we look forward to connecting again. It just seems that ‘brb’ and ‘ttyl’ aren’t humanitarian enough to evoke a true sense of compassion to the person you are indeed messaging.




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An Itty Bitty Rant on Healthcare (among other things) in America –

Posted on 14 June 2013 by Valkyrie

big pharmaAmerica’s healthcare system sucks, plain and simple. We rank #38 out of #190 countries, and we just dropped ranking a few months ago… we held at #37 for quite some time. “Go Team!”

My rant is that we are made to believe our healthcare system is top-notch. HA! I couldn’t disagree more. Our country is as broken as the bread we break for communion.

What angers me most is that we look to Healthcare as a ‘white collar privilege’ in this country. Meaning, if you have it, awesome for you (high fives and fist pumps). And if your neighbor doesn’t have it, our attitude is, “Screw you! Get your own!”

I realize I have now probably been labeled a Socialist with my above statement. And I really don’t care about labels. They are all fake facades of ego anyway. I am simply the believer of this… we were born with our health (most of us anyway) – therefore, our health should be managed and taken care of in a way that does not profit Big Pharmaceutical companies. Period.

Since when has America become the melting pot for pure dysfunction in this area? Seems like always – we are dropping rank quickly in this area quickly and nobody seems to care. Instead we all Obama bash for ‘Obamacare’. No, I am not promoting him either.

I find it amazingly pathetic that we have let our health and our lives be put in the hands of Big Pharmaceutical companies all so they can profit and go on that annual cruise to Italy in their fully employed – servant like Yachts.

Yep, I said it. That is exactly how I feel. Our medications have become brand name and cool just like the fashion industry. I would not be surprised that someday very soon, there will be a runway of sorts for these ‘coveted’ medications to stroll down – Lunesta, doing a saunter down the catwalk.

Commercials run all the time on television promoting how cool you will be and feel so much better if you just pop their one pill. Give it a snazzy name and you have a customer for life.

We have also become a country of disease and disorder by the truckload. Seems cool to walk around the office, saying to your co-worker with delight, “Hey, I have PMDD!” Not only does it fulfill our need for acceptance, it also gives us a label of identification to wear.

Pharmaceutical companies do not care about you. Here, let me say it again. Pharmaceutical companies DO NOT care about you. They care about their own bottom line and purchasing that private jet they have been salivating for.

Harsh? Damn straight it’s harsh. But I believe it to be the truth. Not only do they create wonder pills to make you better, they also make sure you need them.
How do you get a customer for life? Make them sick! Spray our food with pesticides and growth hormones, process the ever living shit out of just about everything we eat, put fluoride in our water to wreak even more havoc, and wala!… a customer for life!

The flu shot carries so much mercury, that it increases Alzheimer’s risks substantially. Not to mention, they have made this shot free. You then get Alzheimer’s and Big Pharma has a customer for life. See how that works?

Monsanto and other companies spray our food with GMOs and pesticides by the drum… even surpassing what is deemed ‘necessary’. Making us sick, which then big pharma has a customer for life.

There are more infant mortality rates in this country than most other countries, but yet, we are not aware of this. Instead we argue about abortion.

Are menopausal women really supposed to rely on medications for the rest of their lives just to feel somewhat better? I would think that the Creator knew what he/she was doing – the human body was made to adjust naturally to this phase of life.

There are more deaths in America due to legal medications and properly taking them, due to the side-affects – than all other deaths put together. Did you know that? More deaths due to taking a medication as prescribed, due to the side-affects!

I think we can now relate to how cattle must feel. Herd us up, put us in pins, experiment with us to any degree, feed us foods that are not intended for us, inject us with hormones, inject us with antibiotics, to then be taken to the slaughterhouses.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a believer in face value, mindless dribble anymore. And it seems that is what we are being force fed on a regular basis. Say it enough times, and you will have a believer. We have been hypnotized by people who do not have our best interests at heart.

Monsanto is so tightly linked with the FDA, and the FDA with Government that it would be almost comical, if it were not for how many people are suffering due to this sick truth. One hand is operating all these puppets. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of watching a puppet show of fake stories… I want to see who these Puppet Masters really are and get to the bottom of what is really going on.

Am I a conspiracy theorist? No, I researched… it is out there. Sad thing is this; none of these groups even try to hide it. They just word it in a nice way and wrap a pretty bow around it, and sadly… far too many of us believe they have our backs.



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Posted on 13 June 2013 by Valkyrie

fat - blinkingblogsLet’s face it; America is obsessed with it – low-fat, nonfat, 2%, skim, etc. If we are so dialed in on fat and what it is, then why is America becoming fatter by the day?

We have been misinformed. We have been told that fat is the enemy. Remember this?… “Once on the lips, forever on the hips”- in essence, that can deem as being true, however… fat is not always the culprit in adding on those extra inches every year.

Let’s break it down. There two main types of fat. So many of them are the good guys (which fall under one main category), but sadly, western fad-diets have given the word a very bad and displeasing reputation. We run from the word “fat” just as fast as a swimmer scurries about in the ocean after hearing, “Shark!”

So many fats actually help melt away that stubborn fat that resides on your love handles, tummy, thighs, or bottom. True! Also, the good fats are the very fats needed for increasing HDL (good cholesterol), decreasing cardiovascular risks, delivering higher levels of energy, providing better vitamin absorption, and maintaining strong cell structure.

Keep in mind, when discussing the topic of fat, I am not referring to the edging of fat on that pink prime rib, or the fat in the au jus that you will be dipping it in. Nor, the fat that drips off that meat patty while you are BBQ’ing, only to make the flames below ignite higher. Not even the fat from the bacon that sizzles away in the skillet, only hours later to solidify into a white waxy substance that is so hard to get rid of.

Those all fall under the Saturated Fat category. I refer to them as the Villains. The highest percentage of saturated fat comes from animals and animal by-products – steak, chicken, pork, milk, butter, cream cheese, yogurt, etc. And it is all too apparent that these foods make up the highest percentage of foods that Americans consume on a regular basis. These ‘bad’ fats lead to all kinds of chronic issues, such as – weight gain, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure and even some cancers.

The fats I refer to as the Heroes are the other kind, Unsaturated Fats. These healthy wonders all fall under the plant kingdom – fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, etc. These are the fats that deliver so many healthful benefits to the human body.

The less the food is processed, the better the fat is for you. So, do you choose the roasted honey-dipped cashews glazed in sugar by the handful? Or, do you opt for the raw cashews that have minimal processing? The latter is definitely the answer.

Fats in avocados, nuts, seeds, and even some vegetable oils are where the gold mine is at. Watching what you eat? Want to shed a few pounds? Forgo the beef patty on that bun and instead opt for the avocado with the same exact extras… lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. Resulting in a healthier sandwich that will deliver a lot more nutrients than that carcinogen, saturated fat filled beef patty. Not to mention, you won’t feel so weighed down after. As for your burning question of, “But where do I get my protein?”… Relax, you will be just fine, Americans consume far too much protein as it is. It is only one sandwich. Not to mention, that is a whole other topic altogether.

Keep it simple every time fat is a concern for you. Remember this, the more processed it is, the worse it will be. Think basics – let’s go back to how our grandparents ate. If the packaging is neon in color and flashing advertisements about its nutritional content and value, I’d bet my first born it is high in saturated fat (amongst other dreadful things) and not good for you. Avoid these like the plague.

So please, do me a favor… embrace those avocados, those beautiful raw nuts, grains in their ‘whole’ form, all while limiting those bad fats – and watch what happens. I am not promoting over indulgence with any sort of these great foods either, as our fat consumption with Unsaturated Fats should not exceed 30% of total calories per day… but hey, that’s far better than the Saturated Fat intake, which is not to exceed 7% of total calories per day.

Remember, fat is not the enemy here… it is the world of processed, processed, processed that has robbed us of our vitality and god given curves and strong statures. We were not intended to feel deprivation on a daily basis to fit into that damned swim suit for summer, people! We were intended to stick closely to how food actually was meant to be… in its whole form.

Now, go eat an avocado, feel NO guilt, and best yet… enjoy!





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Innocence and Truth

Posted on 31 May 2013 by Valkyrie

20130530_173726Daniel is a young man that I have been honored to get to know over the last several weeks. He frequents the coffee shop that I do. I am there 2 nights a week for an hour, as my sons practice Martial Arts a few buildings down. I see Daniel on Thursdays.

Thursday, at this particular coffee shop, is open mic night – Daniel is always there, eager to make new friends and is excitedly impatient, waiting for that moment to arrive when he gets to stand up on stage and be a performing comedian, or share with the audience his latest writings. You will usually see him sitting down at a table rehearsing his material, or making his rounds with familiar faces and even new faces that come in. He is a breath of fresh air. Not a shy bone in his body.

At first seeing Daniel, it is apparent he has a handicap. He is slow in his speech and unstable in his physical movements. I assumed it was Cerebral Palsy.

Yesterday afternoon, after ordering my Latte and finding a table outside with the sun hitting my back, I sat by myself – spending the moments enjoying the sights and people watching. I will admit, I was a bit bored. Then, I see the door swing open and Daniel steps out, walking directly to me, as if that was his mission. When he gets to my table, he asks if he can sit down. I agree, happily. He sits and tells me his name; I tell him my name, extending my hand for a handshake… with me making the comment that his hands were ice cold. He says it was due to his iced tea that he was holding as he sets it on our table.

I begin asking Daniel if he is going to perform his comedy tonight. He states he is, and then asks politely if he can read me his material. I oblige, so he pulls out his pocket notebook and flips through the pages finding what it is he wrote that day, to perform at open mic night.

As he begins reading me his written words from his notebook, something happens in me. I soften. I realize that what he is reading isn’t comedy at all, rather the most beautiful poetry I have probably ever heard. His material is right up there with the Greats. He continues to flip through the pages and reads to me, more and more of his writings. I am mesmerized by this young man’s talent and willingness to be so open and share so much of himself. I was very moved.

After he finishes reading to me, we begin to have the most wonderful conversation. I am known in my circles for asking lots and lots of questions, as I am inquisitive by nature. Not in a nosey fashion, by any means… rather, that of pure interest in another person’s experiences. Besides, how often are we graced with getting to sit across from another and connect and have conversation where questions are welcomed and answers are anticipated? These are my favorite times.

Daniel gifted me that – conversation with no barriers or walls. He welcomed my questions and I waited for his answers. It was at this moment where he warned me he was a Glory Hog. So it worked for us… him wanting attention, and me asking my pressing questions of interest.

In this process, this is what I found out about my new dear friend – enjoy getting to know Daniel… I surely did:

Daniel is 25 years old. He was riding his bike home after school one day when he was 7 years old, with his sister, who was 12. He was hit by a car, knocking him to the ground so hard, that his head hit first. This left his life in peril and him remaining in a coma for 6 months with major head trauma.

When he awoke from his coma, he was diagnosed with having Cerebral Palsy on the left side of his brain, and traumatic injury on the right side of his brain. Daniel would never be the same. He shared with me yesterday that he still is not done healing and is getting stronger every day. He also suffers severely from headaches… hence, him being at the coffee shop so frequently. He says caffeine helps with the pain. The Owner at the coffee shop has also hired him to be a Sign Waver at a nearby corner. He states he LOVES his job.

I continued to delve into the mind of Daniel, as he so graciously allowed me… with him offering up that his parents are no longer around due to alcoholism. His father died quite a few years ago due to the disease. He stated that his mom and dad met at an AA Meeting, then shortly after meeting, got married. He did not state where his mother is today, but concluded she wasn’t there for him growing up. He is very close with his sister and loves his niece and nephew.

He lives with roommates at an establishment that helps adults with brain injuries be as independent as they can be. His mode of transportation is the Transit and his two feet – to which he read me a poem about how often he needs to buy shoes. I will admit, it was comedic. He had me delightfully laughing due to the subject matter and the picture he painted with his words… a heap pile of shoes getting higher and higher in his bedroom.

I asked Daniel if he had a girlfriend and he eagerly states, “YESSSSSSS!” But then his face changed a bit to sadness as he shared with me that his relationship is long distance. He states they text all the time and have met only once. She only lives 3 cities out from where he and I reside, but for him, it feels very far – being subject to Public Transit schedules, etc. I asked him if she was pretty, there was a long pause. I thought his answer was going to be ‘No’, seeing as it took him awhile to answer and the expression on his face, but this wasn’t the case at all. He said he couldn’t summon the words to describe her, continuing to say she has the ‘shiniest soul he has ever seen’.

He continued to share with me that he is a flirt. He told me to brace myself because he was going to start flirting with me. He says, “Ready?” And then it started… his poetic words of what he saw in me. I will not give further detail as to what he shared with me… those are for me to cherish and not to publicly gloat in the things he made me recognize in myself.

Daniel admitted to me that he gets sad sometimes seeing that people are always so blind to experiences and always so rushed. He stated that even though he is slow in his movements and his speech, he is somewhat grateful because it has caused him to slow down and see the beauty in everybody and everything. His answer made me well up with tears. I could not have agreed any more with Daniel on his observation.

I felt a pull at my gut to speak my truth to Daniel as our conversation deepened, as I felt free to do so. Sadly, so many times… humans ignore that feeling to express our true hearts content and we let that special moment be lost forever. Daniel taught me in that moment, to appreciate moments like these, even more so, than I already do – so, I said exactly what I wanted to say to this Dear Soul sitting across from me. I shared with Daniel that he was, and is, the definition of Truth. I told him that he gifts others the ability to settle down for a moment and live in the moment. I told him that being in his company makes you want to never have that moment end, as it is such a true and beautiful place to reside.

Daniel shared with me earlier in our conversation that he realizes he is not ‘whole’ like most people are. But after spending 60 minutes with this young man, and being graced enough to walk in his shoes for a spell, I had to express to him that I think he is one of the most ‘whole’ human beings I have ever spoken with. I shared with him that he understands life better than most of us do, and that he lives courageously with no fear and no boundaries.

Our conversation ended when it was time for him to prepare to be on stage, and for me to get my kids from practice. We stood up and he offered me a handshake… I told him I would not settle for such a gesture and asked for a hug instead. He smiled at my bravery. His hug was as true as his words.

Daniel will never be forgotten in my life, and I now know that Thursdays will be my lucky day if I get to open the doors to that Coffee Shop, run into my new friend, and pick up where we left off…

Thank you Daniel, for the gift of You –



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Architecture in America

Posted on 17 May 2013 by Valkyrie

architecture in americaIt seems that America lacks architecture of any appeal to a large degree these days. I am not well traveled, and will not claim that I am. However, decorating and studying design has been a passion of mine for many years and I have grown quite fond of architecture from other regions. What I have come to discover in my studying process and noticing of America’s buildings, sky-rises, etc., is that the very concept of true design and architecture has been lost.

Competition seems to have all but taken over. Look to the cities for this prime example – the sky-lines. Every sky-scraper being built seems to want to achieve the winning gold medal for the tallest building in America. I never equated height with architecture (perhaps it is for the mere challenge), but – I am female and I would rather search for beauty, and I think other females would as well. I don’t mean to sound so blunt here (okay – maybe I do), but doesn’t it almost seem that these large sky-scrapers are trying to copycat erect penises? It’s almost as if it is a war of the egos and we are back on the playground with these architects and designers of these monstrosities while they chant, “Neener neener neener… my building is taller than yours!” Viagra anyone?

America is full of masculine architecture. Don’t get me wrong, I love masculinity to the nth degree… in a man though, not necessarily in a building or structure. I heard a philosopher once say that everything in nature is soft and has movement; there are no hard angles and lines. He is spot on. Then man comes along and tries to put everything in a hard-lined, sharp-edged, make-it-fit box. Seems we’ve done quite well at it too.

The modern built house these days is so unoriginal it just about makes me throw up in my mouth. We now have cookie-cutter, tract homes – where every third house is exactly the same as your own, to the left AND to the right. Albeit, there may be a slight change in color – just a different shade of tan, or off-white.

What happened to the styles and originality back in the day? Granted I did not live back in ‘the day’ (whenever that was exactly, as when we age and get maturity behind us… we all think we indeed lived back in ‘the day’). I am referring to the homes that had class, character, and charm. The Bungalow, the Craftsman, the Tudor, the Spanish style… why have we deviated from these beauties? Those homes had personality and told a story. Nowadays, it’s the stucco dream with drywall interior and bull-nosed corners, and if you pay the hefty upgrade price, you may get crown moulding and coffered ceilings… snooze.

I appreciate that drywall prevents fires from spreading as rapidly and that the tract home was in full swing and needed after the end of World War II, but still… I miss femininity in our architecture. Yes, some older and historic cities and neighborhoods still carry this type of style and grace in this country, to which I fully appreciate and cling to when I see it. But, I believe that needs to still carry on in our buildings today.

If you look at our hillsides littered in unoriginal homes, your eyes want to glaze over while scanning – never noticing anything visually enticing that you want to stop and linger at. Now, if you look at the hillsides of Italy, Spain, or Brazil… man oh man, visual delights – color! America is so afraid of color. What is wrong with the quenching colors of Cobalt Blue on a Mediterranean home, the Orangey Brown Adobe on a Spanish style, and the Chocolate Brown with Dark Green trim on the Craftsman, or the Slate Gray with a Red front door on the Tudor? What is wrong with color? Since when has America toned down and gotten so downright boring and wanted to all blend in with the other so badly? We have become camouflaged amongst ourselves… driving down our suburban streets not even recognizing our own home until the act of our garage door opening tips us off. Don’t even get me started on the one proverbial tree in the front yard concept and only two in the backyard nonsense. We, as a country, have become so rigid in our way of expressing and being individualistic.

Architecture in America is sadly a lost art, skill, and talent when it comes to displaying beauty and character. We are a country of erect sky-scrapers, flat strip malls, rectangular super malls, and boring cookie-cutter homes. I think if Frank Lloyd Wright were alive today, he would just shake his head. Now there’s a man that new what to do with angles and hard lines.



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Me and Caffeine

Posted on 15 May 2013 by Valkyrie

caffeine article - blinkinblogsI can’t do caffeine. Like ever. Never ever. Caffeine, to me – is comparable to speed to a junkie. The difference being that I don’t seek it out. I also love Starbucks, and get my coffee fix a few times a week – decaf only. Nothing like an Iced Grande Vanilla Soy Latte with only 1 ½ pumps Vanilla (say that three times fast).

I shall warn you – this article is written while I am currently hopped up on that drug, Caffeine! Hold on and enjoy the ride folks. I’m hoping my fingers can keep up with my manic drug induced thoughts long enough to string together sentences that make sense, as well as convey what it is I am even trying to say.

I was having a shit day… it went from bad to worse real quick. Decided to get my dirty car detailed before I had to get my kids from school. All smooth right? Yes, thus far… was trying to be easy on myself and was doing a pretty good job until I had a few minutes to spare before the final bell rang releasing my kids from school. So, I stopped by my beloved Starbucks and decided to get the above mentioned beverage of choice, as today is an ‘iced’ drink weather kind of day.

It is habit for me to repeat to the Barista time and time again after placing my narcissistic self-identifying order, “It IS decaf, correct? It IS decaf, correct?” As I know the detriment to me and those around me if it is not. Well, I was rather consumed in my thoughts as to my shit day, that I forgot to double and triple check that my drink is indeed decaf. Also, the Barista is new and probably was so in awe of my natural beauty that he failed to check that box on the cup that states ‘decaf’. I trusted. Shame on me for doing so. I grabbed my drink on the counter after my name was called and happily put my green trademarked straw in the lid, hoping for some kind of soothing as to my shit day.

While sipping my delicious concoction, I noticed it had a different taste to it. Chalking it up to my senses being heightened to my bad mood… I continued on sipping and enjoying as I drove to get the kiddos from the treacherous parent pick up line at school.

When done, and making that final empty sucking sound from the straw to remind me that indeed the beverage is gone, I placed the cup down in the cup holder of my newly detailed car. And it hits me… like the sound of a horror movie right before the Innocent is about to be brutally murdered… ‘Reet Reet Reet!’… my eyes do a double take! What?! That Decaf box is not checked! It’s not marked! “Oooh Daaamn”, I say in slow motion, as if the moment was purposely slowed down for this epically tragic event.

I now am acutely aware of what, I, and my loved ones are in for – for the remainder of the day. My shit day has just gotten worse. Caffeine is now pulsating through my veins like water through a fire hose. I am fucked. Every nerve will soon be in a rattle can. All I can do is brace myself. Oh shit, this is gonna suck. And it does suck.

My poor body is totally amped up with heart palpitations and all. My hands are shaking and I can only imagine what my blood pressure is, due to this harmful drug constricting my blood vessels like a boa constrictor choking its prey.

Sad part is? The day is still young and the caffeine journey has only just begun. My kids are home and are witness to their mad mama, and my husband will soon join in on my lunacy. Poor guys… innocent bystanders to my utter and uncontrollable madness.

It makes me feel like a Superhero and like a complete uncontrollable disaster at the same time. How’s that for Yin-Yang? I want to create, but lay down… I want to chat for hours, but stay silent… I want to take on the world, but do nothing… I want to draw, but use no sketching pencils… I want to crawl out of my skin, but hunker down even lower in this ride.

Oh well. Perhaps I will just go for a walk… as my husband and I do this frequently. But why walk when we can run?! Or, better yet… sprint! Or hey, let’s just go run a marathon… and maybe another! And another! And another! I’m off! Gotta go put on my running shoes….

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My Take on Veganism

Posted on 15 May 2013 by Valkyrie

I'm veganI’m a Vegan. Have been for over 3 years now. I am a dietary Vegan only. Meaning, I do not eat meat or anything that comes from an animal (milk, cheese, butter, cream, etc. – you get the idea). I still wear leather and love my shoes and purses. I love my lifestyle – however, in recent months, I have grown to hate the word ‘Vegan’ and all of its misconceptions surrounded by the lifestyle.

The word Vegan has almost given me a bitter taste in my mouth when I say it. There are all kinds of Vegans and we all abstain from meat and animal by-products for reasons that can span the globe. There are the ones, to who practice the lifestyle for animal rights, those that do it for health reasons, and those that run the gamut by putting all meat eaters in the same category and accusing them of global warming, animal cruelty, and best yet.. murder. This does not sit well with me. Veganism is almost its own subculture to where its own inner world of followers, compete amongst themselves.

I speak from experience. I joined a Vegan community – in hopes to get to know others in my city that I can learn from and we can share things in common, in a productive fashion. This group happened to be having a vegan potluck for all the members. I drug my family with me, and brought my famous Vegan Lasagna. What I tragically and quickly noticed was that everybody to some degree was a right fighter. We all had our own spiel of ideals that we were trying to cast on to the others and make them see our point of things, because after all, we are right! I zeroed in on an individual that clearly needed to take the stage. Consumed all the oxygen in the group and was ever so eager that we all shut up and listen to his thoughts on why oils are bad, why organic is clearly better, why he only eats the same thing for dinner every night – never changing it up, and finally – why his coffee table cannot be moved ½ an inch, or else! He may have been on a dietary tirade of sorts, but all I recognized was an extreme case of OCD. I think what he really needed was some serious counseling and a bitch slap.

My whole observation I made that day, and the point I am trying to make here, is this – why is it, in so many groups, subcultures, communities… whatever you wish to call them, is there so much damn judgment? Not only do Vegans find meat eaters to be the ones destroying the planet single handedly, but they then turn on their own ‘kind’ and judge beyond measure whether you are a ‘real’ vegan or not. Vegan – hate the word. I have now decided to tell people (only if asked), that my diet is a Plant Based Diet. The ascorbic sound of Vegan rolling across my tongue disgusts even me… and I am hard to disgust.  In closing, I think this… Vegans, and/or any other groups that render strong definition or a sense of belonging, need to leave the damned soap boxes at home. The picnic that day would have been so much more pleasant if we sat our homemade dishes down on the table, partook of the great food, and shut the hell up.  After all, isn’t that what togetherness should be?



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Scanjack – Farewell to a Friend

Posted on 10 May 2013 by Thraxxus

Speechless_DeluxeYou may have noticed, if you ever actually come to Blinkinblogs, that we have been absent for a few months. Babadave was nice enough to kick out a post, which we always appreciate, but beyond that we have been totally incognito. You may have wondered what happened? Rhino’s glorious movie reviews – vanished. Thraxxus’ acerbic diatribe – seemingly lost forever in the nethervoid of tomorrow. And then there is Scanjack – he was on a roll; writings that rivaled some of the most paranoid delusions in the world – in the best of ways. Where did they go? Where did we go? Here is the answer.

Scanjack died.

It was an earth shattering  call to receive. My phone rang, the caller ID said that it was him. He never calls my home, and if he had it would not have said his name on it. Scanjack did things that way. Thus the ID could only mean one thing – his wife was calling my home for the very first time, ever. I knew what the topic was before I answered. A feeling of dread over took me, I grabbed the counter to steady myself, and answered.

“Is this….?” she said, softly.

“Yes. It is.” I replied.

“He… he’s dead. He told me that if anything every happened to him to call you. So I have.”

How do you tell someone that you are sorry for their loss and have it help them in any fashion? I have always found the words to be almost entirely pointless. “I am so sorry.” For what? My loss? Gee, thanks. I am not being my usual cantankerous self here, trust me. No, in fact, I am merely pointing out that our language appears to lack the capability of expressing true sorrow for someone, anyone, who has lost something so dear to them. Thank god it wasn’t her son.

“What happened?” I asked. I had first thought of asking her if she was okay, but again, what a stupid question to ask someone who just lost their life partner. It has never felt right, and never will. Again, loss for the real words.

“He had a heart attack. Massive. Died instantly.” Well at least there is that, right?

Scanjack was a genius, to say the least. He loved to delve into the macabre nature of our reality. He was a retired hacker who once lead an entire group of hackers who were bent on information gathering that those in the know didn’t want normal people to know about. Was it Anonymous? I have no idea, but I would not have been surprised if it had been. Some people liked to label Scanjack as a Conspiracy Theorist – he wasn’t a fan of the term –  a description that was a warning to anyone – don’t listen to this person. I ignored the warnings, the words. Instead I chose to listen, and in doing so I can say, without reservation, that my mind was opened even further to possibility. Was he always right? Doubtful. Who is, anyway? Did he supply facts to support his ideas? Yes, and they were disturbing.

I keep going back to how he died. The details are a bit daunting, and if Scanjack were the one writing this piece about, for example, me, I am fairly certain he would have a theory on the matter. Thus, in the spirit of my departed friend, I will supply you, the reader, with some facts, and you can come up with your own theory.

  1. Scanjack loved gathering information about things that many people didn’t want known.
  2. Scanjack’s son had recently been taken from him and his wife by a doctor for reasons not supplied. They were fighting to get him back. Their son? 23 years old and heavily disabled.
  3. Scanjack had run a website dedicated to hacking. That website, reportedly, also had posts regarding data that was found, or obtained, by its members.
  4. Two week prior to his death he called me and told me, “We need to do lunch, asap. We need to talk.” That was the last time we spoke.
  5. He had a heart attack. Odd? Not really, unless you consider the following: 42 years old. Never complained about health issues. Saw the doctor frequently. Never had a heart attack before that he spoke of. Maybe he had and just never talked about it? But, not likely.
  6. His heart attack happened while he was in his car, parked, in the parking lot of a hospital – the hospital that had taken his son. He was there to see his son and try to get him released again.
  7. The reason for death was announced rather quickly. My understanding was there was no autopsy.
  8. He was disposed of within a few days – three I believe, two of which were the weekend. If you have ever had to deal with this process then you know, that is FAST.

I won’t draw my own conclusions here. At present, I am not even sure I have any. If it were Scanjack that was writing this he would say something like “It sure smells fishy here in beef town.”

All I really know is this: Blinkinblogs lost a writer who was passionate about his trade, and more about the rights and freedoms of humanity. If anything, he was the consumate humanitarian. For me? I lost someone I counted as a friend – and I have never had many of those.

Good luck and godspeed Scanjack, wherever you are. Save me a spot – we can talk about this nightmare of a ride we all called life when we meet up, and hopefully, laugh about how absurd it all really was.

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East VS West

Posted on 21 October 2012 by Thraxxus

In Western culture, which is in effect anything west of Asia, including Europe and the USA, but not so much South America, we have become a pharmaceutical people. No matter the ailment some Pharm Corporation is trying like mad to develop a lab grown drug to “help” you. It turns out that there are few things that most people don’t actually know:

  1. European, especially France, medicine is far superior to American medicine. Far Superior.
  2. The European health system is better than the American counterpart.
  3. Europeans are healthier people that Americans – and consequently live longer.
  4. Europe has medicines that the USA doesn’t have, and won’t allow. There are loads of conspiracy theories wrapped around this issue.
  5. Europe has medical procedures that the USA won’t allow – again more conspiracy theories here.

So right off we see that all Western Medicine is not created equally, some are better than others, and in some cases you can’t get the things you need ins some cultures. Why then group these together into a category called Western Medicine at all? What the hell does that term even mean? According to the Macmillan dictionary it means the following:

“The type of medical treatment that is the most popular in North America and Western European countries, based on the use of drugs and surgery to treat symptoms (=signs of illness). In such countries, other types of medical treatment are called alternative medicine or complementary medicine.”

So really it is the concept that medicine is something for labs and hospitals, nothing and nowhere else. Seems a bit limiting.

Eastern Medicine, it turns out, isn’t a term that is actually used. Instead there is Western Medicine and then there is pretty much everywhere else. Some people like to refer to non Western Medicine as Chinese Medicine, but that is not entirely accurate. As Western Medicine focuses on the usage of technological wonders and pharmaceuticals Chinese Medicine focuses on natural remedies, eating right, and living peacefully. The question is: Why does the West frown on Chinese Medicine then?

The basis of Chinese Medicine is that one must have self control. They must have self reflection. A follower of that world must be willing to change themselves for success – for life. Chinese Medicine is very spiritual – the followers believe in nature, self reflection and nutrition. I am not sure why the West thinks so badly of these things – especially big business. Let us ponder that for a moment. If you can focus on nutrition, relaxation, core values, and self reflection and be healthy what would you need big Pharm for? Not much.

This leads us to the final thought: Why are natural substances illegal in the United States and more potent, and arguably more dangerous, drugs made by big Pharm totally legal? Does this seem odd to you?

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The Salad Problem

Posted on 01 April 2012 by Thraxxus

Americans, maybe other people too, are always looking for easy ways to lose weight and be healthy. In fact, there are entire industries based on this fact: Gyms, Taibo, Erotic Dance training (btw these are all not easy) and of course a whole series of weight loss drugs (the easy, and oddly enough most dangerous, option). Exercise and eating right are really the only right way to do things. In my opinion, using weight loss drugs are the easy way out that typically have a way of killing people. There are loads of cases for this – drugs that people consume at an alarming rate that were never actually verified by the FDA (still not sure how they can even sell them without being verified, but then I am no lawyer).

Let us discuss, for a spell, eating right. I could go on and on about working out, what is better, blah blah, when it really comes down to a personal choice anyway. What do you like to do that is exercise based? Walking, running, water polo – who cares really. With food it is a different story – there is healthy and unhealthy, period. People love to lie to themselves, but the fact of the matter is that fried foods really aren’t all that good for you. Too much sugar? Bad for you. Too much bread? Catastrophic. What about salad? It is the healthy choice right?

Here is the thing about salad, in America anyway: Salad is almost never healthy. See Americans love to lie to themselves. It is true, and most of the rest of the world knows this simply by just looking at pictures of Americans – most of them are fat. Why? Salads in America start good and healthy and end up a delivery mechanism for the most fattening foods that people can think up.  Start with a series of green vegetables, typically leafy, then throw on some more brightly colored vegetables. Everyone at this point thinks you are a borderline health genius for your creation. Do you stop there?

NO. You start to throw on a series of crap that most doctors tell you are lethal. Hard boiled eggs, nine types of cheese, dressings that are made out of even more dairy products, bacon, more bacon, chopped ham, chicken, beef in steak form, more bacon, blue cheese crumbles, and of course, croutons. You lie to yourself that you aren’t eating bread, dismissing of course that croutons are actually made of bread. Who knew right? Yeah.

Thing is, if you didn’t do all that, you would be left with a plate of vegetables. Not much wrong with that beyond the fact that 20 minutes after eating them all you’d be starving again. Therein lies the trap of not eating meat – and thus the issue of being a vegetarian – eating just vegetables means that chances are you are used to being hungry. Guy that stuffs his gullet with a triple bacon cheeseburger and fries? Yeah, he is stuffed for hours. “Couldn’t eat another bite!” You hear him say. You? Vegetarian person? Person who just ate an entire field of greens covered in other vegetables? Yeah, RAVISHED. You could tackle and eat anything.

So non stop cycle of starvation feeling, or adding loads of meat by products to feel full. I know what you are going to do – and so do you – fatty.

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The Skeptic Trap

Posted on 07 March 2012 by Thraxxus

I had an epiphany a while back about being a skeptic and what that really means. I can’t recall, in my old age, if I shared that epiphany or not so I decided to again here. Without further ado – The Skeptic Trap (btw I am a card carrying skeptic).


The thing about being a skeptic is the first thing you do when presented with something is to question its validity. Note this is not actually the same thing as the scientific method being applied, albeit we’d hope that it is. No, a skeptic’s first approach is to doubt anything and everything – in effect it is not true until it is proven true. Therein lies the trap.

What proof does a skeptic need to actually believe in something? Consider Christianity for a moment. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of god, that he died for our sins, blah blah. Skeptics believe that he is not the son of god, and most believe that chances are there was never a Jesus to begin with. Fair enough, considering there is no body, no proof no nadda. In effect that is the cornerstone to the argument presented by Skeptics – Prove it.
The trap in that scenario is this: what would proof all that Jesus business? Say some guy with a beard, in a cloak, with sandals walked on water and turned that water upon which he was walking into wine. Is that proof? Chances are, no. The skeptic would attempt to find a scientific reason for this. Surely this man is doing a trick? Perhaps he has invented science that we know nothing of. Anything but admitting that the dude standing there is actually Jesus.
So in effect the very logic that skeptics use to debunk everything also creates a trap as most skeptics, me included, truly have no idea what would be “proof” of the things that we scoff at.
Think about it. Think about stuff that you have gone “PSHEAH!” at. Then ask yourself, what proof would make me believe?
Congrats. You, like me brother, are trapped.

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Opportunity Lost

Posted on 30 January 2012 by Thraxxus

Today I attended a funeral. I can’t say that I enjoy funerals, frankly I don’t know anyone who truly does – given the subject matter is deeply saddening. I have been to funerals in the past and it is that subject that is the topic of discussion here. My own mother passed away in 2001 – having lived just long enough to witness the terrible act of the Two Towers falling in New York. Prior to her passing she gave to me a bit of advice that has to do with the subject of death, both I hold dear to this day:

  1. Funerals are for the living. They are an opportunity for those left behind to get together to pay respect to the deceased as well as pull together to mourn. As mom put it, the deceased are already gone – and thus those in attendance to such a gathering are the ones that need it.
  2. “Do not have a wake, a funeral or anything else even slightly depressing in my honor. When I go, and you feel the need to think of me, or talk about me in anyway, I want you to discuss happy things. Something I did that made you smile, or happy – not something sad. If you get together and have a sad event for me I shall haunt you – so throw a party! Talk about your crazy mom with jovial stories – raise a toast to me – but do not sit around and be sad – it will do you no good.”

In short, she was right. The funeral thing, like the one I attended today, is actually missed by most who attend one.  Many people go to a funeral for the person who died, not for themselves. This is tragic. Again, the deceased is gone and with any luck they made peace with you before they left. The reason that you are there is for you and those also in attendance. The most important thing at a funeral is the part that most people dismiss – I even discussed this with the Pastor today: There is a part where the Pastor, or whomever is presiding over the event, asks those in attendance if anyone would like to come forward and discuss the deceased. At the funeral today one person did – one person out of all of those there – I was not that person either. I don’t say this to chastise those in attendance today, only to illuminate with example.

Why is that important to note? Tragically in the USA, for some reason, we have managed as a society to stifle our sadness, our emotions and in most cases our sharing of those things that we all have in common. I know that there were many in attendance just today who were not only sad but also felt that they were made a better person by the deceased. The catch is only one person felt compelled to say as much. Why? Long ago a man died, Bob, whom I looked at much like a second father to me. He was a saint. I truly loved the man for who he was. He was my friend’s father and just an incredible guy. I was given the opportunity then to speak at his funeral, to say one last bit of dialogue, maybe he’d hear it – who knows really. I passed on the opportunity because, to be frank, it just felt weird – standing there in front of a couple hundred people bearing my soul regarding the man I cared for as a father. Think about that – why is that so wrong? What is wrong with us? I will always regret not having said what I felt – and no, it wasn’t for Bob, it was for me. I loved him. Everyone there loved him. The primary thing about Bob that hadn’t been said, and needed to be said, was simply this: Bob was a cool guy – and it remained unsaid.

Today I was at Helen’s funeral – she lived to 92. Helen was breathtaking. I mean that. There are few people in my life that I have met that actually amazed me – that I was in awe of – Helen was one. Helen was a great mother, not only to her own children, but to so many others that she didn’t owe anything to – she just cared for them. She loved them, and showed love for them as any amazing mother would for her children. Helen was also an incredible wife. She and her husband spent a long happy life together – in fact they set an example to so many others on how two people might do just that.

To me Helen was more than that. I was not related to her in any way. I would love to say that we were friends, but the truth is we barely knew each other – we attended the same family events, sure, ones where she was a borderline institution – the woman was famous for her cooking skills and sitting idly by watching her family enjoy her labors. I would watch Helen, I would say hello to her, I would occasionally kiss her head as if I was kissing my own grandmother’s head. I can honestly say I loved Helen as well – why? She was not my mother, nor my grandmother, and we were not old friends – but what she was, and always will be, is far more than that – an Inspiration.

We all need inspiration in our lives, and sadly, often times it is difficult to find. 92 year old Helen was just that, an Inspiration. She never once accepted the societal norm that some people do: old people are to be shelved until they pass on. It is sick – and Helen never once acted like she even knew that people did that. No, Helen lived her life the way people should – she sucked the marrow out of the bones of life to the end. At 92 years old she went bowling several times a week. 92 year olds aren’t supposed to go bowling are they? No they are supposed to just sit in chairs and nap right? Not according to Helen – no, she lived every day like it might be her last and still wanted to get in a little bit before it ended – even the day before she passed she was out doing errands and visiting people. Now that is living.

So to Helen, if I had a glass I would raise it, an Inspiration for us all. A woman who showed us how life should be lived – to its fullest. I am a better man having known you. God speed.

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Me and Drama Don’t Mingle

Posted on 18 January 2012 by Thraxxus

I am a guy. I know, sad right? Why is this important? Men are simple creatures, simple to the point of being ridiculous. I remember seeing this list of how to impress a woman – it has like 50 things on it, such as give her flowers, write her a card, blah blah. The male version says “Show up naked with beer.” Not totally accurate, but pretty close. What they were saying there is that men are simple creatures. They want to spread their seed, often to a fault. They want to be full of yummy food. They want to be left alone. That is about it. Think Grizzly Bear and you have basically summed up a male.

This does not mean that I am stupid or not interested in other things – it simply means that men are simple creatures. They are easily amused. They like the physical world. It isn’t that men don’t do existential, in fact they excel at it, but it almost never directly applies to them. Men think existentially about other people. What if humans did have a soul? Crap like that. What men, well most men, can’t stand is fruitless drama. We hate it. I hate it. I am using the word hate here. WE HATE IT. Along with drama comes anything that leads to drama, we hate that too. Like Gossip. Gossip sucks. Typically it is bullshit. In an office environment when I hear gossip I either ignore it entirely or, if it is about me, I go straight to whom supposedly said X about me and ask them. I also sight the source of this knowledge. “Mary said you think that I don’t bathe. Is that true?” Nobody talks to me about gossip anymore.

WARNING: Chauvinistic stuff to come!

Why do women seem to enjoy gossip and drama? I don’t get it. I understand that not all women do, but it seems like a majority do to me. In the past I have discussed how drama, in this life, has a tendency to find you, meaning you don’t have to go look for her. She is a cold calculating bitch who loves to show up in your life when it can have the worst possible impact. So why look for her? The bitch will be back with a vengeance soon enough. If your life is so boring get a hobby. Do not create drama. Do not talk crap about other people. Gossip is bad, and typically is based on a concept that humans seem to excel at above all other things: embellishment.

Example: Janet almost walks out of the ladies restroom with a single sheet of toilet paper attached to her foot. She notices it, takes it off, washes her hands and giggles to Jessica. Jessica hates Janet. Jessica goes and tells Michelle that Janet stepped in poop, wiped it off with her finger, and didn’t even wash it off.


Humans are ugly creatures. We have an amazing ability to create, and a greater ability to destroy. Even my two year old son likes to figure out how things work so that he can break them faster. Women seem to love to tear each other down. It is this constant dance of the sick and twisted that destroys a family or team. Take any situation, embellish, and tell as many people as you can by prefacing said dramatic story with “You didn’t hear this from me but…” and you are on the right track for drama. This has taken such a foot hold in younger people on the internet that now they are killing each other off and committing suicide. Think about that.

What is to be gained exactly? What do you get by spreading drama, lies, deceit, and horror? Are you really so empty, so filled with self loathing that you need to destroy another to feel good about your self – even for a little while?

Do yourself and everyone else a favor, for just a day, and try to not create drama. Furthermore if someone around you is trying to create drama, call them on it. See what happens. Report what happens back here.

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Feminism and the Disposable Male

Posted on 29 December 2011 by Thraxxus

I made a discovery last night, purely due to a friend sending me a link to a youtube video, that really took me for a ride into the surreal. While watching this video I found myself to be totally enthralled by not only the subject matter being discussed but also by the person delivering the message: Men are not Disposable. (Understand this – rarely do I want to meet anyone, and I want to meet her). This may seem like a rather odd subject to begin with to some as one might instantly conclude that men are not expendable as one could argue nobody is. The catch is that “GirlWritesWhat” (her blog is , the author of this piece, argues that society actually believes and acts contrary to that belief. Her delivery btw is not only articulate but borderline breathtaking in the way in which she makes a point and backs that point up with historical references. I know right? I believe her to be educated, probably more than me.

So why is this topic even worth discussion? One could quickly ascertain that the subject may very well be counter to what many Feminists believe – men are shit and get everything. The odd point of contention over the years has been the idea of equality – what “GirlWritesWhat” is stating, really, and what I have stated in the past, is that equality is a great thing if there is real equality. The catch is, and her video argues this point,  that this is not the actual case at all. In fact, according to her, men are, in a fashion, given the short end of the stick when it comes to equality – a point that would make most Feminists lose their god damned minds. I can hear the shrill sounds of chanting “BURN THE WITCH!” now.

How is it that there is not true equality? Moreover, what is the problem with the concept? Feminists seem to argue that they want equality, but the general observation is that they want equality only when it suits them. Which is really a point being argued in this video, in not so many words.

  1. During wartime, only men are drafted. Not equal.
  2. If a ship sinks, Women and children are saved first. Not Equal.
  3. A boy is expected to be tough, and thus is often time not nurtured, while a girl is protected. Not equal
  4. At birth a boy’s genitalia are hacked at. Not equal.
  5. Women can don men’s clothing and be called cute for it. Men donning women’s clothing are cross dressers. Not Equal.

The list goes on really. I believe that all things should be treated equal, if they are in fact equal. The catch here is that men and women aren’t actually equal. Men excel at some things over women as it is their nature to do so. Like killing stuff. Men are great at killing as men are wired to be hunter gatherers. Women excel at a veritable cornucopia of things over men, almost too many to list really. A major one being multitasking. Women are glorious at it. Why the difference between the two genders? Because they are meant to work together, their skills  are to be employed in a situation by situation basis. Meaning that dependent upon the situation at hand, equality may take a back seat to necessity driving the car.

For instance: A creature with claws and teeth has entered the home. Do you dispatch the 6 foot 2 inch tall 235 lb male to deal with said creature, or the 5 foot 2 inches tall 125 pound female?

For instance: There are 27 different things that are important tomorrow. Do you count on the man, who can think about basically one thing at a time, or the woman who can’t think about only one thing at a time?

These are both ridiculous scenarios, obviously, but they are meant to make a point: Men and women are not equal, but only because of the situation they are found in. Should a female miner be paid as much as a male miner? YES! If she can do the same work. This applies to all fields. If a woman can play Linebacker as good as a man in the NFL then YES she should be given a shot and be paid as such. Period. If there is a war, and the country needs to be defended, then YES both genders need to be called to action. Will they do they exact same job is the question?

That depends on the job. Watch the video. It may be the best 16 minutes you spend this year.

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Bargirls, sex in Thailand

Posted on 28 December 2011 by ~baba

Ok, kid gloves off. Thailand is a sex tourism country and you can get a girl for ‘short time’ for around 500 baht or all night for a thousand, that’s $17 to $35 US. Around the first of September I was in a bar here in Nong Khai and was talking with two girls, one spoke English pretty well. She told me that the other girl had two children and needed Pampers, etc. I offered to buy them and she said the girl wanted to sleep with me too.

I’d always prided myself on never having paid for sex but this girl was beautiful and needed help, I said ok and paid a 200 baht ‘bar fine’ for taking the girl out of the place and gave her 500 baht for the sex, less that $25 altogether including a drink I had in the bar. She was grateful and said to come get her whenever I wanted. A couple of days later I was attacked by two men with swords and was lucky to have lived through it. I was in a Thai hospital for two days wearing the same pjs that I had been operated in(brain surgery to remove bone fragments)and this girl came in and started caring for me. I was in the hospital eight days and she came in and bathed me, changed the sheets, my pjs, brought me food(coffee, can’t live without it) and anything I needed. If I fell asleep she was there when I awoke. I was amazed, these girls we call whores, prostitutes, we lie to, tell them we want to marry them, take them on trips to exotic places… for the most part they’re very good people and have been treated like something disposable.

Almost every girl I dated till I came to Nong Khai wanted something at the end of the night even if it wasn’t discussed beforehand and 200 baht or $7 US will usually cover it. Age is not an issue here, disability, looks, they accept you as you are. Falang is the term they use for us, it’s not derogatory in any way either, most of the girls want to have a ‘falang baby’ and it’s a status for alot of them. I’ve been asked to marry by a dozen beautiful women in Thailand and Laos and it hurts to say no to someone who wants you and will care for you. I have one friend who is pregnant by me now, that’s what she wanted though I didn’t know that was one of the reasons she dated me. Since I’ve been in Nong Khai and have added many of the local girls to my Facebook friends list and I’ve had several girls come meet me and want to come home with me and not want money, these girls pride themselves in not taking money but don’t look down on the others.

I’m living with a girl now who ‘approves’ who I date and gets furious if I stray from her suggestions. If I seem antsy to her she’ll say ‘you need go Nong Khai and boom boom?’ and she’s ok with it. My neighbor introduces me to single, available girls weekly or more often and we’ve talked about the possibilities of us getting together, she’s pregnant, the guy’s out of the picture, I’m 64 and still having some problems because of my head injury, we may work it out. We’re planning to move to Chaing Mai next month and we care about each other, hope it works out. Guess I got off of the subject.

I pulled a photo off of the internet, a girl this pretty costs about $100 or 3000 baht for the whole night and there are about a dozen like this in this town. In Bangkok there are a thousand. A warning: in Bangkok AIDS is pretty prevalent, in smaller towns the girls may only go out a few times a week and that’s less than the average waitress in some bars in the US. Use protection and don’t go home by way of a dark alley………baba

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Christmas Shmistmas

Posted on 27 December 2011 by Thraxxus

People Suck. The entire generation needs to be destroyed. Seriously people – this is what America has become – and we can’t figure out why the rest of the world hates us? Hint: it is not just our government.

You need to zoom into the image to read it. Make sure you haven’t eaten recently – it will make you want to vomit.

Notice: I put this image in our Health and Biology category – because frankly, this isn’t very healthy.

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