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Posted on 30 March 2017 by ~baba

There is an EVIL nest of vipers in the White House, they are destroying our clean air and clean water programs, it’s legal now to dump toxic coal ash into clean running water, poisonous mining sludge too, into our clean drinking water. They are letting coal and oil burn at an increasing rate and will poison the air too. They are Republicans and tried to pass a bill that would give millions of dollars to the wealthy and corporations and to take away most of the medical coverage the Affordable Care Act is now providing to millions of Americans.

They are also are trying to pass a budget that stops the arts, public broadcasting, veterans assistance, eldercare, preschool, meals on wheels for older people and disabled, as well as veterans, stop food stamps, WIC program providing nutrition to families with children, Aid to Dependent Children, housing, and many other social programs. This EVIL nest of vipers was brought into power with billions of dollars from Russia, the Russian intelligence services and American traitors now in high government positions. We must stop all of this or America won’t be worth living in anymore. Do something, call, write, protest, put a sign in your yard, wear a shirt protesting this. Don’t stop.
Be the resistance, be an American fighting injustice, fight for your country, don’t let this continue, RESIST


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