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Trumped by Trump

Posted on 10 January 2017 by Thraxxus

presidenttrumpLet us begin by conveying the fact that I despise Donald Trump. Truly. The creature is truly filth with legs. He is racist. He is sexist. He has even been accused of being a child rapist. To be frank, I would enjoy watching a badger fight a wolverine inside his anus over a territorial dispute. I digress.

Here is the truth people: Trump is being sworn in as the President of the United States. You can complain. You can go kicking and screaming. You can beat a bag of kittens with a bag of puppies. None of that will change the fact this mongrel is going to have his finger on the button, so to speak – and we let it happen. That is really a big part of the problem isn’t it? Complacency. We Americans are masters at being complacent – which is ironic given how this country was founded on the idea of being the exact opposite of taking the shit that the oligarchs were throwing down our throats and enjoying it. Instead, our forefathers opted to voice their challenges, and when ignored, took up arms to prevent tyranny.

We gave in to fear.

We gave into ignorance.

We gave into hatred.

We failed, miserably.

We know what we did, and we hate ourselves for it.

I didn’t vote for Trump. Hell, most of us didn’t, in the popular vote that is. So I could take the high road here and blame the twats that did vote for the shit bag – but really that is just more of the same – passing blame onto someone else instead of owning my own complacency. You see, I, like the rest of you, just sort of counted on the idea of Trump becoming President as being so obviously ludicrous that I assumed that logic would prevent the stupidity of contesting reality. I was wrong, just like you.

However, we deserve it. Don’t we? Consider what happened within the glorious confines of the Democratic Party – and no I am not referring to Obama. We can discuss him in another piece – one where I will discuss the disgusting hypocrisy that is the Republican Party – as well that the general two faced nature of American politics on the whole. Here, I am referring to the nightmare created by a sociopathic party line that took a free thinker in Bernie Sanders and torpedoed him with over exaggerations of Socialism, a clearly misunderstood concept by the populace in question, thanks again ignorance, with the intent of dismissing any hope of actual reform – trading the souls of the damned in our species for more of the same. A Corporatocracy.

And we accepted that – as if it was entirely okay. Who do we think we are? Pathetic.

So really, we can stand around and point fingers at the system, those who didn’t vote, the media.. blah blah.. or you can accept the fact that we, or more specifically you, are the problem. We the few, the uneducated, the ignorant, the cowardly, ┬áthe inept, the completely checked out. We are complacent – and it has cost us, at the least, the next four years. Accept it – or do something more – contest it all.

Or learn to goose step – it may be a requirement for our society soon enough.

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