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Paris Attacks and the GIGN

Posted on 08 January 2015 by guybehindtheguy

Guess the perps of yesterday’s attacks didn’t do their homework…

GIGN is one of the SOF units with real world experience against terrorism.
220px-LOGO-GIGNGIGN will commit forces to situations where the odds are insurmountably stacked against them. Not only this but Legion etrangere are a mercenary force like no other. We often make fun of France’s fate over the past world wars, Algeria, and Vietnam. True, their present record is abysmal. This is because commitment has always waned. If France goes all in…
To me there is a disconnect in all of this – where are the Islamist voices against these obvious religiously motivated attacks? Violence begets violence. The West has absolutely no problem killing in the name of freedom, so any violent attack against it will only lead to further violence against The Middle East and anywhere “Radical Islam” exists. Is history repeating itself? Are we in the midst of a modern crusade?
Consider this… When an oil well catches fire there are few methods by which such a fire can be extinguished… Each method employs an extreme amount of violence of action. Fire fighters (those we consider life savers are trained in the most prolific forms of passive aggression). Fighting fire with fire is used in more cases than just this. Could conclusions be drawn from this analogy?

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