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Fear Tactics

Posted on 24 July 2013 by Valkyrie

fearful-faceFear is everywhere, we are driven by it. It is the one emotion that drives most of our decisions and molds our lives. Stop long enough to deconstruct most choices we, as a western society makes, and it seems pretty apparent.

Fear is inevitable it seems – in case you haven’t mastered the emotion properly, we are made sure to feel and create it through viewing television, movies, news, commercials, etc.

As a kid I used to ask my parents over and over again why the news stations and newspapers always showed bad news. Horrific stories usually wrapped around war, greed, scandal, crime, etc. Why? Why weren’t these sources filled with positive, heroic, and/or inspirational stories? My parents never had answers for me.

As an adult, I am coming to the conclusion that we are being fed fear by Main Stream Media, Government, and other venues on purpose to keep us in line – “Fear! Terrorism! Enemies! Evil-doers!”- It is what we hear time and time again, every single day. Just like that of a leaky faucet – hear it long enough and you become entranced or hypnotized to the feeling of fear, not even realizing that we absorb it and make the feeling our own. So it seems, we then mold this manipulated fear and lash out with hate and wanting recompense for the agitation we feel inside, which sadly leads down ugly paths… even war, in my opinion. Fear it seems, makes followers.

However, fear can be a good thing – when not force fed and presented in a way to support an already manipulated agenda. And I do believe my above paragraph is a way to get us fearful to support such agendas. Fear keeps the masses obedient to the ‘super powers’ that we call Government or the others that are ‘in charge’, so to speak.

I think the only thing that we, as a society, should fear is what is in store for our own and most definitely, our children’s futures. Seems the very few ‘elite’ hold the reigns as to our destination as a country and it doesn’t seem like a very positive path. More war, more greed, more economic crisis’ is always looming, and it seems to grow at a far quicker pace as of late. Keep we, the people, afraid of what they are claiming to be truth – wrap it in more fear, and we all just go along with the program. Fear will do that; keep us from questioning our very own ‘elected’ as to the best intent for our country.

My wish is that this all-consuming and manipulated fear tactic turns into a public awakening and we turn said fear into strength and bravery to come together and fight for what really needs to be done, just like other countries do. Why doesn’t America rally together? If they do, like the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement or the ‘Millions Against Monsanto’ movement, they just seem to be highlighted as idiots to whom we are told and informed not to agree with. So the separation happens amongst ourselves and we then squabble over trite differences, while the higher ups get away with their real agendas. Fear and separation works wonders… Just look to our past.

Fear – it’s a dreadful feeling, seriously. But sadly, in this day and age it is the driving force of how this world that we live in operates. Manipulated fear is like wearing shackles and letting another person hold the key. Our fate is then in their hands and we have no say or control to the outcome, unless we stop being manipulated and break the fear cycle that blares at us daily. I admire other countries that rally together, and as a steadfast ‘oneness’ they stand up against such fears that try to oppress. I hope for our sakes, we will do the same in this country… soon.

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Janie’s Got a Gun

Posted on 19 July 2013 by Thraxxus

gun-guns-ammoThe other day my six year old starts asking me about guns. Why? He is six, and six year old boys are generally fascinated with all things fighting and killing oriented. Why? Boys do that. Sadly, my wife and I tried to curb that for quite  a while, he somehow managed to graduate to this way of thinking when he was four; we still try to put up a good fight, but sometimes I can’t help but take him to see movies like Pacific Rim (film about giant robots fighting giant monsters – I know guilty as charged). My son loves to ask open ended stuff, usually questions that actually have no answer, such as “Daddy, what if we were all half Rhino?” No answer really – outside of sarcasm, and with a six year old it is best to avoid sarcasm, unless its obvious, because they may take you serious – cognitive thinking not being wired in until age seven and all that.

“Daddy what are guns used for?”

This was not one of those questions. My mind raced at the question. I went through the myriad of reasons that the National Rifle Association likes to bring up:

“The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in defense of self, family and country is ultimately self-evident and is part of the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution,” he said. “Reduced to its core, it is about fundamental individual freedom, human worth and self-destiny. We reject the notion that American gun owners must accept any lesser amount of freedom in order to be accepted among the international community.”

So according to them it is about Freedom. Is that true? Is the argument then that the lack of owning a gun means that you aren’t free? I don’t own a gun and I still have the same freedoms as my friend who does. Is it more about fighting tyranny then – fighting those that would use a gun against the free to enslave them, or worse, kill them outright? The right to Bear Arms is in the Bill of Rights, and I can’t say I disagree with the concept of fighting tyranny, I mean who can? But still, Ghandi fought against tyranny and never used a gun, not once; in fact the man was staunchly opposed to them. How did he fight tyranny? He sat down. Seems counter to the concept the NRA has going on.

Then I pondered that concept of home defense against an intruder. I found this information on :

* Roughly 16,272 murders were committed in the United States during 2008. Of these, about 10,886 or 67% were committed with firearms.[11]

* A 1993 nationwide survey of 4,977 households found that over the previous five years, at least 0.5% of households had members who had used a gun for defense during a situation in which they thought someone “almost certainly would have been killed” if they “had not used a gun for protection.” Applied to the U.S. population, this amounts to 162,000 such incidents per year. This figure excludes all “military service, police work, or work as a security guard.”[12]

* Based on survey data from the U.S. Department of Justice, roughly 5,340,000 violent crimes were committed in the United States during 2008. These include simple/aggravated assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, rapes, and murders.[13] [14] [15] Of these, about 436,000 or 8% were committed by offenders visibly armed with a gun.[16]

* Based on survey data from a 2000 study published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology,[17] U.S. civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crime at least 989,883 times per year.[18]

* A 1993 nationwide survey of 4,977 households found that over the previous five years, at least 3.5% of households had members who had used a gun “for self-protection or for the protection of property at home, work, or elsewhere.” Applied to the U.S. population, this amounts to 1,029,615 such incidents per year. This figure excludes all “military service, police work, or work as a security guard.”[19]

* A 1994 survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Americans use guns to frighten away intruders who are breaking into their homes about 498,000 times per year.[20]

* A 1982 survey of male felons in 11 state prisons dispersed across the U.S. found:[21]

• 34% had been “scared off, shot at, wounded, or captured by an armed victim”

• 40% had decided not to commit a crime because they “knew or believed that the victim was carrying a gun”

• 69% personally knew other criminals who had been “scared off, shot at, wounded, or captured by an armed victim”[22]

Okay, so lots of people used guns in crimes, and some people either directly or indirectly used guns to prevent crimes, or what they thought were crimes. These statistics basically talk about guns being used on both sides of crime. George Zimmerman sure thought he was stopping a crime, right? Fair enough – s0 guns are for the war on crime or is this back to the concept of freedom? Free people shouldn’t have to worry about crime right? Seem legit – however, it also seems a bit naive. If humans were all super duper to each other then crime wouldn’t be a problem, but we know that isn’t the case – millions of people have been killed in history for all the dumbest reasons possible – both with guns and without – not sure how guns prevented, or could have prevented,  any of those murders – aka – crimes.

What about fun? I know, I know, guns are fun? My brother in law thinks so. He was a competition pistoleer in Texas, and rumor has it he was a damn good one. The stories he regaled me with were fascinating –  in truth I was riveted to them simply because, for some reason, they brought about the boy in me dreaming about the old west – guns fights and such. It turns out that the competitions he entered really had nothing to do with my childhood dreams, but still it was nifty to revist them through his talents. I searched the web for “Guns for fun” and these guys showed up. This is a site dedicated to groups that want to get together and shoot guns for fun. What really grabbed me was the map – almost all the groups are in the USA. I found that to be a bit odd. Are Americans really the only people on the Earth that like to shoot guns for fun?

What about war? Before the invention of the Gun, aka harnessing the power of sulfer to make gun powder, how was war conducted? It turns out that war was often times something men with honor did. Who knew? The Japanese, Chinese, many other asian cultures, and most of European countries were known for battles with honor. The Samurai were at the top of this list – why? They believed that the man who would kill another man had to do so personally – meaning with his hands and a blade. Killing was a personal thing, not something you did from a distance without thought. You had to mean to do it, and you had to live forever with the haunting image of the look in his eyes when you opened him up and let his blood spill on the field of battle. For some reason I respect this perception – killing should take courage and conviction, not randomness and no responsibility.

I stopped and looked back at my findings. Fun? Not a great reason. Home defense? Well if societal issues were taken care of, also not a great reason as this wouldn’t even be an issue. Tyranny? Same thing as home defense – the fault is with the how humans are – some anyway – greedy evil bastards. If those didn’t exist then again, no Tyranny. War? Nope, war was conducted prior to guns just fine thank you. We can argue that those things are problems and thus there is a need for guns, but is it a solution? THE SOLUTION?

What was the question again?

“Daddy what are guns used for?”

The answer, as it turns out, is rather simple: Killing. See the reasons we like to use for having a gun is not about the gun, but about the justification of killing. Guns were designed to kill, period. You can kill humans and animals with a gun. That is it. That is the purpose of a gun. There is no other purpose. All that other crap is about justifying the killing of said animal or human, which frankly are reasons that existed before the gun.

So there is my answer son. Guns are for killing. I looked him right in  the eye and said this “And never point a gun at someone unless you plan to kill them.” I wish everyone understood that.


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The Failed Dream

Posted on 09 July 2013 by Thraxxus

martin-luther-kingMartin Luthor King Jr. said:

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.’”

In modern times we like to say that all PEOPLE are created equal, but the question remains to be answered: Are all people treated as equals? Since Doctor King’s amazing speech many things have changed, above all of them is technology. Today we are more advanced, that we know of, than humans have ever been. Most of the people that live in modern societies walk around with a piece of technology in their pocket that allows them to instantly contact any other person with the same type of technology, in a myriad of ways, instantly, practically no matter where either of them is at that moment. This object also allows them to access an information marvel instantly, whereby they can have almost any question that they could fathom either answered directly, or indirectly via several sources.

In effect humans have the capability to be more amazing, powerful, educated, and intelligent than ever before in the history of the species. So, are we?

Let us consider some things that, through the marvel of technology, that includes cellular phones, computers, and the internet, should have changed for the good as a result of the use of these borderline miracles.

  1. Education is now easier than ever before. Consider this – humans used to have to travel to a library, if one was near them, and if they were allowed inside at all, to look for information, which was an arduous process at times, that may or may not be there and which may or may not answer their question or solve their problem.  Now, through the use of technology, people can research almost any topic, instantly, without ever having to get out of their chair at home. They can search, read up on, and interact with a community on the topic, all in hopes of becoming educated on said topic. Now consider that the youth of America, not even considering other countries, are now less educated than they have been in the past fifty years on core subject matter. Math, history, language skills, current events and many others are at all time lows. Why?
  2. Racism is a core plague against the foundation of a healthy society. With the ability to reach out and interact with people of all walks of life, from all corners of the Earth, instantly, how is it that racism still exists at all? You want to learn about Africans? Research them instantly. Talk to some on chat boards. Interact with Africans on forums. You can do this with almost every single culture and “race” on the planet! So how is it that racism is still prevalent? Why is it that many choose to use the technology that could educate them about other people to instead instantly spread their own form of hate speak about those same people? How is it that we have not grown socially at the same rate as our technology?
  3. Sexism may actually be more ignorant than racism if such a thing was even measurable. As a species there are slightly more females than males. Given this fact, how is it that in many cultures around the world males are still favored over females? Let us consider the United States of America for a moment: More women go to and graduate from college than men. Period. More women graduate from high school than men. Period. So from a purely educational perspective women are getting more education than men. So why then are men paid more, on average, for the same job than women? How does it make a drop of sense? The documentation that the nation was founded on, the language that Doctor King references in his glorious speech, actually says that all MEN are created equal. What about women? We like to refer to the documentation in question and say that it applies to People, but still, if that is the case then where is the equality? Why do we still have this “Women belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant” twisted joke floating around? It isn’t funny. It wasn’t the first time it was said.
  4. There are heterosexuals and there are homosexuals. Period. Thats it. There is nothing anyone can do to change either of those facts. To take those facts further, it has always been that way throughout history. Explain to us all, collectively how two men, who love each other, getting married effects anyone else in any fashion whatsoever. Seriously. Many religious folks like to say that it is an abomination against their religion.Let us pretend for a moment that they are right – what if the two men that want to get married aren’t a member of your religion? Do the same rules apply to them? If so are we then saying that religious beliefs and sexuality are now united? How does that make any sense at all? By that rationale doesn’t that imply that religion is attached to all beliefs? If that is the case then how in the world is anyone with differing religious beliefs even living in the same nation together – given that by our supplied definition religion is also tied to politics?
  5. So let us take a look at religions then. There are multitude of religions in the world, if you want to learn about any of them that information is literally seconds away. Why then do we have so much ignorance about other peoples’ religions? If you really want to know about Muslims, research them, don’t just guess or believe ignorant rhetoric. If you really want to know about any religion, just research it – this applies across the board. If you truly believe, as oddly enough many religious texts dictate, that people are created equal and are entitled to believe what they want to, then why do we still have conflicts over what religions people follow? As long as two people don’t impose anything negative on each other as being related to their difference in beliefs then really where is the problem? Why does it matter? Do the laws that we create, and agree to live by, need to be bound to religious beliefs? If so then should we have absolute segregation in our species? If that is true then can we not also conclude that at some point won’t our species diverge into several species over time?
  6. So we have racism, sexism, sexuality and the inequalities that come from them –  so what about equality in general? If we are all truly created equal, meaning with equal rights, then why don’t we act like that? Men and women equal in all things. Caucasians, Blacks, Asians, whatever equal in all things. Heterosexuals and homosexuals as equals. In fact, why do any of those labels matter at all? Why does it really matter where someone is from, who they are, or who they love as long as they are not breaking agreed upon laws? If we are all equal then why aren’t we actually acting the part? Why is there so much inequality in a nation that is founded on the principles of equality? How does that make any sense? All this technology, and all of it so inexpensive, and still we remain this ignorant, this uneducated, and this biased?

The issue stems from the fact that we greedily advanced technology to make our lives easier but didn’t bother to educate ourselves at the same time. We, as a species, have grown complacent and thus we have not done the work to advance ourselves intellectually and socially. We now have more ways to communicate with each other, instantly, than ever before and yet we say almost nothing of value. In fact, many people can’t even write a complete, coherent sentence. We allowed technology to do things for us that we never bothered to learn how to do ourselves – and that is the danger.

There is nothing wrong with using a calculator to do your addition as long as you already know how to do addition. At the least you should understand the basics, the trap comes into play when that technology is now not only doing the work for you, and the thinking, but knows more about the core of that thinking than you do. That technology is there to help you be more every single day than you were the day prior. You should be learning more, doing more, growing more, and helping other to do the same. Why aren’t we?

At some point we have to ask ourselves: When will the technology no longer need me at all? The answer, we may find, is sooner than any of us thinks, and most of us won’t even see it coming. Doctor King, wherever you are, your dream is still only that, just a dream, and we are made lesser for that being the case.

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My hatred for Monsanto

Posted on 08 July 2013 by Valkyrie

No-GMOMonsanto – this one word alone can quickly get my blood boiling faster than any other word I hear as of late, actually, for about the past 4 years now.

M-o-n-s-a-n-t-o just has an ascorbic sound to it. Like a knee jerk reaction when I hear the word, you will quickly hear me retort, “Don’t even get me started on the subject!” And those that know me will then be the victims to my rant that goes on and on about how I despise this superpower of a company that misuses all of its wealth and ‘prestige’ to manipulate and dominate our food sources and supplies, all in the name of ‘the greater good’.

The ‘greater good’, ha! This is exactly where I start waving my bullshit flag.

Monsanto, with their GMOs and their pesticides is doing more damage than good to the human and animal population. Bees are dying by the millions, other insects as well, and children and adults are getting plagued with illnesses that seemed to never really be an issue before Monsanto got their greedy hands on their mission of taking over the world’s food supply.

Altered soy, corn, sugar beets, wheat, vegetables, fruits, and now the world’s rice has now been tampered with. Other countries are growing to hate us and are making their stand and making GMOs and Monsanto leave their countries with some heroic acts of burning acres and acres of corn to get their point across. I read an article this morning that Kenya has now banned any importation of GMO foods into their country.

I admire and respect other countries for taking a stand and protesting in a vigilant matter and making a loud stir about it. We Americans can take notes from so many of these active countries.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire and support many movements here as well, ‘March Against Monsanto’, and ‘Millions Against Monsanto’ to just name a few. But, the tragedy here is that Monsanto has just become an all-out bully. They are a powerhouse that spends around 6 million a year in lobbying alone. The FDA and USDA has been ‘cross contaminated’ (pun intended) with the greed mongers. Monsanto and the FDA are one in the same.

This article is written with the sole purpose to convey my passion of disgust for Monsanto and its purpose to destroy farmers and the natural process of raising food. They enslave these farmers and if they so much get out of line, they get buried with lawsuit and legal debt that the farmer can never recover from. A multi-billion dollar company coming after sole farmers to gain in their own ugly agenda just seems wrong on so many levels but yet it keeps happening time and time again.

In India, there are farmers committing suicide due to Monsanto’s tactics. Cotton farmers there find no other alternative but to take their own lives? Are we okay with this?

The scales are tipping and I believe we are at a crucial point to no longer accept what this bully powerhouse is trying to force-feed us. I pay so much gratitude and appreciation to the people out there being a force to be reckoned with and admonishing and shining a light on Monsanto and their greed stricken ways.

I have a voice, one voice… I have chosen to use my voice to bow out of buying any GMO food or pesticide laden produce that the supermarkets carry. I have studied the long list of companies that use GMOs and that paid billions to help Monsanto during voting season to avoid laws requiring labeling GMOs on our foods. I avoid these companies like the plague and skirt around being subject to the insanity. I spend a bit more on Organic and find health food stores that share my passion to carry GMO free food. But, to me, it is worth it. I put health as a top priority and do not want altered foods or chemicals invading my body to wreak havoc. Monsanto does not get that right.

Chemicals are not only altering our food, it is also altering our bodies and minds. How can it not? The only one deeming GMOs and pesticides to be safe is Monsanto themselves. If you really want to laugh, go to their website. You can cut through the bullshit with a dull butter-knife.

It all really boils down to this easy saying, “garbage in, garbage out”… question is, is the USA going to be the last on the bandwagon to stand up and refuse to be poisoned? At this rate, it sure feels like it.

Make a change, one small change… that is my drive behind writing this article. I urge of you. If at the store, buy organic apples instead of ‘conventional’ Monsanto apples. Make one change with this thought – your hard earned money is either making somebody very rich while you follow along in the game, OR your hard earned money can make a vote every time you opt out of the food paradigm Monsanto is trying to make us succumb to.

Monsanto may have the financial power – but we, the people, have the final vote… our outcries.


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My Twin

Posted on 02 July 2013 by Valkyrie

teddy bearONE –

The orphanage is cold. I don’t like the smell of it either. It smells of dust and mildew – is dank, I suppose. The headboard on my bed is peeling white paint down to the brass. When bored, I find that I spend the time just peeling it off in little pieces and letting the paint fall wherever it wants to, even if that means on my own sheets. 

The room I stay in is large and houses 20 beds that are all lined up on both sides of the opposing walls – 10 on each side, to be exact. Not all the beds are filled with other kids, but most of them are. I think there are 15 others here, 16 counting me. 

I don’t like it here and I am scared most of the time. I hug my ragged teddy bear that came with me. I used to hug it at night in my bed at home, but it felt better then. Now I find my bear has a job to do, that is to dry my tears at night. Seems he gets this job nightly.

My name is Sable, and I have a twin brother here as well. I made sure his bed is next to mine. His name is Sam. I love Sam, he is my only friend in the entire universe (next to my teddy bear that is). 

Sam was the one who held my hand when the police came to pick us up from home and drive us to this place. I didn’t know where we were going exactly… but I knew that I could count on Sam, him holding my hand confirmed that. 

I still am not too sure what happened at home, and why Sam and I had to leave with the police that day. All I do know is that my mom and dad used to fight a lot and that night, before the police came, there was quite the ruckus at home. I think I heard them yelling and throwing things against the walls. This was a regular occurrence, but I guess this time Sam and I had to leave.

I still wonder late at night what it is I did exactly to cause them to fight so much. I wish I could have been better. I wish I cleaned my room more. Maybe I didn’t tell them I loved them enough. These thoughts haunt me, and that is why my teddy bear is there… to soak up my tears of missing my mom and dad so much.

Sam and I have been here for about 2 months now, and we both agree we hate it here. The food is yucky and only being 8 years old, we are forced to take vitamins and drink medicine that tastes gross. We are told it is supposed to make us healthy and strong. I’m not so sure about that, but I don’t fight with them, as I am a shy natured girl.

Sam and I were best friends at home too, before we came here. I remember every afternoon we would swing together, laughing and competing who could swing higher and who could jump the furthest while staying on our two feet while landing in the dirt below. We laughed a lot together then. Now it seems we hardly ever laugh, but we can read each other’s thoughts just by looking in the other’s eyes. 

I am 12 minutes older and I think Sam hates this. I think he privately wants to be older. He likes to compete with me, and I mostly let him win, just to make him feel better. Besides, isn’t that what love is? It is to me anyway.

The orphanage director came up to Sam and me just this morning and said that there is a nice married couple that wants to meet us tomorrow. Part of me is excited, as I have already found my only dress in my suitcase to wear… I just hope the wrinkles come out by that time. I want to look my best.

Sam is excited too. I noticed he has been playing with his wooden airplane today – his favorite toy at home, but has not taken it out since coming here. Today he has. That makes me happy, too. I like when Sam smiles. It is one of my favorite things in this world. It reminds me that everything is going to be okay.

It is night here now, and I hear crickets outside my window and coyotes howling. Coyotes always scare me; their howls are haunting in a way. Good thing I have my teddy bear. I hope I sleep well, tomorrow is a big day. Sam is already asleep next to me in his bed, I have always been jealous of how fast he can fall asleep. My busy mind keeps me up for hours, it seems.


Morning has come, I can see the brightness coming through the big picture window… I get on my knees on my unstable mattress and see that it is foggy outside. Dense, thick fog covers the dew on the grass below. I’ve always liked the fog. I just wish it were sunny today though, meeting these new people and all. Oh well, at least the wrinkles are out of my dress. I am hoping Sam can tie my big bow in the back like mom used to do. She was always great at tying bows.

Sam is already up and man, he looks dapper. Sam has always been so handsome, even with his hair sticking up in the back due to that cowlick. He hates it, I secretly adore it. He must be excited as well.


Well, I must admit the meeting with that man and lady went really well. They smiled a lot and asked a lot of questions to both Sam and me. I noticed something when they got up to leave, though. They hugged Sam only and the lady rubbed his cheek with her fingers and knelt down to him and said what a nice boy he was. She didn’t do any of that with me. Oh well, people always did like Sam a bit more than me. I heard adults say he has “charm”, not sure what that is, but Sam is something to be sure. To me, he is just plain ol’ special.

Later that day, the woman in the orphanage who usually just sits in her office with the door half closed and her glasses at the tip of her nose, came up to Sam and me and said she wanted to talk to us both. It was at this time that she asked us to take a seat on our beds. We both were obedient and chose my bed. She sat on Sam’s bed, facing us, and started talking differently than she usually does. She was quieter and seemed cautious in her words.

After hearing what she said, I understood why she spoke in the manner that she did. She told us that the nice man and lady that we met that morning liked us both. They wanted to adopt, but sadly, only had room for one child, so they only want my brother, Sam.
Sam was ecstatic; I was wondering if he heard what the Director Lady was saying… I felt like screaming to him, “Sam, they only want you… not me!” But I know he heard what she said, and he didn’t seem too bothered by it. He was happy he got a chance to be with a new mom and dad and get out of this place. I can’t blame him for that, but why is he okay with not being with me anymore? I could never leave Sam, never. We are twins, he is my all. I thought I was the same to him as well. Perhaps I was wrong.

I tried fighting back my tears but could not. I slowly turned around to grab my teddy bear, hoping Sam or the Director Lady would not notice me crying. My heart hurt, I could feel it. My heart literally ached and I started breathing heavy and felt dizzy. I almost felt like I was going to throw up.


I saw Sam leave the next morning with that man and lady, he even asked me to help him pack his suitcase, as he was having a hard time fitting everything in. I taught him how to properly fold shirts and pants so they make a neat stack. I had a lump in my throat the whole time doing this. Sam seemed fine, I still don’t understand that.

Our hug was brief and I hugged him hard, he let go first as I believe I never would have if the option was mine. I miss Sam so much already, and he hasn’t even made it to their car in the parking lot yet.

I miss my twin, Sam. I think I always will. I miss my parents, too. I wonder what it is about me that made it so easy for them to all go away and leave me.

Perhaps tonight when I lay my head on my pillow, I will start praying. Maybe God will help me become more likeable. At least I still have my teddy bear.

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Part-time Badass

Posted on 01 July 2013 by Valkyrie

part time badassDuring the past several weeks I have come to observe something while driving around on the weekends. I have noticed that the people I see on these very days, on the city streets and such, are quite different than those that I see on the weekdays. 

It seems that the weekends bring about a certain change in people. As if the masks of the work world can be taken off and the cool masks of fun and adventure can then be traded out.

I call this metamorphosis, ‘Part-time Badass’. And in some ways, I find it epically fascinating. What I have observed are people that break free a bit, relax, and express themselves in a way they want the world to see them, and what brings them joy.

In the city I live in, there are always Harley Davidson Dudes taking to the streets in groups or solo, all donning their leathers, their bitches, and their cool as hell attitudes – all while purposely revving up that engine at every stop light, to really drive it home how badass they really are.

But, seeing I have a busy mind and like to ponder the behaviors of people, it led me to wonder… just where in the heck are these same guys Monday thru Friday? They obviously come out in full glory on the weekends, but what do they do on the other days of the week? Are they CEOs, principles of elementary schools, janitors, preachers, grandparents? Just who in the dickens are these cool personas? 

I have a friend that is, in fact, a CFO of a big corporation and is part of a Corvette Club. Yep, he and his friends all get together quite often with the sole purpose of finding new places to rendezvous to. They group up by the dozens, all convoying their way to curvy mountaintops, coastal scenic drives, or dessert roads that lead to an oasis of sorts. To me, he is a Badass through and through; it also drives my point and speculation home that on the weekends, this successful CFO gets to cut loose and express himself in a way he finds joy and pleasure. 

And much to my own admittance, I do the same thing – across the board, really. I mean, who in God’s tarnation doesn’t want to be some sort of Badass in their own rite? I know I do! 

Yesterday I was pure Badass at the beach with my family when it came time to pulling out the Smash Ball paddles and ball and challenging my husband to a match. I am quite good at this game and it is usually hard to find a well suited partner. Yesterday, I was lucky. Pounding that ball back and forth and keeping the volley going, time after time, was stellar. So much so, we gained a small audience. It was my moment, the American Gold Metal came down to he and I – all or nothing! Of course, the victory was ours. I felt at that moment, I was pure unadulterated Badass.

I truly believe we are all Badasses in some way or another, but it saddens me that it is only a part-time thing (for most of us, anyway). Responsibility seems to come a knockin’, which subdues our child-like eagerness to be free and expressive until the following weekend.

So, I guess Mr. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Dude has returned his leathers to his closet to go clock in and do what needs doing, my CFO friend has parked his Corvette back into his garage to go be the Chief of those Financials, and me – myself, have put the Smash Ball paddles away in an organized place, all to be a mom again and peck away at my keyboard.

Part-time Badass needs to be more of a full-time thing. In doing so, I think we would all be a bit more fun and tolerable of one another. Waiting to let out that alter-ego for weekends only, leaves us to feel caged and bored as we slave to that 40 hour work-week.


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