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Chemical Trails In Our Skies

Posted on 28 June 2013 by Valkyrie

chem trail 1What are they? What is their purpose? Many state that those that question what is happening in our skies are just silly Conspiracy Theorists looking for a new subject matter to regale in and should be dismissed. That what we are seeing above our heads in the blue above us, is simply blamed on con-trails.

I am sorry, but I beg to differ. There are reports after reports and video after video of proof that the Government is spraying matter into the sky and using large jets to do so. It’s no secret either.

Con-trails dissipate quickly in the skies – while chem-trails expand, grow bigger, finally making the sky overcast.

Scientist claim that what is being sprayed are particles that are supposed to remain in the air and help with weather patterns and global warming. These same scientists were questioned about the ramifications of these particles ever landing onto our soil and they actually had no answers, nor proof that it would stay in the atmosphere. The very actions of these Scientist doing this without further study is becoming a Lab Experiment of sorts – and we, the people below, are the ones being experimented on.

It is believed that both Barium and Aluminum are being pumped into the atmosphere in aerosols sprayed from aircraft around the world, waging a silent war against humanity – for stealth warfare purposes. 

And oddly enough, these metals are now being found in our water supply, along with arsenic being found in high levels in our rainwater – all in the exact places chem-trailing is occurring. Tragically enough, the aluminum is now altering the pH of the soil from acidic to neutral and causing the trees to die.

So, Conspiracy Theory? Really?

Scientists openly talk about the experiment, there are loads of articles on the inter-webs regarding the matter, there are videos on YouTube showing jets overhead spraying huge doses, easing off, spraying more, easing off… all to circle around and do it again – over city after city, making obvious zig-zag patterns, and finally, we have proof in our water supply!

chem -interiorThe Government and Scientists may be stating it is to ward off Global Warming, as a way for us to stay mute on the matter and feel we are being looked after, but I say we should question every act that is being done – also ask yourself this… why isn’t this covered much? If the Government wants to look heroic, would they then not plaster this all over Main Stream Media? Makes sense to me… but this subject is rather subdued and we are being distracted to believe it is from con-trails.

Last time I checked, con-trails cannot be turned off and on, but chem-trails can.

It is real people, it is happening.




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Zuber’s Gambit

Posted on 27 June 2013 by Thraxxus

_DSC1749eThis is an old school chum of mine, Chad Zuber. He is a male model, internet model, adventurer, photographer, physical body specialist and all around good guy. A while back there was a debate going on regarding how someone in the west (read as USA) could eat healthy on 5 bucks a day. Chad stood up (I think since I couldn’t actually see him at his computer) and declared that he already did. A few people called BS, so Chad wrote the following. I found it illuminating enough to ask him if I could share it here, with all credits due. So here it is, unabridged:

Hi Adam, this is in response to the conversation posted on your Facebook page regarding the “high cost of healthy eating”.  Now a very brief comment on my history, the recession hit us like a ton of bricks and I cut down to the basics for survival.  This is when I stopped using supplements and I had to figure out the healthiest and cheapest way to eat.  This lead also to the study of wild edible foods and with that I can actually reduce my food expense even more than what I’m sharing with you but I am assuming that you will be purchasing everything you eat.  Also, some of the more high-cost ingredients that I use today can be cut out or reduced in quantity, such as the cheese and butter, further reducing the expense.  I learned to shop around and find the best prices near me.  Also, much of this is not organic.  High quality eggs, for instance, cost double.  Some things aren’t available as organic.  You’ll notice that there is no wheat and the only grain is rice (which I only eat a couple times a week anyway), no soy, no corn, none of the popular GMO foods.  Organic and free-range eggs will bring the price up a few dollars, unless you have a neighbor with chickens.  So, here we go:
Five full meals (for a very physically active person) – $8/day

15 oz can of mackerel (2 servings protein at 35 grams per serving, purchased at Ralphs market) – $1.69
Dozen extra-large eggs (3 servings protein at 28 grams per serving) – $1.79
Two servings sprouted lentils stew with kelp, raisins & fresh garden herbs – $0.50
One serving steamed or stewed russet potatoes – $0.20
Two servings of salad with spinach and red cabbage – $1.25
Butter (from Irish grass-fed cows) for the lentils and potatoes – $0.50
Cheese (from raw sheep milk) for the lentils and salad – $0.75
Half a coconut (drink the water from it first – mmmm) – $1.00
Other ingredients in small quantities:  coconut or olive oil – $0.25
Two fresh limes – $0.20
Fresh herbs (Just grow your own, it’s so easy.  I use rosemary and mint all the time.  Both grow really easy here.) – FREE

TOTAL = $8.13
Three full meals (for the normal days or weight control) – $5/day

15 oz can of mackerel (2 servings protein at 35 grams per serving, purchased at Ralphs market) – $1.69
Four extra-large eggs – $0.45
One serving sprouted lentils stew with kelp, raisins & fresh garden herbs – $0.25
One serving steamed or stewed russet potatoes – $0.20
Two servings of salad with spinach and red cabbage – $1.25
Butter (from Irish grass-fed cows) for the lentils and potatoes – $0.25
Cheese (from raw sheep milk) for the lentils and salad – $0.75
Other ingredients in small quantities:  coconut or olive oil – $0.25
Two fresh limes – $0.20

TOTAL = $5.29

The bulk prices of some of the foods mentioned.
Green lentils – $1.69/lb
Thompson seedless raisins – $2.69/lb
Russet potatoes – $0.30/lb (often I pay $0.10 or $0.15 per pound)
Red cabbage – $0.89/lb
Coconut – $1.99 each (I usually pay $1.50 or even $0.99 each)
Bag of baby spinach – $1.99
Pecorino Romano cheese from raw sheep milk (I’ve only found it at Trader Joes) – $6.49/lb
Kerrygold unsalted pure Irish butter (8 oz) – $3.00 (Trader Joes price is the best.  Other places sell it usually for $5.00)
Eggs I usually buy at Trader Joes for $1.79/dz but you can get them for as little as $0.99/dz if you keep your eye open for sales.

Canned mackerel.  This one has a little history.  I have gone from one company to another as supply has dwindled and many distributors have gone to China.  The mackerel I’ve bought that was caught in China is so nasty and disgusting.  Twice I got sick from it and my mom’s cat wouldn’t even drink the juice.  (He loves mackerel juice.)  The best was from the Crown Prince company but years ago they simply weren’t bringing any more in.  I wrote a lengthy letter to the company and learned about this.  I then found good mackerel from Bumble Bee.  The best mackerel came from Chilean waters.  The Bumble Bee brand then switched to a Chinese supplier and it tasted disgusting.  I frantically began searching, bought a case of another brand from  It turned out to be Chinese and was equally disgusting with a nasty yellow scum floating at the top.  Then my dad, a loyal shopper at Ralphs, caught sight of the Ralphs brand and although not from Chile it was also not from China.  I tried the Thailand product to be of good quality and have been using it ever since.  It has been eternally on sale at Ralphs ($1.69 per 15 oz can) for a few years now.

Now, going back to the lentils.  I soak and then sprout them.  The sprouting action increases the bounty by 400% and also increases the nutritional content.  So, that $1.69/lb bag of lentils is really like $0.40/lb after I sprout it.  Sprouting is easy and makes grains, nuts, and seeds tastier, increases yield and nutritional value.
Okay, so I went a little over on both.  Keep in mind that some ingredients can be further reduced.  You probably noticed that I didn’t include any fruit in this.  I don’t eat much fruit.  Most of the fruit I eat I obtain free, such as this one that I collect from October through May.

I’m as human as the next person and I love sweets, pies, ice cream and chocolate.  I eat these desserts from time to time and often regret it because I don’t feel quite right afterwards.  Health is the result of discipline.  As long as I eat the way described above I never get sick and I enjoy a highly energetic life.  I’m 40 years old  and feel wonderful.  My strength is good, I don’t go to a gym but I do exercises at home and incorporate exercise into my daily activities such as running errands, I literally “run” errands.  I job to the store.  I often carry the 5-gallon water jug a mile and a half round trip to refill it.  That’s a 3/4 mile walk with 5-gallons on my shoulder.  One time I carried two 5-gallon jugs the same distance.  That alone was a workout, especially going up the steep hill to where we live.  Talk about functional exercise!

As I mentioned before, I study wild edible plants.  I recently did a week-long stay on a mostly uninhabited island in the Caribbean and mostly ate what I found.  The experience was so amazing that I’m currently writing a book about it.  I actually experienced physical healing as a result of the experience.

So, that’s it in a nutshell.  I could go on and on.  I hope this is helpful and if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to share.

Your Super Duper Pal,

Chad (I added this in as he didn’t actually say anything like this – Thraxxus.)

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The Correlation of Urinary Tract Infections and Poultry

Posted on 26 June 2013 by Valkyrie

UTIs and Poultry - blinkinblogsThere is a new strain of E Coli in our food industry and it is coming from chicken. This new strain of E Coli is linked to causing Urinary Tract Infections in women.

Upon researching this more, I have learned that half of poultry samples that were taken were indeed contaminated with the UTI – associated strains of E Coli. Scientists now suspect that women who eat chicken are infecting their lower intestinal tract with these meat borne bacteria which can then creep into their bladder, causing major infection and of course, severe discomfort.

This is kind of a big deal, I mean millions of women get UTI – Extra Intestinal E Coli infections every year, with the potential to invade the blood stream and cause blood poisoning.

This hits a nerve with me due to having experienced UTIs time and time again, myself. Always paying a visit to my General Practitioner bent over in agony and begging for relief, to only be back in another three weeks, suffering from the same condition.

I became quite the anomaly among my Doctors in the Medical Profession. My General Practitioner referred me to get major testing done – all to get a thumbs-up as to my plumbing being intact and fully operational.

I then was referred to a Urologist who was never quite fond of my midnight calls to him begging for antibiotics and pain killers. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, even though I did not fit that mold. I stumped my Urologist so much so, that during one visit… he told me I was the topic of conversation at a Convention he attended with loads of other Urologists. I guess my anomaly stumped their theories on Cystitis in a young woman who is healthy and has nothing wrong with her insides (or so we thought).

The only solution that was resolved between my Urologist and I, was to be put on antibiotics daily. I lived on antibiotics for 10+ years, never missing a day. The fact that that was my only solution was horrifying. My Urologist didn’t like it either, but the alternative was me being curled in a ball with a major UTI twice a month in seething pain wishing for death as a relief from the madness.

During that time, I decided to get healthy and adapted a Plant Based Diet. Bammo, did it cold turkey overnight – one day carnivore, the next day – no animal products of any sort. I was also interested in Eastern Medicine and sought out Acupuncture. Amazingly enough, my zest for seeking health had nothing to do with my UTIs. I did not correlate the two.

While being examined by my Acupuncturist, he said something time and time again at my appointments. He said, “Do not eat chicken or turkey at all, stay away from them, they are bad.” I then informed him I was strictly Plant Based in my diet and he smiled and said, “Good”.

Fast forward 3 months. My Acupuncturist said it was time for me to wean off of my antibiotics. I was scared to death when he said this. I wanted to try it, but knew how bad and how fast a bladder infection can drop me to my knees. But I trusted and did so.

I am happy to say I have been off of antibiotics for 3 ½ years and have never had an infection since. I tried acupuncture and still have a plant based diet – a strict one at that.

So when I came across this information yesterday regarding E Coli in chicken meat and UTIs in women, it made me realize that perhaps I fell prey to such a disgusting bacteria. It downright stole my quality of life for damn near 20 years.

Studies have shown infection risk can be directly linked to overcrowding of chickens on these ‘so called’ factory farms. In egg-laying hens in cages, there is a significant risk for flock infection due to hen density per cage.

Here is where it gets interesting – affording only a 4 inch cube of space more per cage would actually decrease the risk of this type of E Coli related UTIs by 33%.

Are chicken factories instilling this new ‘4 inch more of space per cage’ idea? Hell no. Their mindset is cramming them in, produce produce produce, all the while, ignoring the consequences to those very actions alone.

Our food system and the way it operates is making us sick. I was an example of this, hence me sharing my personal struggle. I was a victim to an unnatural way to produce food. It was only upon doctor visit after doctor visit, seeking alternative ways to get better, changing my diet and studying the living daylights out of nutrition, have I really gotten better.

And to think, it was only a 4 inch cube of less space that almost became my demise. I don’t know about you, but that angers me to no end.

If the Poultry Industry is not going to change – which is apparent that they are not… then avoiding poultry altogether can now be added to the list of how to fend off UTIs for women.

I believe in the Golden Rule and/or Karma… what we are doing to the very Beings that feed us at almost every meal, is in some way becoming our full circle moment. This unnatural way to industrialize our food is causing illness after illness. When will we stop long enough to pay attention and make some changes?


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Modern Technology and the Word ‘Goodbye’

Posted on 21 June 2013 by Valkyrie

woman-running-errands-smartphoneI have a Smart Phone… I think we all do. A Samsung Galaxy S4, to be exact. Smart Phones are fascinating. So advanced – technology in the palm of your hands! Internet, camera, texting, weather, directions, games, etc… you name it, it is all there. All the knowledge you need right in your pocket or purse, at a quick glance and a moment’s notice.

This leads me to my topic of the word ‘Goodbye’. I have never been very fond of this word, nor do I know anyone that actually is. It saddens me really. A departure that leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable inside due to physically pulling away from the ones I cherish in life. I guess it just feels so final. Even though I know I will be seeing them again… if a good time was had, a connection made, a laugh was shared, whatever the case may be, it has always been hard for me.

I have since gotten a bit better with saying ‘Goodbye’ until recently. I have noticed something about these Smart Phones and I believe they are a bit responsible. Let me explain.

With the great technology of texting or messaging, we can reach out to those in our inner circles whenever we want to, and them to us – just by putting letters to text that string out sentences and thoughts. Then all we have to do is hit ‘send’. Magical really – conversations, laughs, sharing, etc… you get the idea.

So if it is all so great, then why do I feel perplexed at times when I am not quite sure if a conversation via text is indeed officially over? Is it perhaps the other person got busy multi-tasking and forgot to respond, or simply got bored? There are many possibilities. These are the new feelings that float around in my head, regarding this certain topic – and I know it has with others since this topic has been brought up in many a discussion.

While pondering this further, I think I have somewhat figured it out. With all this new texting style conversation and reaching out to somebody at the drop of a hat, it seems to have brought about a new type of social disorder (in my humble opinion). DOUBT – an old feeling really, but is newly translated with modern technology.

With texting and friendships, relationships, bonds… whatever term you use, there seems to never really be an official departure. No solid ‘Goodbye’. Rather, our words just linger in the air waves either waiting to be received or replied to. There is not the physical act of sharing conversation at a local coffee shop, meeting for lunch, or hooking up for happy hour – nada… none of it.

Here, all along I thought the word ‘Goodbye’ was a dreaded word. But as of late… actually, just as I am writing this – have I been given the clarity that the term is appropriate and needed.

When texting fellow friends and loved ones, whether they are near or far – seems conversations never come to a close as they do in person. There is no beginning, middle, and end… like we were all taught in school about the infamous ‘5 paragraph essay’ – it lacks form, I suppose. Don’t get me wrong… I enjoy messaging and the ease and convenience of it. Probably would have to detox for a few days if the luxury was taken away from me.

With that being said, I have come to the realization that the very word I thought I didn’t like has become just the opposite. Kind of an endearing word for me, really. ‘Goodbye’ seems to give closure to a time that was spent with someone of special value. In cyberspace, perhaps we should use this word a bit more frequently and state that we look forward to connecting again. It just seems that ‘brb’ and ‘ttyl’ aren’t humanitarian enough to evoke a true sense of compassion to the person you are indeed messaging.




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Saw Fast and Furious 6

Posted on 19 June 2013 by ~baba

Thai Sexy 1
Michelle Rodrigues doesn’t do it for me anymore, she used to be the hot one I thought about when I was looking for a girl, after Jessica Alba that is. I think Thai girls have spoiled me for other women. The Victoria’s Secret models are pretty hot, Playmates are cute, Maxim girls are even hotter and still attract me but there’s a Thai issue of Maxim, it’s the one. I’m 65 now and living here in Thailand and every day I see 10s, 9s, and 8s. I’m a teacher at a vocational school and 90% of the students are women, in tight skirts, high heels, crisp white blouses, and I’m the only caucasian man on campus. I like it, but I don’t date students. The teachers are pretty good looking too. My immediate supervisor is at least a 9, and through out the school the women teachers are way above average. I like it. Since I’ve been here I’ve dated 17 to 45 year olds but mostly mid to late 20’s. I have had so much fun, I have a one year old Thai baby now and another on the way. The girls wanted them and the one year old girl is beautiful. I’m friends with the mama and can see her whenever I want. I have another on the way and don’t know if the same terms will apply there, I am friendly with her but she’s gotten married, probably see the baby sometimes but should keep the genealogy out of the conversation. I’ve settled down now with one girl, Janie and we’re getting along pretty well. I thought she was an awesome sex toy from the start but I’ve seen her cry at a movie, had dozens of good meals and she wants to get a job to help bring in income. A keeper I think. Anyway, if you’re an old, used up guy in America you should consider coming here. I’ll show you the time of your life, guaranteed and you might find that your life has just begun…….baba

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To Carnage’s Delight

Posted on 16 June 2013 by Thraxxus

1465_023836.jpgThe bell had come at last. That long monotonous bell that signified the end of a long study hard, lesson filled day in what most eleven year old kids considered hell, also known to the school board as the sixth grade. As usual, as it always was, along with that ear shattering sound came the uproarious clatter of hundreds of kids clambering about trying to collect their not so important belongings so that the mad topsy turvy dash to the door could begin. As soon as the thunderous screaming wave of adolescence began, it had ended, and all in what seemed like the same breath; an inhale of energy and an exhale of silence.

The teacher adjusted her bottle thick, owl-horned glasses on her long crooked nose as she took in the spectacle of total carnage that covered her once serenely perfect classroom and slowly began to realize with an equally perfect scowl splayed across her weathered face that she had one hell of a cleaning job in front of her. At that moment, she felt sensations of anger, grief, and joy, for even though she stood in a “Joe’s Trash Heap” that was once her classroom of order and that she herself had to clean it all up, just to have it all destroyed again tomorrow, she still had one thing to fall back on, one thing to totally cherish and love and that, of course, was that beautiful sound that was all around her: silence.

    The scene outside was much different. The wave of joyous harmonic despair which had just obliterated a multitude of paisley classrooms was now spreading out its maniacal wrath in an explosive wave resembling that of a nuclear blast. In the middle of one of the groups that was charging for the secure bike racks strode two perfectly matched warriors. One was wearing his always popular Bermuda shorts and the standard blue Billibong T-shirt. His opponent this day was clad in his blue/gray Levis jeans and matching jacket with an outspoken black T-shirt underneath. This one was the center of attention, or so he liked to imagine.

Their metal steeds were tied up right next to each other, eagerly anticipating the arrival of their riders. The two brave champions quickly united their two mounts and pulled them free of their strangling stalls.  One of the stallions was a short, chromed out Redline BMX , super off road tyrant whose rider, the surfer like blond, quickly swung his leg around and sat astride his husky beast. The other metal horse was in something of an Arabian class, by way of seemingly random parts cleverly put together. She was black with chrome handle bars and three gears that pumped up the speed for the rider, and she never lost. Her rider casually led her out of the stable and out to the crosswalk.

The traffic was heavy with cars and full of children rushing this way and that. Across the street, catty corner to the warriors position, was the ever so famous “Corner Store” where hundreds of children rushed everyday to spend their parents’ hard earned money on a multitude of sweet delights: candy, popcorn, ice cream and soda pops of all varieties were among the favorites.

The moment that passed seemed like an eternity, and then, finally, the chief crossing guard got up the guts to blow his small shiny, metallic whistle and he and his compatriots held out their fragile arms, clinging on to their empowered stop signs in hopes of stopping the oncoming herd of traffic. Low and behold, and almost to their surprise, all of the cars came to a screeching halt, and the wave of children pressed across the street, most continuing on to that ever so alluring corner store.

The two gladiators reached the far side of the street, walked their over eager steeds up the ramp and onto the ivory sidewalk, neither ever having looked at the other the entire walk. There was an unspoken understanding between these two veterans for they knew what was about to occur. Each, in turn, mounted his valiant steed, and for a long moment there was nothing but silence, then the two slowly locked cold, unrelenting eyes in a way that could be an open challenge, and in that split second the world seemed to stop, all eyes crashing down upon the two warriors, and then it was over.

With an unearthly battle cry the two wraiths hurled themselves down the ivory raceway, wildly pumping their steeds to victory. At first the all-to-cool blond on his beautiful Redline had pulled away in front, but his lead didn’t last long. The jean-clad hero quickly shifted gears and then the power came to him in droves. In just a few quick pumps he caught and passed the blond as though he was racing all alone.

People of every size and shape wearing everything possible were leaping for their lives in hopes of escaping the oncoming torrent of pure energy. the two riders saw nothing but blurred images of colors streaking past them, all yells and screams were quickly lost on the wind that carried them. The only thing that the warriors even took notice of was that ahead of them, at the end of the ivory highway upon which they rode, was the break in the sidewalk that signified the end of their race.

About twenty five feet or so before the previously agreed upon finish line was a break in the steel horse race way that was nothing but a never used side street. The front rider, on his black steed, quickly rode to victory; another easy win under his belt he mused. Images of grandeur filled his young imaginative mind as he flew on, the wind dancing through his hair. It happened at that moment of sincere joy when a lone, several thousand pound, steel wall on wheels decided to pull out of that side street and stop right in the path of that oncoming storm.

In unison the riders both locked their breaks, pulling back on would be reins, and prayed for dear life. The blond ridden Redline dirt bike, with its large knobby tires, stopped on what very well could have been a dime, its opponent and cohort not being so lucky. The jean clad would be victor’s breaks had locked, the wheels had stopped spinning, and considering all the laws of the universe that were known to this young, not so experienced warrior, he should have stopped. however, the sand that had been mysteriously strewn across the new ivory glass-like surface of the sidewalk defied all laws and saw to it that the hero on the ebony steed would never again see another finish line on his proud horse.

An eternity passed before steed and rider came crashing down on their sides, sliding the whole way on the glass like surface only to imbed themselves, as one, underneath the waiting mammoth of steel known as a car. The rider of the black steed never noticed the color, shape, or make of the vehicle that he was now slammed under, nor did he ever care. He did remember, however, being pulled out from underneath the car by strong, gentle hands and being asked how he was doing, but none of that mattered to him either.

No crimson blood flowed from any wounds onto the ivory floor. No bones were fractured or broken. No skin needed mending and no clothing was shredded. Even though nothing apparent seemed obviously wrong with this once cheery face youth, he wept. Not a physical pain kind of weeping, nor one stemming from fear. The race, the thrills, the adventures all meant absolutely nothing to this now sobbing child. Nothing said to him, nor nothing offered, could soothe his crushed spirit for laying on the ground at his feet was the mangled dying mass of his beloved steed. There was a lesson to be learned this cold, harsh, very real day, and yet no one cared, for today a tiny boy’s heart had been shattered by the destruction of his only worldly possession: his bike.

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Father’s Day

Posted on 16 June 2013 by Valkyrie

father's day - blinkinblogsI feel that sadly, Fathers kind of get a bum deal on this day. It falls after Mother’s Day, as if to say – “Oops! Let’s not forget about Dads”… so we scramble together a day to make them feel like they are special too.

I’ve always wondered why the consumer machine never pushes this as hard as they do for Mother’s Day. Mothers are supposed to be lavished with flowers, candy, gifts, lunch out, and possibly even diamonds – much akin to Valentine’s Day. That’s a lot of pressure for men and for children as well. It seems a bit unfair.

Where with Dads, it is kind of subdued advertising – an afterthought almost. Maybe the proverbial neck tie, a Home Depot gift card, or cologne that he will never wear. You can almost feel the laziness of advertisers just doing their duty to include good ol’ Pops.

I love Dads – of all ages. They are magnificent creatures that deserve more of an ovation than they generally get. Yes, I realize there are lots of absentee fathers, but I am not referring to them. I am simply recognizing the ones that deserve our accolades.

Fathers point that strong North that a child needs to head into this crazy world – all by being steadfast, confident, and courageous in showing them the way; even if there are several twists and turns on the journey.

Fathers are magnificent at providing a strong presence, an unshakeable bond, and a safety net when we feel we cannot go on, but yet – he tells us, “You must!”

I love Fathers – I really, genuinely do. I love my own Father as much as I love my own children. That is a bond that was created, that nobody can remove. It is permanent.

My wish for the Fathers out there – that you may know inside of yourselves how valuable you really truly are to your children, to your family, and to the public as well.

We admire you all, we need you tenfold, and this world would be a sad and lonely place without your hard curveball lessons, your pushes behind our bikes once the training wheels come off, that worried look on your face when you realize we passed our driver’s test, your reluctant release of that grip as you pass the torch onto your son(s), and even that expression of having to ‘let go’ when you walk your daughter(s) down that wedding aisle.

So many of you hold a stiff upper lip and rarely crack under emotional duress that is directly linked to your children, but we all understand that you do feel deeply, and you are just hard-wired to show it differently. We call that strength and perseverance to the nth degree.

Fathers… we love you and we could never do it alone. You are needed, you are prized, and you are appreciated. We honor you.

Happy Father’s Day –




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An Itty Bitty Rant on Healthcare (among other things) in America –

Posted on 14 June 2013 by Valkyrie

big pharmaAmerica’s healthcare system sucks, plain and simple. We rank #38 out of #190 countries, and we just dropped ranking a few months ago… we held at #37 for quite some time. “Go Team!”

My rant is that we are made to believe our healthcare system is top-notch. HA! I couldn’t disagree more. Our country is as broken as the bread we break for communion.

What angers me most is that we look to Healthcare as a ‘white collar privilege’ in this country. Meaning, if you have it, awesome for you (high fives and fist pumps). And if your neighbor doesn’t have it, our attitude is, “Screw you! Get your own!”

I realize I have now probably been labeled a Socialist with my above statement. And I really don’t care about labels. They are all fake facades of ego anyway. I am simply the believer of this… we were born with our health (most of us anyway) – therefore, our health should be managed and taken care of in a way that does not profit Big Pharmaceutical companies. Period.

Since when has America become the melting pot for pure dysfunction in this area? Seems like always – we are dropping rank quickly in this area quickly and nobody seems to care. Instead we all Obama bash for ‘Obamacare’. No, I am not promoting him either.

I find it amazingly pathetic that we have let our health and our lives be put in the hands of Big Pharmaceutical companies all so they can profit and go on that annual cruise to Italy in their fully employed – servant like Yachts.

Yep, I said it. That is exactly how I feel. Our medications have become brand name and cool just like the fashion industry. I would not be surprised that someday very soon, there will be a runway of sorts for these ‘coveted’ medications to stroll down – Lunesta, doing a saunter down the catwalk.

Commercials run all the time on television promoting how cool you will be and feel so much better if you just pop their one pill. Give it a snazzy name and you have a customer for life.

We have also become a country of disease and disorder by the truckload. Seems cool to walk around the office, saying to your co-worker with delight, “Hey, I have PMDD!” Not only does it fulfill our need for acceptance, it also gives us a label of identification to wear.

Pharmaceutical companies do not care about you. Here, let me say it again. Pharmaceutical companies DO NOT care about you. They care about their own bottom line and purchasing that private jet they have been salivating for.

Harsh? Damn straight it’s harsh. But I believe it to be the truth. Not only do they create wonder pills to make you better, they also make sure you need them.
How do you get a customer for life? Make them sick! Spray our food with pesticides and growth hormones, process the ever living shit out of just about everything we eat, put fluoride in our water to wreak even more havoc, and wala!… a customer for life!

The flu shot carries so much mercury, that it increases Alzheimer’s risks substantially. Not to mention, they have made this shot free. You then get Alzheimer’s and Big Pharma has a customer for life. See how that works?

Monsanto and other companies spray our food with GMOs and pesticides by the drum… even surpassing what is deemed ‘necessary’. Making us sick, which then big pharma has a customer for life.

There are more infant mortality rates in this country than most other countries, but yet, we are not aware of this. Instead we argue about abortion.

Are menopausal women really supposed to rely on medications for the rest of their lives just to feel somewhat better? I would think that the Creator knew what he/she was doing – the human body was made to adjust naturally to this phase of life.

There are more deaths in America due to legal medications and properly taking them, due to the side-affects – than all other deaths put together. Did you know that? More deaths due to taking a medication as prescribed, due to the side-affects!

I think we can now relate to how cattle must feel. Herd us up, put us in pins, experiment with us to any degree, feed us foods that are not intended for us, inject us with hormones, inject us with antibiotics, to then be taken to the slaughterhouses.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a believer in face value, mindless dribble anymore. And it seems that is what we are being force fed on a regular basis. Say it enough times, and you will have a believer. We have been hypnotized by people who do not have our best interests at heart.

Monsanto is so tightly linked with the FDA, and the FDA with Government that it would be almost comical, if it were not for how many people are suffering due to this sick truth. One hand is operating all these puppets. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of watching a puppet show of fake stories… I want to see who these Puppet Masters really are and get to the bottom of what is really going on.

Am I a conspiracy theorist? No, I researched… it is out there. Sad thing is this; none of these groups even try to hide it. They just word it in a nice way and wrap a pretty bow around it, and sadly… far too many of us believe they have our backs.



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Posted on 13 June 2013 by Valkyrie

fat - blinkingblogsLet’s face it; America is obsessed with it – low-fat, nonfat, 2%, skim, etc. If we are so dialed in on fat and what it is, then why is America becoming fatter by the day?

We have been misinformed. We have been told that fat is the enemy. Remember this?… “Once on the lips, forever on the hips”- in essence, that can deem as being true, however… fat is not always the culprit in adding on those extra inches every year.

Let’s break it down. There two main types of fat. So many of them are the good guys (which fall under one main category), but sadly, western fad-diets have given the word a very bad and displeasing reputation. We run from the word “fat” just as fast as a swimmer scurries about in the ocean after hearing, “Shark!”

So many fats actually help melt away that stubborn fat that resides on your love handles, tummy, thighs, or bottom. True! Also, the good fats are the very fats needed for increasing HDL (good cholesterol), decreasing cardiovascular risks, delivering higher levels of energy, providing better vitamin absorption, and maintaining strong cell structure.

Keep in mind, when discussing the topic of fat, I am not referring to the edging of fat on that pink prime rib, or the fat in the au jus that you will be dipping it in. Nor, the fat that drips off that meat patty while you are BBQ’ing, only to make the flames below ignite higher. Not even the fat from the bacon that sizzles away in the skillet, only hours later to solidify into a white waxy substance that is so hard to get rid of.

Those all fall under the Saturated Fat category. I refer to them as the Villains. The highest percentage of saturated fat comes from animals and animal by-products – steak, chicken, pork, milk, butter, cream cheese, yogurt, etc. And it is all too apparent that these foods make up the highest percentage of foods that Americans consume on a regular basis. These ‘bad’ fats lead to all kinds of chronic issues, such as – weight gain, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure and even some cancers.

The fats I refer to as the Heroes are the other kind, Unsaturated Fats. These healthy wonders all fall under the plant kingdom – fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, etc. These are the fats that deliver so many healthful benefits to the human body.

The less the food is processed, the better the fat is for you. So, do you choose the roasted honey-dipped cashews glazed in sugar by the handful? Or, do you opt for the raw cashews that have minimal processing? The latter is definitely the answer.

Fats in avocados, nuts, seeds, and even some vegetable oils are where the gold mine is at. Watching what you eat? Want to shed a few pounds? Forgo the beef patty on that bun and instead opt for the avocado with the same exact extras… lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. Resulting in a healthier sandwich that will deliver a lot more nutrients than that carcinogen, saturated fat filled beef patty. Not to mention, you won’t feel so weighed down after. As for your burning question of, “But where do I get my protein?”… Relax, you will be just fine, Americans consume far too much protein as it is. It is only one sandwich. Not to mention, that is a whole other topic altogether.

Keep it simple every time fat is a concern for you. Remember this, the more processed it is, the worse it will be. Think basics – let’s go back to how our grandparents ate. If the packaging is neon in color and flashing advertisements about its nutritional content and value, I’d bet my first born it is high in saturated fat (amongst other dreadful things) and not good for you. Avoid these like the plague.

So please, do me a favor… embrace those avocados, those beautiful raw nuts, grains in their ‘whole’ form, all while limiting those bad fats – and watch what happens. I am not promoting over indulgence with any sort of these great foods either, as our fat consumption with Unsaturated Fats should not exceed 30% of total calories per day… but hey, that’s far better than the Saturated Fat intake, which is not to exceed 7% of total calories per day.

Remember, fat is not the enemy here… it is the world of processed, processed, processed that has robbed us of our vitality and god given curves and strong statures. We were not intended to feel deprivation on a daily basis to fit into that damned swim suit for summer, people! We were intended to stick closely to how food actually was meant to be… in its whole form.

Now, go eat an avocado, feel NO guilt, and best yet… enjoy!





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So the Government is Watching Us.

Posted on 12 June 2013 by Thraxxus

NSAThe government is watching you. If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, that is fine, as the government has been paying attention to you. Understand something: this is not new. Both the NSA and the FBI are now using the Patriot Act as it was intended to be used when it was written.  Don’t let all these liar politicians spell it out any other way to you. “We didn’t know!” Horseshit. They knew what it was going to be used for when it was written, that is why they wrote it, and that is why they made it law – and now it is being used.

How? The NSA ordered Verizon Wireless to turn over their phone records, all of them. Why? To upload that data in NSA databases and use it as a data mining resourse for finding potentially bad guys in the USA. Nifty. I find it terribly amusing how many people are mad at Verizon. Let me be clear here, they really didn’t have a choice. The NSA calls your cell phone company and tells you to turn over your records or you lose your frequency bank, ending your business over night. Believe me, that is what happened. What do you do? Right, you turn over the records. Is it the right thing to do, morally speaking? Nope. Is it the right thing to do for a business with shareholders? Tragically, yes. Apparently the ACLU is suing the NSA. ROFL. Good luck with that.

What about the FBI? Same thing. Grabbing records, loading them up, writing data mining robots to peruse said data, and flag anyone who might seem suspicious. Why is that a problem? As President Obama stated, if you want 100% security then you have to give up some freedoms right? We all want to be safe, and that has a price, freedom. The naivety displayed here is staggering in several ways:

  1. Did you really think that you were free prior to this event?
  2. Did you really think you weren’t already being monitored? Apparently this has been going on for six years, and now it is just public knowledge, meaning someone bothered to tell a new story about it. Nothing new people.
  3. Do you really believe that this is a new theory? Lots of oppresive regimes in history did the same thing coughnaziscough.
  4. But you didn’t do anything wrong, so why would someone be interested in you? Right?!

Look, the real issue here is not that it is happening at all, but rather where the lines are drawn. The reason for public outrage is that it was the general undrstanding that the Government was monitoring bad guys, right? And they did so with warrants, at one time, right? Patriot Act did away with the need for warrants. The scary part here is that line folks. Where is it drawn? If the government suddenly finds a blogger, like me, to be a threat because they ask questions about the government, then can’t they use those records against me in some fashion? Scary?

Hell yes.



What can you do about it?

Write your Congressman. Write your Senator. Peacefully protest. Stop using the services that are forced to cooperate with the Government. Who? Facebook. Google. Cell Phone Service Providers. Limit your usage or do away with them altogether.

So there is this list of products that have hit the web to “assist” you in avoiding all this surveillance crap and of course the more apocalyptic books that go into surviving a food crisis. Truth be told I am really interested in the food ones, especially given the Monsanto crap going on these days.

  1. This is a book that shows you what to do to deal with government big brother crap. They provide a long list of ways of trying to disappear from public view.
  2. Food crisis survival guide covers how to prepare for the coming perceived problems of foot shortage.
  3. Here is another book about surviving the food crisis. Ironically I have been growing a garden lately – this may get me to focus a bit on just what I will grow.
  4. I figured I would add in a Paleo Cook book, given how with a world wide melt down I can only conclude that processed foods would become a thing of the past. This one, along the same lines, really cracked me up given it refers to cavemen eating. Good times.
  5. Then we have the “How to survive a Pandemic” guide. Not sure how people know how to do that given that one hasn’t happened in well over 100 years, but still, why not check it out?

Good luck and godspeed. According to some, the Aliens get here soon, so it will be over then anyway.

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The Fallen

Posted on 06 June 2013 by Thraxxus

manwithgunI look across the counter into the eyes of the man pointing a pistol at my chest. His hand shakes, his eyes dart about. His voice quivered when he said those words, “Give me everything in the register.” He lacks the courage of his convictions. The universe froze for a moment, granting me an eternity of time to ponder the situation that I was in. How could a man come to this? How could a man have had such a series of misfortune as to have made the decision that he needed to point a loaded gun at a fellow human being? Surely I had never been to the place that he was clearly at in his life now, so really how I could answer my own question?

So I asked him. “How did you come to this?” He froze, like me, his gun stopped shaking, the movement traveling up his body to his lower lip. “I don’t know.” I was amazed that he answered me. Surely something brought him to this point of desperation? It had to right? A man doesn’t simply decide to acquire a gun and then choose again to use it in a crime against another person for a paltry amount of money. Does he? Something lead him down this road. Contrary to what many believe, I find it impossible to accept that some men are just born evil. Something brought him here, or someone.

“I guess…”, he continued, “that I had no choice left.” There it was, the answer plaguing so many of us now. He had no other avenue that he could think of, he had run out of options. How did that happen? How does it happen to any of us? Somehow we graduate to a level of desperation that drives us to horrible things, to ourselves, and to others. Surely that is what had happened here. Perhaps things could have gone differently.

What have we become if a person has no options? What have we become if a person feels that they can not reach out their hand and have it taken by another, helping them rise to their feet? How could we have fallen so far to allow our fellow humans to stand forever alone, without help, without hope. How can we have left them to die and then be surprised when they refuse to? When they rise differently than we find acceptable? When they rise twisted, misshapen, horrible? How could we have expected differently?

When desperation grabs you and all hope is lost, in the end you will either choose death or life, and that choice can often lead you down a dark path. “How can I help you?” The question is so simple, and the task often simpler. So I asked him. “How can I help you?” He blinked at me, the gun lowering a little. “What?” He was clearly stunned. “What do you  need?” He began to cry.

What do any of us need? Why has it become so difficult to recognize that in another? Desperation is often times easy to spot if you are looking for it. The eyes tell all, doorway to the soul that they are. Is it so much trouble to ask? Is it so difficult to lend a helping hand? A loaf of bread? A bag of rice? A job? Maybe just an ear, or a hug? Something to let that person, whose feet are dangerously close to the edge, know that they are not alone in this world. They are not alone in the darkness. No, all they need to do is reach out their hand and you will take it, and help them.

How have we fallen so far?


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