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So, after a year of teaching…

Posted on 17 April 2013 by ~baba

LisaYes, I’m back. I taught senior English at a private school for eight months and have been out of work for two months now, not totally out of work, I’m teaching a private student and afternoons at a community college here in Nong Khai, Thailand. I’ve been here almost two years now, it’ll be two in May. It’s not bad living here, finances haven’t been that good except while I was teaching full time. Being 65 isn’t that bad here either, yeah, I have aches and pains, high blood pressure(under control) and I’m a little slower to get up after sitting or lying down. The people here don’t seem to have a problem with my age, in Hawaii, I was ok, but getting right down to it, it was hard to date anyone I was interested in. Sometimes I got lucky with a tourist girl, I’d ask, ‘Did you make any memories in Hawaii?’ and they’d say no, meaning they hadn’t had sex on the beach under the moonlight. I’d say, ‘Would you like to?’ and surprisingly enough I spent alot of time showing the island and sleeping with them. It was ok but I wanted a LTR or long term relationship. I had one but she was alcoholic and that’s a ride I can do without. Here in Thailand the girls see falang(derived from foreigner) as a source of income in one way or another. 500-1000baht for sex after paying a 2-300 baht ‘bar fine’ and it’s pretty nice, beautiful girls, experienced, what most of us need to keep tuned up. I’ve had quite a few non bar experiences, one leading to a 10 month old daughter, and another resulting in a 6th month pregnancy. Unfortunately I’m not with either of these girls but they have boyfriends and family taking care of them. I give them a thousand sometimes when I bump into them and it always surprises them. I have finally found a girl that I’ve been with for over a month(a new record for me here!) Her name is Lisa, short for Arisa and she really likes me. I met her in a bar, paid the bar fine and a thousand for all night and found that I’d found something pretty good. She’s from a village, Nong Song Hong, about 25 miles out of town and was recovering from a motor cycle accident two years before. She had spent a year in a wheelchair while her femurs healed and then got two hip replacements and re learned to walk, she’s still a little slow but we walk alot and I can see improvement. She also had head damage, something I’m familiar with as I’ve had my head split open before, hard to recover from. Anyway she has limited vision and needs to be taken care of since she can’t travel alone. She fits into my life like she was tailor made for me. All we need to do is to find her something to do during the days while I’m working(if I find work) and I think It’ll work out. Kinda ramblin’ here but the gist of it is I may settle down finally. We’ll see, and I hope to post here more often again, not a travel blog but a contentment blog. Thanks for staying with me…..~baba

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