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East VS West

Posted on 21 October 2012 by Thraxxus

In Western culture, which is in effect anything west of Asia, including Europe and the USA, but not so much South America, we have become a pharmaceutical people. No matter the ailment some Pharm Corporation is trying like mad to develop a lab grown drug to “help” you. It turns out that there are few things that most people don’t actually know:

  1. European, especially France, medicine is far superior to American medicine. Far Superior.
  2. The European health system is better than the American counterpart.
  3. Europeans are healthier people that Americans – and consequently live longer.
  4. Europe has medicines that the USA doesn’t have, and won’t allow. There are loads of conspiracy theories wrapped around this issue.
  5. Europe has medical procedures that the USA won’t allow – again more conspiracy theories here.

So right off we see that all Western Medicine is not created equally, some are better than others, and in some cases you can’t get the things you need ins some cultures. Why then group these together into a category called Western Medicine at all? What the hell does that term even mean? According to the Macmillan dictionary it means the following:

“The type of medical treatment that is the most popular in North America and Western European countries, based on the use of drugs and surgery to treat symptoms (=signs of illness). In such countries, other types of medical treatment are called alternative medicine or complementary medicine.”

So really it is the concept that medicine is something for labs and hospitals, nothing and nowhere else. Seems a bit limiting.

Eastern Medicine, it turns out, isn’t a term that is actually used. Instead there is Western Medicine and then there is pretty much everywhere else. Some people like to refer to non Western Medicine as Chinese Medicine, but that is not entirely accurate. As Western Medicine focuses on the usage of technological wonders and pharmaceuticals Chinese Medicine focuses on natural remedies, eating right, and living peacefully. The question is: Why does the West frown on Chinese Medicine then?

The basis of Chinese Medicine is that one must have self control. They must have self reflection. A follower of that world must be willing to change themselves for success – for life. Chinese Medicine is very spiritual – the followers believe in nature, self reflection and nutrition. I am not sure why the West thinks so badly of these things – especially big business. Let us ponder that for a moment. If you can focus on nutrition, relaxation, core values, and self reflection and be healthy what would you need big Pharm for? Not much.

This leads us to the final thought: Why are natural substances illegal in the United States and more potent, and arguably more dangerous, drugs made by big Pharm totally legal? Does this seem odd to you?

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