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Kids’ Sports – Sigh

Posted on 30 September 2012 by Thraxxus

The following is a letter I wrote to the head of the League my son played soccer with until today.


Mr.  League Executive,

I am writing to you to explain to you why my son won’t be back to play this season and furthermore why I will not be signing him up to play with Legends again. Understand this, based on the game today and the discussion that happened with several coaches and parents after the game it is also my understanding that several of the other parents on our team are strongly considering  pulling their children from the league as well. Allow me to elaborate as to why.
  1. Our children have not been taught any fundamentals at all this season. I’ve been to every practice and every game, and have verified with other parents and asked the children directly. By fundamentals I include – How to properly kick a ball, passing, goal tending, throw ins, goal kicks, corner kicks, defense – really the list goes on and on. This frustration was explained to the coaches at the end of the game. We were told “That is not what we do.  We don’t teach fundamentals. All we teach are individual moves.” I replied with “Our goalies don’t even know that they can use their hands.” I was told, “You seriously expect us to teach a goalie that he is allowed to pick up the ball? What a waste of time that would be.” I retorted with. “Yes! I have been a coach for 15 years. Always make sure that your players understand fundamentals before teaching anything advanced.” The response? “Yeah whatever. Waste of time.” Then he turned to the other coaches and said “Come on lets go.” And they walked off.
  2. The individual skill that was used non stop during the game was the “Pull Back.” Don’t misunderstand, I find this to be a useful skill for any soccer player to know, however in today’s game the move was so over used that the parents on the side line were actually laughing. Why? Every pull back executed garnered a player a sticker. At one point in the game all of the kids, minus the goalies, were sitting in a circle pulling back the ball from each other. The game actually wasn’t moving. It was one large pull back session. Again, the parents on the side line were actually laughing how stupid the game had become. The coaches? They just kept saying”Do a pull back!” over and over again. This went on for quite some time. The obvious point to make here is that even though the move has been taught, the purpose of the move has not been. A pull back has a use, a purpose, and a player should be taught that. The only thing the kids on our team know about the pull back is that if they do one they get a sticker.
  3. With 5 minutes left in the game my son walked off the field and told me he wouldn’t be going back. Realize this – he never does that. I asked him what was wrong, his answer is crushing. “My team doesn’t know how to pass. They don’t know how to kick a ball. Our goalies don’t know they can use their hands. All we do is pull backs. That coach over there told me to stop going after the ball so hard. I don’t want to play here anymore. We aren’t doing anything. This is boring.” He is five years old and came to the same conclusion about the league that the parents had come to on the sideline and had been discussing the entire game, the games prior, and at the practices.
  4. Team practices are so disorganized and disorderly, that the parents have started to step in by walking on the to field to get the kids to pay attention to their coach who is too busy having fun himself. We spend at least half of every practice playing Sharks and Minos. 15 minutes is spent doing a scrimmage where the kids randomly run into each other. The other 15 minutes are spent doing the same two moves over and over again. Not once have any fundamentals been covered. I know this because I actually asked our coach two practices ago if he could teach the kids how to kick the ball considering most of them don’t know how to. The response? “I guess.. just not really sure why.” The guy either hasn’t noticed what the parents have or doesn’t care. Most of the kids don’t actually know how to kick the ball correctly.
  5. Our team has won every game prior to today. I say this only for one reason – we win because our top players actually are the ones that ignore the coach both in practice and the game – again to such a degree that the parents are having to walk onto the field DURING A GAME to get the kids who aren’t in to stop screwing around. The coach seems to be oblivious to this, or again just doesn’t care. Again – we win because our kids ignore their coach. Does that seem right to you?
  6. I signed my son up for Legends because supposedly he was going to learn more about the game, team skills, and individual skills. In the weeks we have been with Legends the only thing he has learned is the pull back. I taught him how to kick a ball, at goalie he could use his hands, how to defend, how to attack, how to pass and how to throw in. Why should I pay your league to not teach my son how to play the very sport I am paying you to teach him.
Again, I have been a coach for 15 years. I have coached everyone from 3.5 years old to 42 years old. I always start by explaining the rules of practice – how players conduct themselves. We didn’t hear anything about this until the third week – and that happened only after the parents complained. I always teach fundamentals first. With that I teach them WHY they do something. Right now I am coaching 5-7 year old children and every one of them can tell you why they do what they do. On our soccer team our kids don’t know why they do anything – especially the pull back. When your coaches were brought complaints, instead of listening to the parents’ concerns they got defensive and borderline abusive. There was eye rolling and then they just walked off. Not one concern was addressed. Not one.
What kills me is that there is a lady on our team who has been with Legends for five years and she told me she will not be back. She is pulling her kids from the league because she is so disgusted. She was the one that started the discussing with the coaches after the game today and was repeatedly told that they just don’t teach that stuff in Legends, at all, period. The message was simple: “Legends is about individual skills only.” What I find humorous in that statement is that the fundamentals are individual skills.
I didn’t have to write you this letter, and frankly you don’t have to take a drop of it to heart, but I felt that since I am a coach, I owed it to my kids, the team’s kids, and the other coaches to tell them that what you are doing in Legends is wrong. All you are teaching the kids is how to not play as a team, how to be ball hogs, and how to earn stickers. Te players constantly fight with their own teammates. I have seen this happen on every single team I have watched this season. Not one of the kids on the team has learned how to play as a team, with other players, or why they do what they do, and frankly that is tragic.
My son never quits anything. My wife and I taught him that and we are very proud that he has that quality. Today he told us he would never play with Legends again. The irony is even if he hadn’t said that we wouldn’t be back. I will also be explaining to the kids on the team that I coach to avoid Legends, as well as all of our friends that have children. I find that, however Legends manifested in to what it has become, it is truly a misguided league and experience.
Good luck.

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Four Score and …

Posted on 30 September 2012 by scanjack

“I want a nation without bureaucratic ties….. I don’t give shit about the modern ways!”

I walk this road alone for it is my life, and may only be lived by myself.

“Ah, hahahaha, hahah, ah! I’ve got a million of them!” the F’ing sales a$$ center bar, crowed out to all within, well, a city block I’d guess!

“Yeah, that’s it I think you are done.” she said in a matter of fact way. Just because you provided their nectar, didn’t mean you rated respect, especially since you were taking out your trade, from time to time, in the skin currency they dealt in day to day.

“You’re not the one, but you’re the only one…”

Are you lost yet? No worries, these things

“Hey now, all you sinners…put your lights on.”

In the early 1990’s the City and County of San Francisco spent a quarter of a million dollars on “Sewer Treatment Chemicals”.

… —…. Or did they?… — … No, they didn’t.

Hey! Dumbass told me the company lawyer worked out the contract that was signed prior to delivery and monetary transfer, such that it read for just that, and this, and well on paper it all looked above board.

Really?!? Yes, that is really what happened. No one F’ing cares. An officer of the court provides a document for his client, knowing full well the fraud of tax payer dollars this contract will facilitate, but not criminally obligate his client to…

The slavery.. Right, so I hate to break it to you, but the Civil War had just about nothing to do with slavery and most everything to do with money, and power.

Hey! Orca… yeah, she was really great in a nice stalker sort of way… threw me up on the hood of her car …

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DEA Dismayed

Posted on 29 September 2012 by scanjack

Hey, did I tell you about the DEA Agent I once knew? (Present/Past members of Blinkinblogs excluded)

Valley Joe.

Lord knows even Cain would not have set up shop there!

You ever think that moths, gnats, and the like which are prone to dive bombing you, really have a death wish?

“I close my eyes. Only for a moment, and the moments gone.”

Loaning one of your cars to a friend. Yeah, what could go wrong?!?

He robbed a navel station, ripped off some drug dealers, and F’d up your car most importantly.

True story.

Names have been change to protect my own a$$ 🙂

Timothy was about as straight laced as they come. Stanford MBA, growing into running the family business. His brother, Rob, not so much. Janitorial services with the late night “pep talk” drugs coursing through his veins

You ever know someone who signed up for the FBI and changed their mind, quite literally at the last minute… I mean at the freaking airport with a ticket on Uncle Sam’s dime? They, Uncle Sam, don’t take very kindly to this sort of behavior. Do you know how much money they spend vetting a “new recruit” to the bureau?!?

“You took your coat off, stood in the rain.”

Rob grew some of the best stuff I had ever seen. In his grandmother’s backyard. She had passed away, and the family left the place to him…you know, the one in the family that needed help, as it were. DEA brother never showed up to visit. What an F’ing idiot…although I have to give the man kudos for being a true family man and doing everything, no matter how misguided, he thought was needed to help “save” his sibling. Fine English family.

Have you ever served your government in an official, unofficial capacity? Well if you ever receive such a request, turn it down, run , do whatever it takes to avoid this. You probably have no idea what slimy, disgusting, inhumane crap passes for official, off the book, Uncle Sam service!

“…spent four years prostrate to the higher mind.”


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The Purple Hog

Posted on 29 September 2012 by scanjack

Some of the best times ever had were with my friends at The Purple Hog.

This was a hole in the wall pub in Deland, Florida. My god, it was a great place! They had small one to three person bands, that were flat out great! Did you hear the song about Mary? I mean there was of course really, something about Mary!

Haiti Relief Fund – Bush II “… just send your cash.” Managed by the Clintons.

“Alice. Alice. Who the F is Alice!”

She wore purple.

A big girl, circling like an Orca (the largest dolphin by the way, in case that has escaped your information retrieval system) and my having just dropped off my future ex-wife at the BART station, so she could go F her 10″ ex-boyfriend (last laugh, Heroin addict last I checked!) and stopped at a one of my favorite local delis, I noticed this car following me.

I think I should mention here that I didn’t know I was dropping her off to go F her ex. Some months later we bared all supposedly to each other before our pick up and leave for another state move. Right. She told me this tidbit After we had arrived in this new state, broke and searching for jobs in hopes of supporting our continuing education there.

“It doesn’t matter what I say. Long as I sing with inflection.”

The United States gives hundreds of millions in “aid” to Israel each and every year, in spite of soaring child poverty on their own streets. So the next time you hear one of the five hundred club in congress speaking about, well any bill for this or that, remember that they are only the best governing body that money can buy.

Sweet Orca waved me over a few streets away from the local deli. So it is probably here that I should mention that one of my favorite local deli’s was on the same block as a local porn shop, replete with “.25$ Video booths” or so the sign said. I think she mistook me for a patron of said sticky shop 🙂

“Alice doesn’t live here anymore.”

The Purple Hog had the most creative restroom wall art I have ever seen in my life! Having been to bars and rest stops in 30 or so states, including Hawaii, none can hold a candle to: “The angle of the dangle is inversely proportional to the length…” and such as that.

“Why should they go out to fight? They leave all that to the poor.”

Did you guess what it was about Mary?

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Overland Park/Johnson County, Kansas – Lexus Land?!?

Posted on 29 September 2012 by scanjack

“Yeah! That is a total win, win! My god, do you know how much we can take down from this? Right? I mean wow, this is better than  the shorts we put in on AA before the fall!”

Overheard somewhere outside of the Denver International terminals.


If ever you find yourself in a bar somewhere and it’s beer-O-thirty , you may encounter these “sales” types.

Just the other day, I sat drinking my $2.50 “Happy Hour” local microbrews and had the entertainment of two NYC wanna be sales types. Really. She was married, and in between the “sell, sell, sell!” bullshit, several required (it seemed at the time) marital comments were put forth. She was tall, thin with a nice Wonder Bra promoting those 36’s to forty uplift. He was about as metro as you can get and somehow managed to lose her for a few tortuous minutes. Why tortuous you ask? Really I have to say, You are the very best audience! Well that required him to either a.) Sit in a public place in silence, with alcohol, or b.) chat up the nearest poor SOB that happened to be close by. Yeah, you guessed it, yours truly.

I do my best not to judge others, really. I am not hard on the eyes, but I am not going to worry a man with a beautiful wife either…unless she has a brain and has a conversation with me ;o)

Metro_fyoubiatch…Sexual. My god, I think he had his brows waxed!

After some short “Did you see that! I can’t believe so and so from the Chiefs threw the ball in his face!” his work mate, handler, sometimes hungry mouth, as long as she packed her strap….

Land of Lexus, my a$$! Most self made millionaires drive a Camry for their commute, or so I hear. Me, I drive a BMW x5. Why, because it’s a sexy beast!

“….He’s telling us this and he’s tell us that.”

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Posted on 28 September 2012 by scanjack


No, not “Epic Fail!”, or “FAIL!”. Really, that’s not it.

When we last left our reluctant, Really Nice A$$hole, he had recently checked out; died if you will, twice in fact. Having made the conscious decision to live, twice, and suffer through the most painful hours of his life, twice 😉 , he would quite honestly tell you that there really isn’t a failure to life; at least not his, and not feeling he is any more special than anyone else who has had their ups and downs in this existence, anyone else ‘s life for that matter. It’s subjective, or relative, or “whatever”, if you will. Knowing all of that and realizing that there is something truly amazing waiting for you after this life, doesn’t really cause one to feel any better when they are having to slog through the day to day bullshit of living.

So, what is the “Failure” title all about?

You really are such a great audience, and I thank you for the question.

Lucky, or not, you probably have a family. These are the people you are always there for, no matter the ups and downs in life, you WILL be there for each other. Then, we have our friends. If you are smart, like me, you realize that real friends are people that you put in the family category. You chose these people, and you put in the time with them, and will do everything you can for them just as if they are flesh and blood relatives. You, chose them. Everyone else, they are in the acquaintance file; numerous though they may be, you really only have so much time what with family, work and all that comes with life and the pursuit of the neo-American Dream of, “Just Getting By”.

We will get back to the story of our RNA (Really Nice A$$hole, come on people, keep up) in a little while.

Recent events have prompted the “Failure” flag to be waved high.

If you think that the violence in the middle east is about free speech, you have found failure. Since when is it EVER okay to commit acts of violence against relative innocents because they may appear to belong, however loosely, to a certain group that you believe to have offended you? One might understand going after someone who offended you. Doesn’t make it right, but most people realize that there is a cause and effect at work here. Going after people who appear to be one of the “Hoopaloomos” because a Hoopaloomo offended you, is not okay. No, really, it is not okay. Period. The violence being committed against this or that group in the middle east currently is Wrong. End of story. That, is the issue Not freedom of expression. Until you realize that, you are on the failure track.

Right, so we have had a slight interruption to express what seems to this tired, jaded writer a serious flaw in our collective mainstream thought process. Oh, and if you really think the U.S. Ambassador was killed due to an f’ing protest over an f’ing cartoonish movie, think again, or maybe for the first time.

When our intrepid RNA was fourteen he moved away from home. Still in High School and not from an affluent family, this was only made possible because he had friends; real friends as they have been summarily defined in our earlier texts. This move didn’t stick and it was not until he was sixteen that he found a way to be more or less independent. Friends.


It isn’t quite apparent where RNA went off track. In fact, this defining moment may just as well not exist in spite of all the searching to pinpoint it. It may well be that one of you, our audience, spots this elusive “moment in time”.

Someone RNA once worked for stated that an obvious concern, noticed by co-workers even, was his tendency to express doubt in his own abilities. This was true, but only indicative of a greater truth. People have been known to state that they are their own worst critic, and they have high expectations for themselves. Having high expectations is only an idea; in practice one must demand this of oneself. Distraction, laziness, we aren’t really sure when and where the “demand” faded away.

You may well be wondering just WTF all of this has to do with the title of this long winded, ongoing dialog….. Alice. You remember Alice; the restaurant… or was it “Alice, Alice. Who the F is Alice?” or maybe “Alice doesn’t live here anymore.”?

Maybe we can skip to the punch-line and summarize to explain the Failure of which this post is about?

Have you ever….

No, you most probably have not. It’s okay, most people haven’t.

Out for a bite to eat and couple decent brews, today I was sorely reminded of why we have birth control. “OMG, right!?! Totally going to have our own reality tv show! Right?” I’d say it’s a perfect example of why you leave one bullet for yourself because the one before might not do the job, and well you wouldn’t want to be in that particular form of hell all by yourself.

Have you seen Alice?

Right, where were we? Ah, yes.

We were trying to move the story along to maybe, once and for all, finally get to the point. (That last sentence typed at 90 wpm with zero mistakes… go figure 😉 ).

Oh, hey, have you tried ChattedOut yet? It’s in the Google Play store. If you actually figure out the words for more than one level, you get to live when it all goes to shite 🙂

It seems we are stuck in some sort of broken concentric circle with this story. Forging ahead… or still back in time, but we have to establish our foundation, as it were.

I think it was Florida (see supporting post on the net somewhere: Why I believe in FBI’s you won’t find it… if you do the author will pay your $50.00 usd) that really derailed our intrepid RNA. Very odd state FL. Very, odd.

So we found these song lyrics from FL, circa 1999:

Ages – Lyrics in progress

If it has all been said before why all the voices?
Are you hearing me??
Can’t you feel the power of the ages….
Lives twist around you, can’t you hear
the colors that surround you?
Where do good intentions travel too?
You deal from the deck you’re given
Can tell you yes I indeed, my choices
are your peril.
Seen the dying. The drunk and dying.
Any more sad than the sobering dead??
Do you believe all that you’ve read?

Breathe, it’s still free, come on breathe!
You can’t be what you never attempt
Try harder, come on now!
Feel the power of the ages.
Don’t let it all be in vain!

The chapel’s on the hill, can you foot the bill?
Services rendered here, give us nothing but our fill.
Justice or mercy, choose now you must.
He hears the colors we live
Listen close, squint if you must don’t miss the thrill.
Oh yeah, it’s on the hill, ever as it was.
Time stands still before the power of the ages!

Breathe, it’s still free, come on breathe!
You can’t be what you never attempt
Try harder, come on now!
Feel the power of the ages.
Don’t let it all be in vain!

Standing tall we watch the fall
You never seem to realize the age is here
Deja vu is everything you do
Do you know HER?
Equinox of the Ages, she revels still….
Power reserved conquers the Evil you observe.

./*=>/ = != == (*_*)

Cutting to the chase…

Heh, you wish ;o)

There once was a guy who had to take 3 buses and the BART train to get to work. He worked the day through, and paid a bit extra for the “package” from his cousin, to include his own delivery back home. Six blocks from home, dark falling, he was not getting on well with the Mrs., so stopped off for a drink or two….

You wouldn’t believe the rest of the story anyway, so we shall skip it.

“…gonna die of fright. Here Comes. The Razors Edge.”

Once saw the Scorpions’ in  concert at a “Day on the Green” and they were great! Several years later, went to see them again, completely unprepared for the scene encountered at this venue. East Bay, CA, and the Red Cross volunteers were almost running up and down the aisles pushing condoms on the writhing teens. Seriously, these people were f’ing and carrying on in THE F’ING seats! So, no more concerts for fives years or so.

Prude, you say? LOFL, you have no idea; that was likely the most incongruous thing ever seen. It was as if the fog machines were pushing out psychotropic’s. It was really that disconnected from what you would consider reality.

“On a lone and lonesome highway, east of Omaha…”

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What it should mean.

Posted on 11 September 2012 by Thraxxus

September the 11th, 2001.Two airplanes are hijacked and piloted into the Twin Towers in New York City. Thousands perish. Facts.

Since that moment, locked forever in time, the people that inhabit this planet have done everything but solve what really happened that day – regardless of who did or did not do the atrocity. Quite the contrary. A travesty of the most vicious kind created one of the greatest opportunities in self reflection the world has ever seen – and it was dismissed. Instead of dealing with the Earth’s tumultuous political and religious landscape in a holistic fashion we plunged it further into darkness. Another, and even possibly, worse tragedy unfolded – Wars – mindless, pointless, and ultimately self serving.

How can we have strayed so far from the path of righteousness and yet claim to be even more righteous now? How can we have come to lie to ourselves and each other and consume those lies as facts? Is it so that we can sleep at night knowing what we have done to each other? To our fellow humans? All in the name of what? For what? Who is gaining here? Ultimately has justice been done?

Does it matter anymore? The world is now so far out of balance, consumed with fear, hatred, doubt, and greed, that perhaps we have reached a tipping point. We all feel it but nobody really wants to admit it. The world is now holding its breath harder than ever before. Prior to 9/11 we could feel the inhale of breath, like billions of angry children holding out for what they want. 9/11 was that chance to exhale, look around, and take in a new breath of self reflection, honesty, and truth.

On 9/11 thousands of people died needlessly, and that was not the greatest atrocity committed on that day – forgetting how it even came to happen is. We honor those who fell by remembering them in somber silence when perhaps we should do so with outrage. Perhaps instead of bowing our heads we should raise our voices. Instead of shedding tears for those lost perhaps we shed our doubts, fears and ignorance. If we truly wish to remember those whose fires were extinguished too early perhaps we should light a new fire – one of hope, understanding, and above all, peace. Isn’t it time to do what is right over what is easy? Isn’t it?

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