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The Mutha Effing Return (Cue the Jay Z!) Wha, What! REEL RHINO!

Posted on 29 July 2012 by Reel Rhino

Blinkin has come, gone, and is back with a fury…and so am I….you want movie news….you got movie news.

But seriously,  I have been really, really busy and I have succumb to the curse that befalls most folks that write for any reason, be it professionally or casually…no time.

Yeah, that’s right, I’ve been pretty busy living.

I do live to write…in 5th grade I won the regional writing award for poetry…I even remember the first few lines:

A look to the future,
A glance to the past,
From cavemen to dinosaurs,
Astronauts to cats.

Yes, that was the AMAZING first stanza that won me a $50 savings bond and also the chance to read said poem at the Millcreek Township school board meeting.  In fifth grade, that was on par with national publicity.

So I really do love to write and I would love to write on a more professional level (maybe someday), but for now, this is my venue.

That is the upside…this is a no pressure venue and I can write once a month, or once a day, and its all good.  Just know that if I had my way, it would be more often than less.  I love you guys, I do!  Yeah, it’s getting misty in here!

So, seen any good movies lately?

Here’s a short and partial list of what I have seen since I last wrote:

Jeff, Who Lives at Home
Men In Black III: Real-D 3-D
The Chernobyl Diaries
The Sound of My Voice
Snow White and the Huntsman
Prometheus: The 3-D IMAX Experience
Madagascar 3-D
Snow White and the Huntsman
Rock of Ages
The Avengers 3-D
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3-D
The Amazing Spiderman: The 3-D IMAX Experience
Safety Not Guaranteed
Moonrise Kingdom
Singin’ In The Rain
Your Sister’s Sister
Ice Age: Continental Drift
The Dark Knight Rises: The IMAX Experience
The Watch
Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story

Yeah, I’ve seen a bunch!  In fact my count for the year as of this moment: 194 movies, theater and home viewing included!  If you remember back in January, I made the statement that I would make a run at 365 in 365….well as of today, the 29th of July — 211 days into the year…I’m still in this thing!!  I was well ahead of schedule until around the end of April.  I will be back!  I will make 365!

As for what I have seen, I wanted to give you a list of must-sees from my list above…

Your Sister’s Sister
 – 4.5 Horns – An indie flick starring Rosemarie Dewitt, Emily Blunt, and Mark Duplass — DUPLASS IS A GENIUS actor (and director) – see also Safety Not Guaranteed, Jeff, Who Lives at Home, and THE LEAGUE!

Safety Not Guaranteed – 4 Horns – Awesome indie comedy drama that made it to the mainstream theaters for two weeks…starring Duplass and AUBREY PLAZA…everyone loves April from Parks and Rec, and she is channels in Plaza’s performance here as well!  This flick is an indie dramedy that by the end, becomes an indie dramedy SCIFI flick!

Rock of Ages – 4.5 Horns – 80’s Rock Musical that defied by uncertain expectations to be absolutely effing AWESOME!
The Sound of My Voice – 4.5 Horns – Creepy indie drama…the second larger release after Another Earlth, from Brit Marling…she has writing chops and in the lead role of Maggie, the leader of the cult at the center of this film, this indie drama is also indie sci-fi, that delivers a twist that is well worth the price of admission!
Jeff, Who Lives at Home – 4.5 Horns – I was a quivering mess by the end of this MARK DUPLASS directed flick…yes it was co-directed with his brother Jay, but this is the third entry for Duplass in my must-see list.  Mark Duplass is phenomenal in general, and he and his bro deliver here in a well told, tightly woven story that seems to be all over the place while managing never to lose you!  And holy S, RAE DOWN CHONG is in this thing!  Where has she been!

Prometheus – 4.5 Horns – Sir Ridley Scott demands to be seen.  His touch is golden and his flicks rock, consistently!

The Amazing Spider-Man – 4 Horns – A story I didn’t know needed to be told, actually was told quite well. I think for his delivery, Andrew Garfield is a superior Spidey, but Spider-Man 2 remains my favorite of the Spider-Man flicks!

The Dark Knight Rises – 4.5 Horns – Just a phenomenol end to Nolan’s run!  This flick was awesome!  Much more story-centric than the previous two, it will be my #2 in the series, but only a close second to The Dark Knight.  Ledger and Eckhart delivered in a way that may never be matched again in comic book fare, but Tom Hardy did a damn fine job as well.  Bravo to everyone involved in this flick.

I was dissappointed by: Ted, The Watch, and Savages.  That is all I will say about the negative…

Well…its good to see you all…check out some of the flicks I mention above…you will not be disappointed!!

Until later, take care!  And blinkinites, its good to be back.
Reel Rhino

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The Demise of Penn State

Posted on 23 July 2012 by Thraxxus

It is no secret to anyone these days that Penn State was recently discovered to be part of an internal conspiracy to cover up a series of child molestation incidents all by one man: Coach Sandusky – the assistant coach to Coach Paterno. When the molestations took place Penn State was a revered school in both football and academics, and Coach Paterno was the University’s Deity – consequently the powers that be at Penn State felt it was better to leave the molestations alone than to actually report them to the legal authorities. In effect, they decided on a cover up over doing what was both right and legal. They broke the law.

It is easy to say that what they did was wrong – sadly our society, in many ways, has come to expect the worst from those that keep their fingers on the pulse of the financial world – such as those in charge at Penn State. That aside for a moment, we have also learned that a Coach is someone we should be able to trust. Supposedly a coach has our interests at heart, wants us to succeed, wants us to be safe, because in some weird way it is his job to do so. He stands for the sanctity and success of his team – no matter what. He should always be the staunch defender of his players. In effect, it is his unspoken oath.

Coach Paterno’s decision to sit idly by and follow the directive of the college leadership, that being to ignore these little inproprieties for the greater good of the university, has lead ultimately to his demise in the annals of sports history. This single act of betrayal has stripped him of his legacy and left his fans and family emotionally destroyed. Was it hubris? Ignorance? Or just a lack of caring? It doesn’t really matter does it?

The verdict by the NCAA was harsh indeed, and is most likely a death warrant for the University as a whole, but it was fitting:

  1. $60 million fine.
  2. 4-year Bowl Ban (not that they would get there now anyway as all players will look somewhere else first before they look at Penn State)
  3. Stripped Paterno’s wins for 1998-2011 – which also stripped Coach Paterno of the title “Winningest Coach in Football History”.
  4. “The NCAA also said that any current or incoming football players are free to immediately transfer and compete at another school.”

Justice was served to the school on a whole. The individuals responsible? They should be brought up on individual charges. Chances are that won’t happen. The citizens in the community, as well as those attending the university, should demand legal recourse against those that did this heinous act as their University shall forever be known for the one that allowed this to happen. Forever Tarnished, never forgiven.

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All quiet on the Eastern front.

Posted on 16 July 2012 by ~baba

I’ve been hired to teach school and am now on a week off while the Thai staff of the school administer the mid term test I put together. I teach M6 or the seniors, aged 17yrs. Overall it’s pretty fun teaching, within a month I had pretty much won them over and I can control the classes. Some teachers complain continually about noise and horseplay in the classes but I’m pretty much ok in that area. The classes, all eleven of them are way behind in English, most don’t speak it even though it’s their 6th year. I attempted to make up an easy midterm so at least half of the class would pass but the administration wouldn’t go for it. I ended up making up a moderately hard test and we spent the last two weeks preparing for it, I’m typing with my fingers crossed hoping that they can do well, at least pass….
On the personal front, a girl I dated for a short time who left me for someone else is back, I really like her and she has a 7yr old daughter named Ice Cream(really) and I think we’ll get back together. She’s staying with a friend and is working at a beauty parlor making 200 baht a day or about $6.50 US. Instead of offering to pay her that amount to stay with me I bought out a beauty parlor and giving it to her to make her own way, whatever happens I know I’ll feel good about it.
Working makes me appreciate the weekends, I was retired for a year and bored to death, or nearly. Now that I have a week off I’m reliving my retirement year and can’t wait to get back to work and long for the weekends…~baba

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WWW III – Can Almost Taste It

Posted on 16 July 2012 by Thraxxus

World War I and World War II were both conventional wars – meaning they were fought with non nuclear weapons. WW II changed at the end when the USA dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan – Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectfully. These bombs not only ended the War, but also ended the concept of conventional warfare as weapons of mass destruction were unleashed into the annals of history. Thanks goes out to the United States of America for that one. Sarcasm intended.

Recent events in the world, specifically in the Middle East, a Region that encompasses a rather large area between the Eastern Mediteranean, The Suez Canal, and The India Ocean, that includes several nations, all with varying degrees of government and religious beliefs, has spurred some concern. Thrown into this mix are the world’s big players shuffling things around like gods toying with monsters: China, Russia, England, and The United States of America to name a few. There is talk of war again – major war – potential world war. That said most “experts” agree that won’t happen – not with weapons that murder anyway.

There is a war coming however – a series of them really, all tied together in a global chain of conspiracies that up until 4 years ago would be totally dismissed as lunacy. The stuff happening right now is so beyond belief that one must prepare themselves to even wrap their brain around the fact that it is real. The intricacies are beyond imagination really. Where to begin?

Some argue that the begining is hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. I know of no proof of that but the claims exist internet wide. There are supposedly several families, a group in the east (The Dragon Families) and a series of groups in the west (loads of names here – the most colorful of course is The Illuminati – total BS btw). These groups are apparently at war, and have been for quite some time. Things however, it seems, have escalated.

The group in the East is apparently not all that greedy. This doesn’t make them the good guys, it just means that they believe that if you devour an entire forest then nothing can grow back for you to cut later. The westerners apparently don’t follow this same theory, and thus the conflict. So where did this battlefield show its ugly head to the general populace? Banks.

Recently I shared a bit of information regarding the begining of this greed based oversight here. Rumor has it that this is only the surface – and there are many levels of this lunacy. At first MSM wasn’t covering the subject, some argue that is due to the fact that many of those involved own the media. Oddly enough, after things spin so far out of control even MSM can’t hide the stories any more.

See, the major banks of the world actually run the world. Sure that seems crazy talk, but in all actuality they do. Governments require funds to run, and most governments don’t have their own banks, thus they work with non government owned banks. The governments try to make sure that the banks are reigned it, but in truth many of those in government got there because some bank paid for the election. This has been seen throughout history more times that is easy to consume. Suffice it to say, it has happens, is happening and will happen again. Government officials all over the place are bought and sold like cattle.

If the governments need the banks, more to the point the money the banks are holding, then the bank holds the power – to an extent. As earlier stated, if the bank gets to far out of control, the government can make a stronger play at reeling it in. This is what has transpired. The major banks of the world got greedy and careless – a bad mix to be sure – and now are under fire.

The Dragons, supposedly, are behind the movement to destroy these banks – moreover, those behind them. Already CEOs of major companies are jumpiong ship because they know what seems to be coming. The future will be very interesting – World War III will be a financial war, and thus ALL INCLUSIVE. Consider what that means.

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LIBOR – Catastrophe

Posted on 09 July 2012 by Thraxxus

This is a serious problem, and tragically, it is barely being covered by anyone in the United States, Main Stream Media wise. The New York Times covered it in a not so in your face sort of way – but at least they covered it.  Simon Johnson had the courage to cover the story, and the New York Times had the courage to post it, so a nodd needs to be given to them. What is the issue?

LIBOR. To put it simply LIBOR covers what interest rate each bank charges every other bank for loans to each other. Turns out that banks are supposed to report these rates to London, every single day. What was recently discovered is that they were being reported – just with false numbers. What? Say I own a bank, and I loan money to your bank at 1% interest, but I tell LIBOR that I did it for 3% interest. I lied. What does this effect you may wonder? EVERYTHING. It is these rates that much of the world is calculated on regarding how money moves, who charges what, etc. The scary part? It is believed, and is being actively investigated, that ALL of the major banks were in on the lies.

Meaning what? Meaning that if ever there was the belief that there was a conspiracy theory on a banking Cabal that required some form of evidence – this is it. They, meaning the banks, who are supposed to be competitors, are actually all working together. Why? Simply put – world control. If you control the monetary system you control the world. This needs to stop.

This article does a decent job of explaining exactly how you, the civilian, got screwed. Another nice read explaining how this scandal is basically the largest financial scandal in HISTORY. But hey, no need to care. After all, if you are reading this, then chances are you are an American, and thus are far more interested in Hollywood BS than anything that has an actual effect on your life.

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WTF Happened?!

Posted on 06 July 2012 by Thraxxus

You may be wondering where Thraxxus went and what the heck happened to blinkinblogs. To put it simply I had a few things to hammer out and our service had a few as well. Let’s start with the site issues:

  1. Bandwidth! We have been sucking up crazy amounts of bandwidth – that is a good thing right? Sort of. It would imply that loads of people are reading the site – tragically this isn’t true. The fact is our articles have lots of digital content in them that actually suck up bandwidth – sure our articles look pretty but are sometimes bloated.
  2. We needed to do an upgrade to the website system, which I did! The problem is that it freaked out a bit and caused issues. Took some time to get that right. TwelveOclockCharlie, super helpful dude, helped again.

As for me? Well I left a company I had worked at for four years because, well, they hated me. The owner really. Apparently being honest to your boss is not always a good thing – he hated that. In fact the dude prefers yes men – as I am not a yes man he stopped appreciating my skills less and less because I refused to just say yes to any crack pot hair brained scheme that he came up with. Needless to say we parted ways. What am I doing now? Freelance writer and Colombian drug lord – the writing isn’t as difficult as you might think.

I am working on getting more writers and content on here. My goal, ultimately, is to do what the Huffington Post wanted to do before they compromised their own belief system. I’d love to have Jesse Ventura write a piece for us – will he? Chances are he has never heard of us and most likely never will – but I’d still love it. The thing is, much akin to how I acted on my last job, I believe in honesty and justice. Some of the pieces in the past caused many people much angst. In fact, we had some writers leave because of the pieces. I didn’t write any of the pieces in question – but those pieces bothered some people. Why?

Simply put they didn’t believe in them – in fact the very idea of the content covered in those articles went against their belief system. I resepct this – however a singularly important fact was dismissed – and it is because of this fact that I kept those articles on the site – The Author of those articles believed in what he was writing – he believed it was the truth – and he never stated otherwise. Understand this – I don’t believe that the content in these articles was presented as fact, although that is a rub point here, but rather as what that author believes. This is my problem with the Huffington Post – they offer up stuff as facts – when oddly enough their articles are typically regurgitated from some other source and not confirmed – thus being little more that rumor.

That was a concern of the authors that left Blinkinblogs, and I get that. My pledge to you, the reader, is to inform you that any content that is posted on this site is not confirmed unless otherwise stated – meaning it is opinion supported by research. The term Fact alone causes issues as what is a fact to one person is fiction to another – religious discussions and arguments are based on this issue. So much more content to come, more writers, and fun stuff to read.

Most importantly more Rhino and Dave, because those are the two guys that readers seem to find the most entertaining – not Thraxxus – that guy is a moron.

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