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Some sort of celebration!

Posted on 09 June 2012 by ~baba

Friday I was coerced into going to the country home of my Thai friend, Koy and her family. Usually it’s more boring than watching paint dry but there was some type of festival on Saturday. First, truckloads of costumed and non costumed people arrived with truckloads of speakers. Then the noise began, noise because there were at least two songs being played at the same time at a painful to the ears volume. Then costumed dancers started dancing down the village street, first the older, 30ish girls then they got younger and younger till they were children. Then a large group of women with paired short swords and men carrying bare bamboo poles. I was encouraged by a dozen people to join this group and dance down the street, my face was smeared with baby powder and I finally got up and joined them. I avoided the women and the swords as I have had an allergic reaction to swords in the past and I joined the men with the poles. I danced a few blocks but not knowing what was happening at the end of the parade I danced off to the side and avoided finding out, coulda been ritual sex, coulda been castration, I’m not familiar with Thai customs and don’t want to marry a toothless dancer either. I met the priminister of the provence, pretty girl. and got a free popsicle from some candidate for something and received two marriage proposals from pleasant, middle aged girls.
Earlier in the day as I was walking to the corner store(which is someone’s house with a few items for sale)I saw a calf being butchered, it was a group effort and everyone was leaving with a chunk of this or a strip of that, and sure enough our house got a bloody plastic bag of mixed parts and it was our lunch. As we left the village for Nong Khai we passed where the slaughter had taken place, I could see no trace of what had happened in that vacant lot, life goes on………~baba

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Politics, the Economy, and You

Posted on 03 June 2012 by Thraxxus

One must understand that those running things in this world don’t care about you – at all. You are a number, and to most, just an irritating one at that. You consume valuable resources, complain, whine, and are part of a problem for those in power – the weird part is that in some sick twisted way, you are also sort of a necessity. Don’t let it go to your head. You are about as necessary to their system as a single cell is to a body – that one cell dies and its no big deal, however if too many of those cells die the body suffers. Believe this – they have done the math, they know how many cells can die without the body feeling worse – in fact if the right amount dies or, or just the right ones, then the body could actually get stronger.

Take cancer for instance. Now understand that many of those in power see you as just that, a cancer on their reality. They want to cut you out of it, remove you, and destroy any remnants of you. The problem is doing so without the other cells noticing. You may not actually be cancer, hell you might be important cells, but to the inaccurate strokes of a broadsword, and not the precision cuts of a scalpal, that is what happens – the wrong stuff sometimes gets chopped off. Gee, sorry about your leg Bob.

Take politics for instance. The American people like to think that they actually have some form of impact on who gets into office. They don’t. You don’t. The USA is a Federal Republic – which means that those in power, who you supposedly put there, vote others into power. It is a system of representatives in which, oddly, your representative may not actually be representing you, and that is really what is going on right now, and what went down in Rome the years prior to its fall. Those in power were taking care of the few rich people out there and ignoring the less than rich. Welcome to modern day America, Ancient Rome all over again – with the exact same problems.

So you think that your vote matters. Hang on a second – did your vote matter the last election? Did your vote matter to decide on who we are all voting on? Are any of your questions or concerns actually being answered or addressed by those in power? Notice how the rich’s concerns are being addressed. Lowering taxes. Kick backs. Too big to fail. Cash infusions. Massive no interest loans. Can you even get a loan? A high interest one? Any? Bailouts. Loads of them for incompetent people and companies. The economy? Our system? We call it capitalism when it is profitable and act like socialism when its not. We privatize profits and socialize losses. That is not capitalism people – its cronyism – and we have it down to a science.

Bad Politics -> Bad Economy -> Bad Country -> Dead society -> Bad Bad stuff.

The Mayans may not have had it right about the end of the world – but their perspective on bad bad things happening in 2012 are probably pretty accurate. Think about this – they said December 21, 2012 was dead day – ironically that is right about the time this President prepares for either his next term, or leaving office – neither seems like a solid prospect to the rest of the cells in the body.

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