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That is One Fat Nation

Posted on 31 August 2010 by Thraxxus

Face it, the USA has become the fattest country on the Earth and apparently that is now causing trouble for the military. How?

“What we were finding was that the soldiers we’re getting in today’s Army are not in as good shape as they used to be,” said Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, who oversees basic training for the Army. “This is not just an Army issue. This is a national issue.”

Yep, all those Happy Meals and super sized fat burgers etc have turned Americans into super chubs to such a degree that they can’t do basic push ups. Before I go on, yes I can do push ups. The problem has gotten so bad that the military is actually considering removing the push up from basic training. Think about that for a moment. We are so fat that we can’t do a simple push up – and we are expected to go to war? To charge that hill? To take that bunker?

Bring on the remote controlled combat battle droids – at least they don’t need to do push ups – but I bet they can.

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Main Stream Media Goes Conspiracy Theory

Posted on 29 August 2010 by Thraxxus

Blinkinblogs covers lots of weird stuff, topics that even the writers from BB will debate amongst themselves. We have had some pretty epic verbal fisticuffs on BB on a few topics especially – almost all of those have the ability to have the stamp “Conspiracy Theory” attached to them. My thoughts on the term Conspiracy Theory are not hidden – a real Conspiracy is one where things are intentionally hidden from someone or something – ironically many things we talk about aren’t being hidden by anyone. Many of the topics brought up on BB, albeit are difficult to believe, are merely Blinkinblogs’ writers quoting some source – granted that source might be total bunk, which is typically the crux of the arguing that goes on here, but it is someone else who said something about someone or something else.

Time magazine recently crossed into the world of reporting on ichy topics that most people like to chalk up to Conspiracy Theorist nut jobs – catch is Time Magazine is Main Stream Media – meaning they are not some source which equates to a fat guy with too much free time on his hands coming up with scary stuff in his basement to brood over. No, Time Magazine has been around for decades and actually makes money based quite a bit on REALITY – well.. proposed reality really. So what did they report? Some scary crap.

“Government agents can sneak onto your property in the middle of the night, put a GPS device on the bottom of your car and keep track of everywhere you go. This doesn’t violate your Fourth Amendment rights, because you do not have any reasonable expectation of privacy in your own driveway — and no reasonable expectation that the government isn’t tracking your movements.” Is their opening paragraph for this article titled “The Government can use GPS to track your every move.”

If some other web source had reported this it would be EASY to chalk up as nut job conspiracy theorist government hate bullshit – but it’s Time Magazine – what do we do now? As I have said in recent times Newsweek has turned into a weird MSM news source that likes to report on stuff that conspiracy theorists do as well – and they are also MSM – so WTF is going on? Is this crap real? Can the government really do this?

Apparently there was a series of court cases in California whereby it was deemed totally ok to do this to people. “The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which covers this vast jurisdiction, recently decided the government can monitor you in this way virtually anytime it wants — with no need for a search warrant.” NO SEARCH WARRANT? Hmmm. Well they aren’t searching you, technically, they are tracking you – so I can see the loop hole, however that doesn’t make it any less creepy for me. What this really tells me is that parking your car outside your garage is a bad bad idea – but then – you have to drive it somewhere right? Say you park at a restaurant – tracking device installment opportunity.

My favorite part is this: “Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, who dissented from this month’s decision refusing to reconsider the case, pointed out whose homes are not open to strangers: rich people’s. The court’s ruling, he said, means that people who protect their homes with electric gates, fences and security booths have a large protected zone of privacy around their homes. People who cannot afford such barriers have to put up with the government sneaking around at night.” Sure is nice to be rich – except I am not.

“Judge Kozinski is a leading conservative, appointed by President Ronald Reagan, but in his dissent he came across as a raging liberal. “There’s been much talk about diversity on the bench, but there’s one kind of diversity that doesn’t exist,” he wrote. “No truly poor people are appointed as federal judges, or as state judges for that matter.” The judges in the majority, he charged, were guilty of “cultural elitism.”” Think about that for minute – again if you are rich this ruling doesn’t apply to you. How nice.

Of course  it is probably all conspiracy theory bullshit right?

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The Fed Considers a Change

Posted on 27 August 2010 by Thraxxus

Apparently the Federal Reserve is considering changing a long standing policy they have of paying interest to Banks that store money with them. My understanding is Banks are required by law to store a percentage of their money with the FEderal Reserve, but until yesterday I had no idea that the Fed actually paid interest on that money. On NPR they were discussing how the FEd is considering changing that policy to no longer pay interest on that money and they may go so far as to charge a fee for storage. They may be doing this because there is a major concern that a double dip recession is underway. I find this to be hysterical – just grasping at straws now.

The other piece that NPR covered was what the Fed actually did to help with the economy two years ago – they created 1.25 trillion dollars our of thin air. Apparently to buy the home backed securities they literally created money – and the best part to that is they have no idea if that is a good or a bad thing. Pure awesome.

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A Frank Deford Piece

Posted on 25 August 2010 by Thraxxus

This is a piece by Frank Deford. It is from I felt the need to share it as I agree with every drop of it. In recent times the heroes we once looked up to in the sports world have managed to fall from grace with a groaning thud. Deford addresses each one of the recent fallen angels in kind and the impact their impact with the ground had on sports lovers everywhere.


Who Can A Young Fan Look Up To? It’s Tough

This must be a terrible time for the children of America.  We’ve always been told that our little tykes need to look up to star athletes.  But one way or another, those heroes are either being disgraced or getting injured or just plain disappearing.  At this rate, our nation of worshipful boys and girls will have to turn its lonely eyes away from sports stars to actors, or reality-show people — or even, heaven forbid, to politicians.

It all starts, of course, with Tiger Woods, and we do not have to elaborate on that except to say that now poor Phil Mickelson has arthritis, so golf is down to No. 3.  Only, of course, there is no No. 3.

The networks that bring us golf tournaments are completely discombobulated. They keep showing us Tiger Woods instead of who is actually winning the tournament.  No golf journalists remember how to cover golf the way it was pre-Tiger Woods.  So, as a consequence, not only is Tiger Woods a bad memory we can’t escape, but golf itself has disappeared down a rabbit hole.

Meanwhile, in women’s golf, first Annika Sorenstam, the closest thing to a female Tiger in our time, retired to start a family, and then her successor, Lorena Ochoa, retired to be with her husband — so now the women’s tour doesn’t exist, either.  It’s like Snow White waiting for some tournament to kiss Michelle Wie and finally make her the fairest of them all.

Lance Armstrong is a fading Tinker Bell. Clap, boys and girls, if you’re sucker enough to believe in him.  Ben Roethlisberger, Middle America’s blue-collar quarterback, is suspended for being, well, extremely nasty.  The less said about Roger Clemens, the better.  Too bad for old Roger that he felt obliged to say more.

Michael Phelps actually got beat.  Is that the first leaf of autumn to fall into his pool?  Roger Federer carried tennis on his back.  All of a sudden, he’s just another aging quarterfinalist.  Serena Williams seldom shows up to play, and now she’s really hurt, and can’t play in the U.S. Open.  Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest human ever-ever-ever, got beat, is injured, and his departure from the track is as damaging to the popularity of his sport as it was when Simon left American Idol.

Overnight, LeBron James, who modestly calls himself The Chosen One, went from you’re-so-fine to what-were-you-thinking? — and now everybody outside Miami-Dade County roots against the best player in the game.

Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th home run, and all that did was remind people that the best baseball player of this century is a cheat.

It’s like some evil genius is sitting in some cave, cackling maniacally, as he picks off our poor dear children’s heroes, one by one.  So, please, yes — let’s give a rousing cheer that Brett Favre has once again decided that we need him.  Speaking for the children of America, thank you, Brett, for coming back again; and again; and again.

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The World is Insane

Posted on 24 August 2010 by Thraxxus

My Dog, Snickers, just turned 14 years old. This is not major news although not many dogs reach that age. No the issue here is what I received from his veterinarian. Let me state that the Vet we go to are saints. They are truly nice people who obviously care vastly about animals – apparently a little too much at times. In my email box this morning was an email from our Vet wishing Snickers a happy birthday, but it didn’t stop there. No, they felt sending an email to my dog through me wasn’t enough to make the point that they wanted to make. No, it just wasn’t enough to show they care so what did they do? They sent an E-Card. I suggest you look at that e-card as it shows you something that borders on crazy.

What is that? Text. Thats right, text, lots of it. Apparently this e-card, meant for my dog, the very dog the Vet looks at on a semi regular basis for us, is filled with text meant for reading. Apparently my Vet knows something about my dog that I do not – apparently he can read. Not only can he read but he can use a computer and has figured out my email account information to access my email account to read this email. Furthermore, given the timing, apparently my dog knew that the email, meant for him, would be in my inbox. Who knew he was capable of this? Here I just thought he was a really cool dog.

I think he should get a job and bring home the bacon. Graaaa…. bacon.

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Illegal to Blog?

Posted on 23 August 2010 by Thraxxus

In Philadelphia, you know the city of brotherly love and what now – it will soon be illegal to blog without a license. Sound crazy? We think so too. Apparently that whole freedom of speech thing is more of a privilege and not really a right – at least in Philly. It will now cost bloggers who reside in the city some $300 per year for a license to have a website blog where they talk about stuff like squirrels, hair cuts, and the local government that should be abolished and all thrown in prison for extortion and denying Constitutional rights. What is next? License to get a hair cut? License to be able to walk out of your house? Oddly enough I still don’t see a license required for idiots like those running the city of Philadelphia to procreate. Someone, some where needs to get that on the books so that their accursed gene pool dries up. Ironic that the Constitution was signed there.

Orwell is alive and well and living in Philadelphia. Brotherly love? My ass.

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We have been out Snarked!

Posted on 23 August 2010 by Thraxxus

Apparently the people over at, a publication we refer to quite a bit here on, posted an article recently on the who’s who of the interweb snarky bloggers world – and we failed to make the list. No surprise here really as we aren’t nearly as popular as most of the blowhards on that list, nor do we cover mindless dribble as most of them do. No, we here at BB are fans of writing about things that matter – real topics – hard hitting stuff like Geek Porn and Sarah Palin, human pit bull – not quite like the crap you might see someone like Perez Hilton go on about. What gets be about a douche bag like Perez is really two fold – he lives and breathes off the actions of famous people (who he now groups himself with somehow) and he had to give himself a name quite close to a real celebrity to gain traction. Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr made a smart move there, but for some reason it still irks me that this narcisistic man whore stole the name of a narcisistic celebrity whore. Go figure.

So who else made the list, and how did they do it? Andrew Breitbart – this is the tool bag who is so self absorbed, and has such a huge desire to break a story – thus being labeled as a real reporter instead of just a blogger like the rest of us losers, that he posted a highly editted video by some Republican Party Douche bag that lead to the ousting of one Shirley Sherrod. That story alone leads us down a path that the fellows of ESPN brought regarding bloggers to begin with – real reporters are supposed to dig into a source to determine validity whereas bloggers, people living totally off of opinion and editorial, do not.

Let us take a quick change of direction here for a moment based on that fact. The people listed in the Newsweek article all live and breathe bullshit. Sure, some of that bullshit is backed by sources, but as we have already covered many of their sources are also bullshit. “Real” news is supposed to be this world where reporters dig for a story, they talk to people in dark alleys, they pay people for the scoop, and they are supposed to find out if said source is worth a crap. The real tragedy here is that this has, in my opinion, deviated to say the least. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, although I have never really considered myself one – more of skeptic really, but in recent times most of these reporters have transformed into the very thing that those ESPN guys were complaining about – professional bloggers – or in more friendly terms editorialists .

So when I looked at the article was I upset? Not really. Why? Because for we here at Blinkinblogs to have made that list we would have to had become more than just snarky – we’d had to have become liars and media whores – and given our rather dismal readership I can guarantee you that has not happened.

Where did I put that high horse?

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Facebook Launches “Places” Feature

Posted on 18 August 2010 by redrobot

Today, Facebook made a much waited for announcement about their entry into the geo-location game. They’ve announced Places, with a  focus on finding friends, checking in and building stories. They’ve partnered up with other exsisting companies that already play a major role in geo-location, like Gowalla, Foursquare and Yelp. Should be nice, now Facebook pages will be able to be linked to their place. All mobile apps will be supported at launch (tonight 8/18/2010)(Blackberry, Android and iPhone.) Mark Zuckerberg still really seems to have no plan on how to monetize on it, but it seems like a good direction for the company to move in. In terms of privacy, check-ins are automatically set for ‘friends only’ & you can remove and check-in. “Here now” only appears after a check-in so you can decide whether to share that or not. Tagging only lets you tag your friends and notifies you whenever you’re tagged. You can always remove any tag.

Mashable is covering the story live, as well as NY Times.

Also, explained on the Facebook blog.

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Killing is too Good for Her

Posted on 18 August 2010 by Thraxxus

This lady killed her kids.  She admitted it. Granted there will be a trial, as there “should be”, but she admitted that she murdered them and that she tried to cover it up. To quote “Investigators were not convinced when Duley said her sons, ages 2 years and 18 months, drowned after her car plunged into a river. She ultimately confessed to killing the toddlers, they say — not by dumping them in the water but by suffocating them earlier with her own hands.” Think that through for a moment.

This person decided that her life would be better without her 2 year old and 18 month old kids so she strangled them. She looked her kids in the eyes and strangled them. She thought about it, she planned it, and she did it, and if that is not the definition of cold blooded premeditated murder I don’t know what is.

I don’t want her to be put to death – that is an easy out. It would be easy for us to say “kill her” and to even go so far as to say she should be suffocated, thus strangled to death, so that she knows exactly what it felt like for her two toddlers in the last moments of their life. Yes that would make an impact, and some would argue that is justice, ultimate final justice, but to me, it is not enough. I want this woman to suffer – and I want that suffering to be shared with the world. I want a message sent to everyone what will happen to you if you kill a kid, any kid.

She need to be placed in a cell. On every single surface of that cell there need to be photos of her kids – looking right at her. I want her to spend the rest of her days in that cell. On every single wall right next to the pictures of her smiling kids there needs to be pics of their dead water swollen bodies. I want her to spend the rest of her days reminded every single second of what she did.

Killing is to good for her – its a way out – the very thing she wanted. I don’t want her to have way out – I want her to spend the rest of her days in hell.

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The Interweb – Narcissism at It’s Finest.

Posted on 17 August 2010 by Thraxxus

The interweb started out as this way for various military and academic groups to collaborate on projects. It was a way for data, thoughts, and theories to be exchanged very quickly to further the expanse of knowledge and expedite its acquisition – prior to this happening people had to use Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) to do this which was tedious, slow, and irritating. Once the interweb went mainstream everything changed – first came silly stupid web sites with very poor design and next to know purpose. People followed the methodology of stumble fumble regroup to get a site up and had a hodge podge topsy turvey way of making said site functional – however in its raw stage at that point it was incredibly entertaining – it had a way of sucking us in.

People started to get savvy, technology expanded, developers went from old school to web specific – specialized for the interwebs. With this came new websites with a singular focus – MAKE MONEY. That is right, marketing wizards (I don’t agree with this statement but it is the mainstream belief of what occurred) got involved and showed the nerd nation what their technology can really do – make money. Things exploded into the DotCom era of our history – a time when practically anyone (expect me apparently) could get funding for a company and make godrillions of dollars to only spend it all on fruitless activities ( anyone?)  ultimately leading everyone down a dismal path of destruction. We all know how that ended – the DotCom bubble burst – suicides and wanna be killing rampages were to follow. The aftermath left people wanting more, and allowed those who didn’t fail to rise to a new level of power.

Google was born. Today they are taking over the world.

Something else arose from the ashes, something amazing, something powerful,  something incredibly narcissistic: Social Networking. There were many early versions that all failed miserably on some level, then came – a website first designed for musicians to share their music and network became a social networking beast for anyone. The problem was they let people do whatever they wanted to within their system, and thus the masses broke its intention, turning it into a graphics and layout competition. The point was lost. did exactly what did, but without the frills, and the catch was all those frills being removed made it better. The mistake of letting people do whatever they want created chaos, and chaos in social networking is bad, thus the genius (apparently there is a debate that there is more than one) behind dwindled it all down to a few simple things:

  1. People want to connect with other people
  2. People love to talk about themselves
  3. People love to talk about other people

The best part here is people love to do those things about absolutely nothing. exploded to such a degree that the youngest self made billionaire was born: Zuckerberg. Now some 300 million people are friends with each other (I personally have lots of Facebook friends that I don’t even know IRL) and they all take their separate turns telling each other stuff about themselves that nobody really cares about but they all pretend they do – like ‘Made chicken for dinner.” and “Going to the dentist.”

This gave birth to another phenomena – Apparently the act of logging into Facebook and having to deal with an interactive community was just too much for some people – they couldn’t handle the pressure – when all they really wanted to do was have a way to talk about themselves to anyone who would listen. was a community, a fake one in many aspects, but it was one, and that creates undo pressure on the members of that community. So if you could talk about yourself with zero recourse or direct interaction with anyone, and those who were dumb enough to subscribe to your random thoughts and quotes would get spoon fed a constant stream of 140 characters of complete nonsense from you. Narcissism has reached its pinnacle – hasn’t it?

No. The new up and coming craze is the art of doing live video feeds of yourself on the web doing… well.. anything. My niece did  a bit where she walked with a friend through  a Walmart just talking – and people were watching her channel. Was she dancing naked? Nope. Was she teaching anyone anything? Not one iota. Just walking, and shopping and she had subscribers. Ah sweet narcissism had graduated to a new level – we have become so self involved and so self important that we truly believe others are interested in watching us shop, eat, walk, and sit.

Now for the really stupid – FiveOClockCharlie just walked in and told me that people are buying a magic spell to make their butt smaller for $8.95 from a witch on the internet. If that works, anything else will. What a tragedy.

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Invisibility Technology

Posted on 13 August 2010 by Thraxxus

So apparently some guys over at Tufts have managed to make a new form of invisibility technology in the form of silk cloth. Throughout the ages people have often wanted to be able to become invisible for many reasons, most of which are Women locker room oriented, and apparently these guys have a tech that can eventually be used for just those purposes – I can hardly wait. Harry Potter made the idea even more modern day and now there are millions of kids and adults alike that want his cloak. The misnomer here is that this is an actual invisibility cloak, meaning the stuff behind you passes light through you. Thats not it.

The basic concept as I understand it is the light that would normally bounce off of you allowing others to see you doesn’t in a clear clean fashion. So say you were in the forest or laying on some rocks or what have you, you’d be much harder to see, and impossible to see clearly. Is this valuable? If you are a sniper this is crucial. The funny thing about that article is that they imply that its not really for military use. Here is the thing with that – if I can have almost invisible soldiers, I WILL.

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The Tragedy of the Political Machine

Posted on 12 August 2010 by Thraxxus

Since the Great Recession began the people of the Earth have been told in some fashion or another by some politician or another that things are going to get better. In fact there have been many decisions made in a fiscal fashion based on the concept that they will get better or that the very action itself will make things better. Example? Every single bailout package created by every government who thought they would be a good idea. There is a fundamental problem with the line of thinking that you can buy your way out of a financial situation – if you don’t have the cash to do so then all you have managed to accomplish is to go further in debt.

Consider it a different way. Bob loses his job (tax income) and owes lots of money on credit cards (national debt) so he figures the best way to get a new job is to put even more charges on his credit card (increasing his debt). Bob doesn’t get a job (tax income still down) but now owes more money (bigger national debt) so what does he do? He puts even more on his credit card! Do you see where this is going? This is financial suicide at its finest.

The other major issue going on is the USA, and the world in many instances, is looking to the Federal Reserve for magic bullets to solve the crisis. There is even more flawed logic here.  The value of the dollar is based on an interest rate the Fed sets, really a series of interest rates but we won’t go into that here. There is one interest rate that is VERY important and that is the rate that the Fed lends cash money to the USA government. Think that through for a minute – the USA mint prints money, gives it to the Fed who then lends it to the very government that just printed it. Yes this is what happens  – no conspiracy theory – look it up. Anyway that interest rate dictates the turn of much of the world. Another very important interest rate is the one the Fed gives to big banks – which is the rate that Big Banks pay on money that they borrow from the Fed.

The “please save us” theory here is the Fed lowers these interest rates to stem a slide into Recession and Depression by freeing up more money for loans, which banks and thus businesses can get,  hopefully resulting in the economy booming.  The catch of course is that the Fed can make the interest rates just so low – and they are already at the bottom – literally like 1%. So if your grand plan to save the Earth is to lower interest rates, and you are already at the bottom – then you are out of options. Newsweek covers this scenario today here.

The part that people don’t like to think about is two fold:

  1. If the interest rate stays low for too long you could get inflation and oddly you may also get deflation – both are scary.
  2. If the interest rate is raised you may end up fostering recession – you know the thing we are already in.

So what now? Now people come to the realization that things aren’t getting better any time soon. There are lots of guys on the radio lately that have been saying this, have really been saying this for years, who were constantly dismissed by politicians that somehow knew better. Conspiracy theorist and fear mongers were a few of the brands thrown on them. Irony once again raises her ugly head – these guys were right all along – and has there been a conspiracy? Not yet. Why? Because its all been out in the open since day one – Ignorance and Arrogance.

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NEW: Blackberry Torch

Posted on 09 August 2010 by redrobot

RIM, as of late, has been slacking in their smartphone game. I for one, haven’t been impressed by the BlackBerry OS 6 demo videos roaming the net, but the promise of a revamped UI and new, faster browser certainly got me interested. Here’s the review on Endadget. But honestly, RIM, I think you’ll have to do better than this to compete with phones like the iPhone 4 & the Droid X, or EVO.

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Global Warming I Laugh at Thee

Posted on 09 August 2010 by Thraxxus

Everybody knows that global warming is a scam. It has never been proven and there is nothing going on right now in the world that points to global warming being anything more than a marketing stunt. Sure the largest glacier to break free since 1962 just broke off of Greenland and is now floating its way south into the Atlantic, but really, who are we trying to kid. Blocks of ice 4 times bigger than Manhattan island break off all the time don’t they? Some of the quotes from this article are awesome, and all clearly have nothing to do with global warming either.

  1. “The freshwater stored in this ice island could keep the Delaware or Hudson rivers flowing for more than two years. It could also keep all U.S. public tap water flowing for 120 days,” Muenchow said.
  2. “In Nares Strait, the ice island will encounter real islands that are all much smaller in size,” he said.
  3. Environmentalists say ice melt is being caused by global warming with Arctic temperatures in the 1990s reaching their warmest level of any decade in at least 2,000 years, according to a study published in 2009.
  4. Current trends could see the Arctic Ocean become ice free in summer months within decades, researchers predict.

Meh – who cares? Polar bears are overrated anyway.

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Spammer Hilarity – Deep Fried Spam for YOU!

Posted on 09 August 2010 by Thraxxus

Get this – we have a Spam blocker with which we have blocked zillions of Spam comments in the past. This is not a new statement to the Blinkinblogs community as I have mentioned it many times. Recently we are getting this new type of Spam from angry spammers – I had to share it because it is funny. I am also going to post the gmail address it comes from as he clearly wanted that shared. Don’t get me wrong his gmail address is obviously a spam bot address – but still.. its funny.

“Why have you removed my post but let useless stuff like the comments above this be allowed? I am posting useful stuff for people who are serious about making money… Ill post it again, please dont remove it this is useful information. Hiya guys. I want to share a new Clickbank product with you. It is called Mobile Monopoly. It has been on the market for just over a month and is already the most selled product on Clickbank. It teaches you brand new techniques on how to earn money with Mobile Marketing. Mobile Market is BOOMING right now for making money, it is booming and i assure you with this Ebook you really can make thousands per month. Mobile Marketing is booming right now, just like the .com did in the late 90’s. Get your share of the money.THIS IS THE LINK HE PUT WHICH I HAVE REMOVED– Just check the site out. I promise you that you wont regreat it. This Ebook is for everyone who is intrested in making money online.” –

Gosh Brugger.. we sure are sorry for posting your stupid pointless spam in every single post of our site. Here is your post back, now go away – and and go F yourself douche bag.

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Auction Websites

Posted on 05 August 2010 by Thraxxus

Since the DotCom explosion there has been this massive growth in Auction based websites. The big one of these of course is eBay, the name being a nice little play on words, who has easily the lion share of the market. The thing about eBay is they are a rather broad paintbrush in the scheme of things, meaning practically anything can be found on there to the point of the ridiculous and creepy, however much akin to the rest of the interweb sometimes it can be difficult to find what you are actually looking for. eBay also has had in the past some issues with forgeries, lies, cheats and bastards – sure, you can report them, but they already have your money right? is sort of slick because, well, they do police auctions. What is that? When the police take goods from scumbags, thieves, and general criminals after a period of time they get to sell them. The site offers many different item categories, such as jewelry, collectibles and electronics, as well as being able to purchase cars and houses (for a monthly view fee). Very cool. My wife and I have been looking at jewelry and art on there which has amazing bank for the buck.

My uncle lives in San Pedro California where he knows a guy that buys governmental based items at auction and ships them all over the world. is website where you can do exactly what that multimillionaire is doing – buy really wicked cool stuff from the government at a fraction of a percentage for what they paid for it – I am of course referring to the price of a hammer being $457 for the good old U S of A. I am a big fan of this bad boy – I love the idea of travelling about and think that a Winnebago is a hunk of crap. is this site that specializes in the weird stuff that probably will no longer be sold on eBay due to fraud, creep, and odd categorical wipes. These guys have stuff on their site as well as link to stuff on the web that is weird as well. I like their Won page which highlights stuff that was apparently bid on and won. Note the guy with the gun shot destroyed face – someone bid to help put his life back in order – cool, I guess.

Last but certainly not least is a site that specializes in Military Equipment Auctions – The difference between these guys and those fellows over at is that MilitaryTrader sells only military stuff – you know like jeeps, humvees, tanks, ordinance etc. This is probably where the A-Team gets all their cool gear. The list of stuff sold back in 2008 is a bit alarming – lots of Nazi crap. I hope they have some Jets on there soon – I really want a MiG.

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The Goal is what has doomed us.

Posted on 03 August 2010 by Thraxxus

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine regarding the seemingly suicidal push the politicians of the USA have towards tax cuts – some how they believe that cutting taxes will help the deficit. The premise is simple, albeit flawed: Less taxes means that companies and citizens will spend more money, thus expanding the economy that will lead to growth which will lead to more taxes! To date that has never worked and there are many macro-economists that will tell you that it cannot. So why then would politicians go for that route? Their goal.

The Goal for a politician, as directed by the public, is to help the nation. The Goal of the politician, as directed by the politician, is to get reelected. Now consider for a moment how those two perspectives differ and how they actually collide. If it is in the best interest of the country to bring down the deficit, and thus not lower taxes, regardless of what citizens think of the action, then that is what should be done. However if you are a politician and you know that lowering taxes will most likely lead to people liking you, and thus voting for you during the elections that are going on this year, then that is the route you take to get reelected. This is not conjecture. This is not conspiracy theory. This is what occurs on a common basis; politicians have even admitted to voting for something they opposed because of politics – meaning they will set aside their beliefs for personal or party gain. This is dangerous.

Now consider the present day problems we face. The economy was trashed due to poor regulation of banks and real estate practices. Our environment is trashed because of bad and ignored regulations over big oil and other big businesses which have caused major catastrophe. We can debate the global warming thing, but I assure you it is very real, yes naturally cyclical, but humans are speeding up the process. The American Car companies all took a dive – more economic woes. Banks failed – same thing. Banks found guilty of faulty business practices, in some instances outright fraud. What has been done to fix this?

  1. Tax dollars were granted to failing companies. This is not capitalism. In a capitalistic society those failing, mishandled companies would have died. Americans were told that would lead to a Great Depression. That is conjecture. Those same failing companies showed record revenues this last year. Failing? Really?
  2. The government purchased toxic assets from big banks and businesses with American Tax Dollars. These toxic assets were supposed to help those companies float, and in most instances did, but what did that solve? The government admittedly and purposefully purchased failing assets, a loss on the books, for what? To help Americans? With TOXIC assets? Please.
  3. New financial regulations are in place. GREAT! A small percentage of what was planned. Why? Lobbyists. Priorities. Donations.
  4. New regulations are being put in place to help govern the big oil companies. GREAT! Oil companies have answered with “This will drive up the cost of oil.” Stop buying from them. Lock a price. Do something that stops the gouging. How can an oil company complain of issues and report the third strait revenue record in THE HISTORY OF ALL COMPANIES EVER MADE ON THE EARTH? Please.
  5. The government refuses to even consider making a real American Central Bank that can give out loans. Why? Because according to private bank lobbyists that is Socialism. No what it really is is competition, and they don’t want it.

The first step to solving a problem is identifying it. The problem here is that as a country, as a people, we now fail in dramatic style at identifying actual problems, instead opting to focus on symptoms and side effects. What is the actual problem? GREED. If people are greedy, and in a capitalistic society they are, then they will find anyway to make money. Granted. However when they mess up the problem is theirs, nobody else’s. Fishy business practices to get ahead, then when you fail then YOU fail, not me. The problem, the real problem we have in the USA is obvious – big business has become more important that solving actual societal issues. In capitalism the successful company keeps its revenues and record gains beyond taxation, they should also then in turn  stomach their losses.

I am looking directly at Goldman Sachs, Freddy Max, Fanny Mae, and GM when I say this. There will be a void, and someone will fill it.

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