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The World As It Is NOW

Posted on 31 January 2010 by Thraxxus

This article on Newsweek is a must read. The article talks about something I have said dozens of times over the last few years: The World is no longer in a Cold War. During the Cold War the United States and the Soviet Union found it safer to engage one another indirectly through the use of pawns. They would create little monsters and have those monsters do battle with each other. This served to build the economy of the United States at a rapid case (Trickle Down Economics anyone?) by giving the USA Military Industrial Complex and excuse to spend crazy money on defense. With the fall of the USSR their monsters ran free and started thinking for themselves. Welcome to the modern world. What Now?

This leads us to why the USA has declared war on nebulous things since the fall of the USSR such as Drugs and Terror – things with no actual country of origin and thus endless spending opportunity. I could delve into the countless conspiracy theories existing today on the US government manufacturing threats etc, but that goes away from the point of this article. The Point here is that the world is not where the US left it during the Cold War. Threats don’t work any more. Sanctions are BS because  nobody upholds them. Basically nobody gives two shits about what the Imperialist US Government really thinks any more – and for us, Americans, to think otherwise is totally blind folly on our part. There is no war, on terror or anything else. There is just people around the world that want America out of their business, and our government hanging on to policy they created to spend money on defense to prop up a failing economy.

We were on top of the world once and it wasn’t because our military – it was because of the melting pot we had combined with amazing resources, most of which we have squandered, and a will to produce lighter, faster and cheaper. Now we are just then world’s largest consumer market packed with the fattest culture on the planet, and some argue in history, and we are grasping at straws to keep it.

What a sad thing we have become.

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How to Report the News

Posted on 29 January 2010 by Thraxxus

This is AWESOME.

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Newsweek – MSM Worth Reading

Posted on 29 January 2010 by Thraxxus

I am not a fan of Main Stream Media (MSM for you not in the know). I see most of it as total bunk paid for by certain groups and steered by revenue needs not news. I don’t really see Newsweek as a news source, which is amusing given that it is actually called Newsweek. I do however see Newsweek as a great place to read direct, and often times really mean opinions. I like it when people in MSM aren’t afraid to talk about rough issues.

This morning’s headline on Newsweek is: Wall Street’s Fishbowl – How Banks Brought on the Scrutiny. I highly recommend reading the article as it says some pretty funny stuff. Example?

“But if the banks want us out of their business, they should get out of our business first. We’ve (barely) lived through a 40-year period in which investment banks, which had their origins in partnerships, have imposed themselves on us. They effectively moved into our house, raided our fridge, and set the joint on fire. Now they’re complaining that our renovation efforts are cramping their style.”

Amen brother. In an time where the American people bailed out big banks when they were supposedly going to crash, only to witness record profits for them as a result as well as record bonuses for big whig Executives one really must wonder: WTF?

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Haiti WTFedness!

Posted on 29 January 2010 by Thraxxus

Apparently the Red Cross has asked people to stop sending their own breast milk to Haiti.

The quote? “Tell them not to send it,” said Eric Porterfield, a spokesman for the American Red Cross. “I’m 100 percent sure we didn’t ask for that.”

I can’t begin to really say why giving someone else your breast milk is a bad idea as it is actually so obvious to me that I can’t put it into words other than the follow:

Yes, humans are that dumb.

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New feature? False Flag Bingo?!?

Posted on 27 January 2010 by scanjack

There is a new book out on the attack of the USS Liberty false flag event, Ship without a Country. Paraphrasing from “The Art of War” , that all war is based on deception, and with comic book hero Obama set to announce a three year freeze in discretionary spending, except for the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and of course whatever term they use this week for the funding of any, and all of Israel’s debt (quite a few links out there on The Cranston Amendment which 9 out of 10 people do not even know exists, or in fact what it really means) payoffs payments, as well as Veteran Affairs (can’t fault that one, they need more, not less to be sure). What we end up with is spending here at home really being the target.

I bring this up quite simply because this country is so far in debt that there is NO way out. We have seen time and time again over the course of history how a war has pulled the U.S. out of its economic disaster. We have had the “Crotch Bomber” fiasco, and if you believe the MSM on this, and Yemen being the “new front line incubator” for “The Toilet”, a.k.a. al qaeda in Arabic slang,  enjoy the bliss of ignorance. Israel is encroaching upon Lebanon more and more, and now saying that February is the deadline for Iran, if you will. BTW, when you fly a war plane over another country without permission, you have committed an act of war.

So a Canadian company came up missing two (2) tons of explosives recently. Then they said they found it, no worries all is well. It seems the investigation is showing that their accounting of explosives materials really doesn’t add up. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Back to the title of this post, and the desperation to somehow, someway whip the American people up into a patriotic frenzy like we saw in late 2001, that will provide support for whatever war, where ever it may. What false flag event will be staged? Will it be at the Olympics (yes, Canadian hosted, and gee golly gosh darn isn’t that where the company is that somehow lost track of 2 tons of explosives …) or possibly the Super Bowl? Somewhere else perhaps?

At this point I think a false flag event would have to be very big, and very devastating for it to even have a chance at successfully selling the American people on sending more of our families off to die. I’d say it’s a possibility, more than 60%, but take PDD-51 and Obama’s own recent signing statements, and they can pretty much enact Martial Law any time they want to. I still  bet against a big enough event to do the job.

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Four-Winged Dinosaur

Posted on 26 January 2010 by Caravaggio

Wired Magazine: Four-Winged Dinosaur

As this particular subject relates to a recent thread (or moreso to a reply of mine within said thread, ref. AMNH), I thought I’d share the latest on the research. This article is in this month’s Wired.

I’ve watched this research come into focus over the past two years. The flight tests alone are awe-inspiring as one stands in witness of something that hasn’t taken place in millions of years. At the very least, it is an excellent way to comprehend just how small we all are in comparison to the “bigger picture”.


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NFC Nightmare

Posted on 25 January 2010 by Thraxxus

Am I the only one who was totally grossed out by the NFC championship game?

1) Brett Favre got hit more times than Ali in the Thrilla From Manilla.

2) Minnesota Vikings almost won the game in spite of having something like 8 turnovers.

3) New Orleans Saints, possessing one of the best offenses in the history of the NFL, decided it best not to actually use it. Seriously, compare the output of the two teams.

If not for Minnesota being hell bent on giving the ball to the Saints every two minutes they would have crushed the Saints.

I felt terrible for Favre for two reasons:

1) Most likey the final pass of his career is the interception he threw that most likely cost them the game.

2) His receivers seemed to be trying to catch the ball AND fumble it.

Prior to the NFC game I didn’t think that Indie would stand a chance against either the Saints or the Vikings. Now I am fairly sure if the Saints don’t dislodge their heads from their keisters they will get owned in the Superbowl.

Thanks for the years of fun Favre – you will be missed, by some.

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In honor of my latest post (referring to Ungulate Emasculation)…

Posted on 22 January 2010 by Caravaggio

… after all this time, cocaine does make you smarter! Who knew?!

Cocaine-induced alterations in gene expression cause changes in neuronal morphology and behavior that may underlie cocaine addiction. In mice, we identified an essential role for histone 3 lysine 9 (H3K9) dimethylation and the lysine dimethyltransferase G9a in cocaine-induced structural and behavioral plasticity. Repeated cocaine administration reduced global levels of H3K9 dimethylation in the nucleus accumbens. This reduction in histone methylation was mediated through the repression of G9a in this brain region, which was regulated by the cocaine-induced transcription factor FosB. Using conditional mutagenesis and viral-mediated gene transfer, we found that G9a down-regulation increased the dendritic spine plasticity of nucleus accumbens neurons and enhanced the preference for cocaine, thereby establishing a crucial role for histone methylation in the long-term actions of cocaine.

…even if it is a simple neuronal “infinite loop”. Funny how our brain implements strategies that it, itself, finds pleasing even without conscious observation or what we express as a typical measure of comprehension on our part. It is the Matrix, indeed.

Ref. da paper on da subjekt

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Posted on 21 January 2010 by Five0ClockCharlie

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The Known Universe

Posted on 21 January 2010 by scanjack

If nothing else, something to push that “Jackson” pic down some 🙂

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La Toya Jackson Scares Me

Posted on 19 January 2010 by Thraxxus

Seriously, the women is a Halloween film. You may have heard that she and Michael were never in the same place at the same time and that there was some speculation that they may actually be the same person. They aren’t. Michael was a freak, yes, but he was talented. La Toya is a train wreck. The women has made more attempts at failed businesses than any other “star” in history – like her porn chat!

Apparently La Toya wants to take Simon’s position on American Idol, a show I detest more than athlete’s foot. Simon is apparently all fed up doing the show  – even though it made him more money than god has, he owns it, and frankly he is the show. In all seriousness without that guy’s true, albeit snarky, comments about the “singers” that suck the show is basically just one long karaoke session. I want La Toya to get the job. Her lack luster experience with music (the irony should not escape you given the music dynasty she is related to) will be an added boon to the show. Besides with her on that show we will be reminded weekly of what Michael Jackson looked like before he died.

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Ungulate Emasculation Pontification and Anna Nicole Smith

Posted on 18 January 2010 by Caravaggio

“‘…endothelial function of the penis in arteriosclerotic pigs’ is perhaps to a layperson as quizzically funny and irrelevant as Anna Nicole Smith’s autopsy citation of an ‘unremarkable’ anus. Unfortunately (or otherwise) the penile endothelium is a sensitive model for assessing the disfunction that contributes so much to arterial disease… Indeed, penile endothelium is a great model when you think about it. It is well vascularised with large vessels, and its function is entirely dependent on the health of those vessels. In fact, with impotence being one of the common complications of arteriosclerosis (and smoking) it makes an excellent and highly relevant model for human disease.”

Good Lord. I had to re-read this piece several times. Interesting. Shocking. And, OK, somewhat humorous. I agree with the premise here, but where the hell was the mind of the author when he was writing this?

Freud once offered, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”… but I don’t believe this metaphorical adage can be appropriately applied to this particular researcher. However, he probably does require therapy.

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Olbermann on Haiti

Posted on 15 January 2010 by Thraxxus

Olbermann is a great orator who sometimes lends himself to grandstanding.

This is not one of those times.

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Friendlier Fascism – Here a Czar, there a Czar …

Posted on 15 January 2010 by scanjack

So much corruption, so little time. I liked the phrase from one of the comments on the article, and used it for this posts title.

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Government Makes Me Feel More Safer..and Whatnot.

Posted on 14 January 2010 by Thraxxus

The government at its finest. At least they are keeping that dangerous 8-year old from blowing up stuff – whew terror threat diverted. Best part is that Mikey there is a decorated CUB SCOUT – of course everyone knows the Cub Scouts are a paramilitary organization bent on world domination through popcorn sales.

I have a dear friend who has the same name as a notorious criminal in Texas. The feds call him all the time and question him about his doings – funny part being my friend is retired military special forces – you’d think they might know that.

Massive fail government.

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Why Sweat the Big Freeze?!

Posted on 13 January 2010 by Caravaggio

The primary science-related “buzz” of the past month has been frozen upon the “big freeze”.

Alas, I’ve been the target of a few verbal barbs coming from some self-assured climate change sceptics. To which I’ve managed a half-hearted smile attempting to avoid my native impulse to expand their knowledge of statistics while utilizing prose impregnated with four-letter “encouragement”. All-in-all they seemed to have begun to occupy this particular patch of weather misfortune with joy…. as if they were children hearing the recorded bell of an ice cream van off in the distance during a heatwave.

I offer to them, as I offer to you now, that there is an opposite way of considering the current weather.

The immediate cause is the Arctic Oscillation (AO). This has been a very swift change in the atmospheric pressure distribution of the northern hemisphere between the middle and polar latitudes.

Per a London-based weblog ponitificator via my favorite rag: “When the AO is positive, the combination of high pressure in the mid-latitudes and low pressure further north blocks the outflow of extremely cold air from the arctic. A more “negative” AO allows the cold to slip further south.”

From my readings I’ve discovered that this December’s oscillation over the Atlantic was the most negative for more than 100 years. This negative pressure has allowed Arctic air to flow into normally temperate regions of our Hemisphere. Hence the 3 feet of residual snow on the lower realm of my mini-kingdom.

However… the sheer intensity of the cold we’ve experienced has proven moderated by man-made global warming. If this identical distribution had taken place 60 years ago (or earlier), before carbon dioxide had exceeded “written history” thresholds (whether released by hairless apes or not), the current freeze would have been a complete degree colder.

And a single degree colder is just as serious as a single degree warmer. Lucky for us, the AO is returning to normal as I type this.

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The Ultimate Answer

Posted on 13 January 2010 by Thraxxus

I despise what I call leader statements. What is a leader statement? I define a leader statement as one that requires the listener to respond or inquire for more information. Basically it is a setup statement made by a person who wants the listener to need to know more, and thus they are required to ask for more information and thus the person who made the leader statement is now doing the listener a favor by telling them more.

Example: “Gosh, I have had such a bad day…..”

This person expects you to respond with something like:

“Oh I am sorry. What happened?”

GOTCHA! You are now on the hook to listen to their entire mindless diatribe. In fact, you asked them to tell you their entire day’s story. They are doing you a favor! Hell, you owe them one!

This is why I have opted to answer leader statements with one word, and it always shuts down the conversation.


Let us look at our previous scenario:

“Gosh, I have had such a bad day…..”


What can the leader statement maker do? Go on? Certainly not, you just killed the conversation. The other thing you can do is reply with something completely off handed as it will totally derail their thinking, however this can be dangerous.

“Gosh, I have had such a bad day…..”

“Agreed.” or “I like.” or “Man, I can’t believe my friends, sometimes.”

Try these tactics and I swear you will no longer be forced to listen to Monica the annoying co-worker tell you about her bad day at the spa again.

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Posted on 13 January 2010 by Thraxxus

One of our writers, Scanjack, was in a major car accident last night with his wife. They are both in the hospital. Send some good thoughts his way. We hope everything is ok pal. We’ll be here when you get back.

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Attention Spammers

Posted on 12 January 2010 by Thraxxus

Our comments on our articles don’t allow for spam. You may try and try, however our spam catcher is fairly decent, thus your spam will not make it onto the site. If one happens to get through we will delete it and flag your IP block as a spammer, report the IP block to other bloggers, and thus you won’t get through again. Please continue to try, some of your attempts are amusing to read, but realize that they will never knowingly be posted, and thus they will never be indexed as the link backs you are hoping to get paid on. Waste your time elsewhere.

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Orange Because its better than Green

Posted on 12 January 2010 by Five0ClockCharlie

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George Carlin – You have no rights

Posted on 11 January 2010 by scanjack

One comedian I definitely miss.

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Paintball Pop art

Posted on 11 January 2010 by Five0ClockCharlie

This is what happens when you have a group of people who have way to much time. One should ask themselves why did they not shoot each other with those costly paintballs?

The Video

The making

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The Patriots Lost!

Posted on 10 January 2010 by Thraxxus

The Patriots Lost! The Patriots Lost!

The Patriots Lost! The Patriots Lost!

The Patriots Lost! The Patriots Lost!

The Patriots Lost! The Patriots Lost!

The Patriots Lost! The Patriots Lost!

The Patriots Lost! The Patriots Lost!

The Patriots Lost! The Patriots Lost!

The Patriots Lost! The Patriots Lost!

LOLLAPALOOZA! God I hate them.

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What?! Sorry… I was daydreaming.

Posted on 10 January 2010 by Caravaggio

Culturally we are all sensitized to relating the act of daydreaming to that of a lazy mind. School-aged children are repeatedly encouraged to stop daydreaming and to “focus” upon the task at-hand. Additionally, a wandering mind is often cited as a leading cause of traffic accidents in adults. This theorized lack of discipline in mental focus has garnished a bad, very incorrect rap.

There has been interesting research out of MIT on the link between resting state activity – the performance of the brain when it’s simply “lying still”, doing nothing but daydreaming, and general intelligence. It seems that cultivating an “active idle” mind, or teaching one how to daydream effectively, might actually encourage the sort of long-range neural connectivity that underpins intelligence. At a minimum, I won’t reprimand my kids when they stare blankly out the window, because this healthy mind wandering isn’t a waste of time at all.

For the first time, functional measures of the idle/active brain are providing interesting insights into network properties of the brain that are significantly associated with IQ scores. In essence, the findings suggest that in smart people, distant areas of the brain communicate with each other more robustly than in less-than smart people. Moreover, the strength of connectivity among distant areas within the biological neural network was greater in people with superior than average IQ scores. Additional research positively correlated with this initial finding, that the strongest relations between resting connectivity and IQ were observed in the frontal and parietal brain regions – the area’s most associated with performance on IQ tests.

Source: Scientific American, Jan. 2010

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For a good Cause

Posted on 06 January 2010 by Five0ClockCharlie

I know we spend lots of time bitching about politics and to be honest none note worthy news articles.  On this particular day I present to you an amazing story.  Not only does this hit close to home with my own medical past but the gentleman highlighted in this story is a very close and dear friend.

Full  News Article

Donnie Dempenwolf’s Fundraising Page

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