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My Kind of Class

Posted on 29 January 2009 by Thraxxus

UC Berkley is now offering a Starcraft class. Where do I sign up? BTW I do still play this game, but prefer Total Annihiliation. After you read the article, check out the comments, they are classic. Thanks to Karzack for this article reference. Good show!

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The Cutting Edge

Posted on 28 January 2009 by Thraxxus

I am alwys amused when I find out that something that I have been doing for a while, or researching on my own, has, unbeknownst to me, and with nothing to do with me, become a movement. A few years back I started buying meat in large quantities because it is cheaper like that and you can actually get better quality, such as farm grown corn fed. This started when I left high school and I convinced my parents to purchase their beef from a friend of mine at a 1/4 a cow at a time.

My point is that with the celebrity chef movement picking up major steam it only makes sense that other parts of the whole food world also pick up speed. Like this guy, who teaches people how to buy whole animals and then dress them themselves. Me? I am about to buy a cow with a friend of mine. Corn fed sucker, and free range to boot. Get this: cleaned at wrapper at a buck a pound. I dare you to beat that deal.

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What’s Next!?!

Posted on 28 January 2009 by Thraxxus

Americans take their pets very seriously. Ridiculously so in my opinion. Trust me. I have pets and my wife and I have spent so much money on them to keep them well that we could have paid for two round-the-world travels packages for less. Our cat, Bailey, we now refer to as Bailey Billions because of how much money we have spent on him to keep him alive. I could go into details but suffice it to say, in the wild, he’d have died a good ten years ago.

Why do I bring this up? Just today, the site you are looking at, had an ad over there on the right to this website thanks to google adsense. See these guys ahve capitalized on the idea that Americans will buy basically anything for their pets. Last I heard the pet industry was at like 9 billion per year in America alone. If you chance to look at that site you will know why. I am not saying that pet safety isn’t something a pet owner should ignore, but after a while you have to ask yourself where should we draw the line.

Of course I make all these observations knowing that both of my dogs have microchips inserted into them so that if they are lost they can be scanned and said scanner can learn their entire medical history. Hey that only costs us like $50/yr each pet. What a bargain!

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A Sci-Fi Movie I’ve Never Heard of? Is that Possible?!?

Posted on 27 January 2009 by GlazednConfused

Just kidding. This could be cool:

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The Epitome of Rock Gods

Posted on 27 January 2009 by GlazednConfused

I’m not one of those music romantics. I don’t believe in music as some kind of powerful healing force that can topple walls or make even the most hardened criminal gooey inside. But sometimes a time, a place, and a song just coincides with a force to move. This is one of those events:

Even if you are not a big fan of this song – and I consider it the best in their catalog – you can not deny the power of the performance.

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Actor Interviews

Posted on 27 January 2009 by Thraxxus

This is easily one of the best interviews of an actor, or in this case six, that I have ever read. I wish I could have seen it on film. No matter what anyone says, Pitt and Downey Jr. are funny as hell to me. Oh and Rourke is a god, a jacked up surgically challenged god, but a god none the less. Take the time to read this – all six pages. I laughed more than I expected. And GlazednConfused – Hathaway is it in. Go get her pal.

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Bugs Bunny – Adults Only?

Posted on 26 January 2009 by Thraxxus

I was always a big fan of Warner Bros. Cartoons. I had read before that the cartoons, and moreover the scripts, were much more focussed at adults that most people realized. Well I dug this tid bit up and felt you might enjoy it. The original post can be found here on

This is the entire Bugs Bunny episode in text. Unreal how it reads. I always did like this episode. The begining reads like Red Shoe Diaries.

Summary: Bugs is lured to a mad scientist’s lair and he finally meets his match!

Warning: cross species sex, a little language, spoilers for the cartoon, although if we haven’t all seen it by now, we aren’t the couch potatoes I think we are.

A Left Turn At Albuquerque
by Tinnean

Bugs had no idea how he wound up in the mad scientist’s castle. He had been roused from his dreams of juicy carrots and sexy girl bunnies by a massive thirst. He untangled his legs from the nightshirt he wore, settled his night cap firmly on his head and went in search of a cool glass of carrot juice.

One minute he was at the cooler he had recently installed, chugging designer juice, and the next he was almost sleepwalking his way to the castle of a mad scientist, his nose twitching at the most bewitching pheromones exuded by the most gorgeous female he had ever seen.

All right, granted he was still half in the bag from all the carrot joy juice he and the guys, Wiley Coyote, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck and Yosemite Sam, had consumed the night before. And yes, her walk was a trifle �off�, kind of stiff and disjointed. But that little red dress she almost had on more than made up for her spastic movements.

The dress was hardly there, barely covering what it was supposed to cover, and so snug it looked as if it had been spray-painted onto her fine frame by a master!

Bugs growled under his breath, looking forward to peeling that dress off the bountiful curves it concealed. He felt himself growing hard, and he increased his stride, hurrying to catch up with her.

He followed her up the deep, winding stairs, through the huge door and into an enormous great hall, so large it took up almost the entire first floor of the castle.

The bunny fatale came to a halt and he swooped in to catch her in a fierce embrace planting kisses all over her tempting face. She just stood there, as if her battery had run down.

Indeed, now that her objective was completed, her power source had been shut off.

A small man, with eyes magnified by the coke-bottle glasses that dwarfed his face, and a HUGE head that was at least half the size of his body, came down a staircase that would have made Scarlet O’Hara green with envy. Broad and curved, it called to mind images of swooning maidens and brawny hunks with tight butts.

“How nice of you to join me!”

Bugs was startled by the strange little man’s sudden appearance, but he pulled himself together. He reached into the pocket of his nightshirt and withdrew a long, slender case. The flick of a thumbnail opened it to reveal a choice selection of carrots. He offered the case to the figure in front of him before he took one out for himself, making a production of choosing it, sniffing it, tamping it and finally chewing it.

“Ehhh, what’s up Doc?”

“Funny you should call me that. I am a doctor you know! And I have a little friend who’d like to eat…I mean *meet* you!”

Bugs glanced one last time at the female who stood motionless in the middle of the room. His eyes lit with a hungry glow and he nodded his head, crowding the doctor back. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!” he said with staccato delivery.

The little man smiled, and for a second, Bugs wasn�t sure this was the smart thing to do. Then he shrugged and followed him deeper into the shadows that surrounded the perimeters of the great hall. He was a rabbit. If there was an opportunity for him to fuck like one, he wasn’t going to let it pass him by.

One tail was as good as another, a bunny in the hand was worth a push in the bush. He began salivating at the thought of the luscious pulchritude about to be offered to him.

The scientist stopped before a stout wooden door. Tufts of red fur stuck out through odd cracks in the wood. Something on the other side was battering the door with a force that shook and rattled it.

Bugs gulped audibly. “Your…friend?” he asked, his voice rising to a squeak.

“Why yes, it is!” the little man said in a smooth, smarmy voice.

Quick as lightning, Bugs recovered himself. “Well, don’t think this hasn’t been a little slice of heaven. Because it hasn’t!” He spun on his heel and paused at a nearby dresser, throwing clothes every which way into a valise. Then he began making his way to the front door, dragging the poorly packed suitcase along behind him. “And so, having risen above his baser instincts, although majorly disappointed, exit our hero, stage left!” he muttered to himself, still hard, but with no obvious relief in sight!

From behind him Bugs heard the sound of wood shattering, as the door bounced back off the wall. The mad scientist had released the imprisoned creature to chase down his own dinner. A quick glance over Bugs� shoulder revealed a lumbering mass of red fur, making its way toward him in white high-top tennis shoes.

“Yipes!” Bugs abandoned the valise and ran up the staircase so fast he created a breeze. The creature paused in confusion, as his quarry suddenly disappeared.

And then Bugs was racing back down from the upper floor. He skidded to a halt next to the monster. “Don’t go up there!” he panted, struggling to catch his breath. “It’s dark!!”

And then the debonair gray rabbit was off down another corridor. It took the creature long seconds to achieve any kind of speed, but soon he was pelting along after the bunny.

Bugs thought he was home free until he spotted something disrupting the smooth flow of the floor ahead of him. He grabbed his toes and pulled back on them, leaving skid marks as he screeched to a jarring halt. There before him was a huge opening. A pebble tumbled down into the abyss, landing in the water that filled it with a distinct plop.

And then things reptilian leaped out of the water, snapping viciously in an attempt to get at their prey. Perhaps they were crocodiles, perhaps they were alligators. They could even have been the Loch Ness Monster. Whatever they were, they were ugly, they were huge, and they were HUNGRY.

Pressing his hands together and saying a fervent prayer, Bugs tippy-toed back from the edge, only to find something hot and furry at his ass. “Think fast, Rabbit!” he ordered himself.

Spinning around, he pasted a smile on his face and dragged out a table and chairs. “My stars!” Bugs gushed as he shoved the creature into a chair. “Just look at your hands!” and he began filing the creature’s ragged fingernails. “You monsters are such interesting creatures! I was just saying to my girlfriend, just the other day, ‘Monsters are such interesting people! Why I’ll bet they lead such interesting lives!’ The things you must see and the things you must do! My stars!”

He carefully examined the nails. “Oh my, my! This will never do!” Bugs placed a finger bowl onto the table. “Now let’s stick our paddies in the water!”

Obligingly, the creature dipped its fingers into the viscous gel in the bowl and let out a howl as mousetraps snapped shut around his abused digits. He mewled pathetically and held his paws up, his fingers resembling nothing so much as eight plump sausages.

Bugs felt bad. He had been enjoying the feel of the monster’s paw in his.

He couldn’t wait to see the results of his trickery, though. Bugs raced for the front door. “And so, having re-disposed of the monster, exit our hero, once again, stage left!”

There was the door, right before him. He flung it open and bolted out.

Landing face first into a mass of soft, red fur.

“Who? How? Why?” he sputtered around a mouthful of the silky stuff. Something hard was rubbing against his rabbit cock.

“Who?” the creature repeated. “Gossamer. How? I know all the secret passages in this castle! And why? Because I *want* you!”

Bugs backed away and got a glorious Technicolor view of what Gossamer was offering him. A long, slick cock was emerging from the fur, the head a dusky pink, already beading with pre come. “Come to me, my little gray hare!”

Paralyzed, Bugs could only stand there, his eyes riveted on the tempting piece of male flesh. “What…what are you going to do with that?” he whispered hoarsely.

The creature swooped close and seized the rabbit around his waist, holding the limp form under his arm. He lumbered back to his cell, taking care to close the door and draw the little shade over the window in it.

Bugs was dropped onto the floor and sat there, his legs spread, watching in silent amazement. His cock slid out of its sheath, jutting upwards towards his furry rabbit belly. The monster licked his lips and got down on his knees. He bent toward the frozen rabbit and Bugs was jolted out of his daze as a raspy tongue swept the length of his cock, tasting him as it probed the slit.

Unintelligible sounds came from his throat as the creature began bobbing his head up and down, sucking and nibbling and licking on the rabbit flesh in his mouth. And then it felt as if Gossamer swallowed him whole, cock, balls and all, and the gray rabbit was pouring his own brand of joy juice down the creature’s throat.

Bugs fell back, exhausted. His eyes were sultry as they considered the creature that knelt before him. “It�s wabbit season!”

“I’m not done with you, Rabbit!” Gossamer sat back on his knees and revealed his own cock, glistening with pre come. Bugs groaned. He’d never be able to get something that large down his throat!

But the monster had something else in mind. He flipped the rabbit over and held his gray bunny tail out of the way. The bowl of gel that had hidden the mousetraps used to torture his furry hands, now soothed them as he took a fingerful and smoothed it over Bug’s exposed anus. It dipped in, past the tight ring of muscle that indicated the bunny was not in the habit of having his ass reamed.

Gossamer smiled as Bugs moaned a protest. He eased a second finger in, and the protest altered in nature. Soon it became a demand for more, as the creature found the spot that melted the rabbit’s synapses and left him begging and pleading.

The digits were removed and Gossamer smeared a coating of the gel around his quivering, aching member. He positioned it outside Bug’s hole and began a gentle forward motion. The rabbit backed onto him, wanting all of that monster cock in his ass.

They both wanted to make it last, but being a bunny, Bugs was not physiologically made for long fucks. He came again, quickly. But Gossamer had nowhere to go and nothing to do when he got there. He kept up the deep, rocking motion that thrust his cock past the spot that had Bugs whimpering with satisfaction, and then withdrew it until only the tip was in the bunny’s ass.

Until finally, even the monster could not contain himself any longer, and griping Bugs’ cock in his massive paw, he began pouring himself into the bunny’s narrow passageway.

And they both howled.

He didn’t know who he had just fucked, but he did know one thing, the rabbit was now his own private Easter bunny! He cuddled the furry body close to his own. “I will hug you and squeeze you and name you George!”

“My stars!” Bugs exclaimed once again and he sighed in pleasurable resignation.


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Preconceived Bullplop Regarding the Automotive Industry

Posted on 23 January 2009 by GlazednConfused

Yes, I am talking about cars again. The Detroit Three on life support is a once-in-a-lifetime scenario, and can not be overstated. Imagine if Microsoft suddenly goes belly-up in 75 years and goes crawling to whatever black, lesbian, quadriplegic transsexual is running this country for a loan. “We could not predict that Red Hat Siamese OSXVI would gain so much traction in the market! Damn that Steve Jobs, Jr.” You get my point.

I have owned Ford automobiles just about my whole life, with a brief (and happy) foray driving a 1991 Toyota Tercel. That was a great car – I drove it into the ground as a pizza delivery driver. It was my first financed auto, and the barely-reputable used car lot could not have made a better choice for me. I’m not what you call a “Ford guy”, but that company just happens to have the best value for the money whenever I went to buy a car: two Mustangs, an Escort, two Probe GTs (one of which I still own and drive), and our current Ford Edge. I think brand loyalty, like just about any other loyalty that does not involve friends or family, is for suckers. Unless the new Ford Fusion turns into a sports sedan (highly unlikely), there will be zero chance my next car is a Ford.

As a customer, I was never looking for anything fancy and I always had a specific budget in mind. In other words, I was the prototypical domestic automaker customer. One of the myths of the current market is that Ford, GM, and Chrysler are not making automobiles that customers seek.That is not entirely true, and there are many other factors involved (here is a good summary).

What about the foreign nameplates – they must be cranking out awesome cars that attract consumers like moths to a flame, right? You may think so, but there are many examples of “WTF?” thinking for Germans and the Japanese, too. Following are just a few – I excluded the obvious full-size truck and SUV monstrosities. Toyota and Nissan just couldn’t help themselves, could they?

Premium compact crossovers: This segment actually inspired this blog entry. They include the Acura RDX, Infiniti EX, and the BMW X3 pictured above. If you are unfamiliar with them, let me summarize – they are basically rough-riding small SUVs with high-output engines, reduced cargo capacity, and piss-poor gas mileage (20 mpg!). So where is your $40k going? Your guess is good as mine. How much does anyone really value 0-60 times when shopping for an SUV? If you want all-wheel drive with some luxury just option-up a Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4 and save $10k. A quick aside: I really like new car shows. As an adult, I do not get excited often. However, I’m always jazzed about the SF International Auto Show every Thanksgiving week and this year I went alone. This allowed me to run around like a giddy schoolgirl, sitting in everything once or even twice. What really stood out to me is how painful it was to sit in these small sporty SUV – especially the back seats, which were absolute torture. I realize I am a big guy, but I found comfort in the Mazda3 and VW GTI. How big is the upper-class gymnast market anyway?

Pointless small cars: When is a small car not a good choice? When it gets the same or worse gas mileage and/or costs almost as much as the next larger model. The BMW 1-Series is a perfect example – almost the same prices as a 3-Series, with the same gas mileage (according to Edmunds data). Why bother? The Nissan Sentra and its smaller brother the Nissan Versa both get the exact same gas mileage. Same goes for the Toyota Corolla and the Yaris. Have you seen the Yaris? My god it is practically a toy yet it only gets 30mpg, while the much larger Chevrolet Cobalt gets 1 mpg less. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? A fifteen year-old Honda Civic gets much better gas mileage.

The bottom-line is, the number one problem with the domestic automobile companies has to do with their image. I’m not defending any specific company in any way – especially after reading The End of Detroit. What I’m saying is at this time If you look closely, all of the manufacturers are not much different. Get back to me in five years and we can survey the scorched landscape of survivors.

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Sweet Ride

Posted on 23 January 2009 by Thraxxus

I give you the Aptera. It would appear that at least someone is thinking outside the box regarding future forms of transportation.

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Another reason to get the iPhone.

Posted on 22 January 2009 by Thraxxus

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Google Drive

Posted on 21 January 2009 by Thraxxus

Read this. You combine that with the announcement that Google is taking Google Docs offline so that you may use Google Docs when not logged into the web and you get this: Owning a Netbook (which I just bought one) makes a lot more sense. I am now the proud owner of an Acer Aspire One. This bad little monster doesn’t even have a hard drive, just pure Solid State, and with the prices of Solid State dropping, as well as the chip sizes increasing, you end up with a small very portable work horse. Combine that with the aforementioned online capababilities of using systems like Google and really, who needs a laptop?

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President Obama

Posted on 20 January 2009 by Thraxxus


Congratulations. I was in awe by your Orating Skills and the words you spoke. Good luck and godspeed – we are counting on you.


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Too Bad Their Burgers are Half as Good

Posted on 20 January 2009 by GlazednConfused

Like everyone else with a mute button and/or a DVR, I avoid TV commercials at all costs. Generally, after all these years they continue to suckle at the teat of Pandering and Tedium. However, I admire creative advertising – even if I cannot relate. Case in point, this Burger King web campaign. Ditch your Facebook friends for a Whopper? Make it a 6-Dollar Burger and they are gonzo.

Burger King has a recent history of creative campaigns: the Xbox video games, the chicken slave, and the resurrection of the King in creepy stalker form.

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Posted on 18 January 2009 by Thraxxus

It has always amazed me that the enlightened few typically tune out of reality.

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Australian Dream Job Update

Posted on 16 January 2009 by Thraxxus

The corporate site for this dream job is here. It turns out that the company received so many applicants that for a while there their site was down. Rumor has it something like two thousand video applicants were sent in almost over night. Suffice it to say you have about as much chace of getting that job as you do of getting on the “reality” show Survivor – of which I still think the dude from the first season still set the bar – the only season I actually watched.

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A Bit on Stupid

Posted on 16 January 2009 by Thraxxus

I love it when someone tells us a bit about stupid. This guy does it well.


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Star War Trilogy Made Easy

Posted on 15 January 2009 by Thraxxus

It is almost like she IS George Lucas. Enjoy.

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Puss In Boots from Shrek

Posted on 14 January 2009 by Thraxxus

I am a fan of Shrek. Loved the first movie. Second was cool. Third was meh. I did however find out that Puss In Boots is basically based on a real cat. Check it out here. I want one.

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The World Today

Posted on 14 January 2009 by Thraxxus

If you really believe that the United States of America is above ridiculous levels of parental douchebaggery, well, you are wrong, blind, mis-informed, and just might be the guy the rest of us are scared of.


First we have this idiot who is upset that the guy he sold his 14 year old daughter to didn’t actually pay her off. Apparently she was on some form of lay-away program and he failed on his payments so her father actually wanted the police to help him repo her.

Then we get the Campbells. Two fun loving parents who have major love for the Fuhrer and his cohorts, to such a degree they named their kids after them.

Becoming a parent should require a license.

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Mark Eaton Would be Flabbergasted!

Posted on 13 January 2009 by GlazednConfused

I have been rejected – nay, denied! – from playing in this local basketball league. What is this motherfuckery, you ask? Well apparently you must have all Asians on your team in specific divisions where my friends want to play. The DreamLeague website offers me no explanations in the FAQ or rules and regulations. However, this article in the local newspaper gives more insight. Apparently the league was originally created to give Asian-Americans another way to interact with each other, as opposed to other races. I shit you not, here is the quote:

“Many Asian Americans are melded into the social life of the Bay Area, so they do not necessarily have a lot of interaction with other Asian Americans beyond immediate family or friends. But the Dream League is one way Asian Americans do interact.”

I find that a little odd, and just a tad unprogressive. Furthermore if ” in the end, winning in basketball often depends on who is tallest” then why not have height ranges like other leagues? Ah, but the DreamLeague does have divisions based on height. Grouping based on race and height – thank God they don’t group by weight. I’d have retired third-string NBA centers dunking on my ass.

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Interweb is a mysterious place.

Posted on 12 January 2009 by Thraxxus

Obviously we have a blog, you are reading it now, well hopefully. The weird part is that people can leave comments on  our blog, which we moderate, about practically anything. We receive comments as well as links, spam, linkbacks and other oddities. What gets me is just how much crap exists on the web now, including terminology. I will spew some forth now, and realize this is not for google hits, it is merely because the amount of stuff out there is mindboggling, so here we go:

Blog, wordpress, link back, PPC, SEO, link building, coding, developing, programming, design, wysiwyg, css, style sheets, themes, templates, web 2.0, 500 zillion browsers, social networking, socialbility, virtual stalkers, twitter, facebook, myspace, hackers, identity theft, fake indentities, gender benders, mmorpg, gaming addicts, flicker, micro-blogging, message boards, forums, craiglist, ebay, amazon, digg, technorati, techcrunch, zdnet, ads, porn, google, yahoo, spyware, adware, keyloggers, tinyurl, brightkite, urls, seesmic, youtube,, friendfeed, friendfinder, linkedin, friendfeed, jakiu, sourceforge, codeplex, boxedcss, codeproject, flashden, webmail, exchange, outlook, popups, spamblocker, webmail, popup blocker, sharepoint,, php, html, xml, drupal, joomla, mambo, dotnetnuke, phpnuke, trolling, phishing, url hijacking, adultfriendfinder, online dating, lolcats, msnbc, world of warcraft , wikipedia , assholechat and so many more I can’t even put them all on here.

If you think you are web savy you should know most of that list – if you don’t, well, you aren’t. 

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Best Bushisms

Posted on 12 January 2009 by GlazednConfused

Slate ranks them – amusing, but good riddance.

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Posted on 12 January 2009 by Thraxxus

Another life time maybe.

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Ann Coulter: Somewhat, Maybe, Vaguely, Ever So Slightly Correct

Posted on 08 January 2009 by GlazednConfused

I’m going to throw out a word I do not use often. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I used the word “cunt”. Sorry if I offend, but if anyone is deserving of the word it is Mrs. Coulter. I would link you to her interviews for her new book but I’m hoping if we just ignore the cunt she will go away. Nevertheless, her latest book (which will remain unnamed and unlinked here) makes a good point. She goes about it in a stupid, angry, race-baiting, prejudiced, immature, cunty way, but she manages to put some words together randomly and achieve relevance: we live in a society where people are too quick to see themselves as victims. Ann, feel free to long walk off a short pier and hug an octopus now.

I’m referring to the latest incident of a cop shooting an unarmed civilian in Oakland. Maybe you’ve seen the video, but I would recommend skipping the YouTube vids and go right to the news footage that shows the before AND after. The policeman looks obviously shocked at what happened. Was it an accident? Would even Harvey Keitel at his worst shoot someone in the back of the head in front of so many witnesses? Let’s not forget the policeman’s baby was born just two days before the incident. Man, I’ve been in that situation. Although the victim was technically resisting arrest, you have to question the use of a gun on an obviously non-threatening individual when there are several policemen to back you up. Was it fatigue? I do not claim to know – maybe the policeman had a history of violence.

Now people are pissed and rioting, laying waste to storefronts and cars. Nice – protesting violence with violence. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud. But I’m not here to discuss how people release their anger. I broke my pinky finger punching a box when I was a teenager, and I have destroyed many Atari 2600 joysticks in my time. I’m not even here to question the fact that the shooter hasn’t even been punished yet. Shouldn’t the rioting be a reaction to that decision? But I digress.

No, I’m here to question the general consensus that the policeman was a racist motherf*cker and this is an obvious hate-driven “execution”. First of all, “execution” is a strong word. Nevermind that the policeman was not white. I really despise the term “hate crime”, because it is ludicrous. Why should my punishment be any different because I “hated” the person I killed because of race, gender, or sexuality? Did I crowbar that guy in the face because he failed to yield the right of way, or because he had a rainbow bumper sticker? I don’t understand why there is even a different category; this is just a case of spreading the victim mentality. If the policeman and victim had been clearly black, then what? My vague point is this: now that this crime is characterized as “hate-driven”, it can then be applied to all people of similar race, creed, class, etc. Hence the rioting and posturing by Al “who takes me seriously anymore?” Sharpton. What happened to “When a crime is committed it is how the society deals with that crime that matters most”? I guess we should just skip due process and shoot the policeman in the head.

Now that would be an execution.

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Starcraft 2 – Just Damn

Posted on 07 January 2009 by Thraxxus

If you haven’t had your chance to see the screen shots of this new title, well go here. All I really have to say is damn – oh and good luck owning a computer that can churn out these graphics.

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