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They’ve Got Brass Balls, I’ll Give Them That Much

Posted on 31 May 2008 by GlazednConfused

Great article on the Top 10 “Worst” Playstation Ads of all time. I put quotes around “Worst” because if advertising collects eyeballs, I’m not so sure it can be deemed “bad”. Plus, I and the writer of this article are probably not in the target demographics. However, there is some bizarre shit here:
Worst Ads

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Weird List of Stuff

Posted on 29 May 2008 by Thraxxus

I stumbled across this today and figured that some of you might find these “facts” amusing. The one about celery is a myth, as I understand it. If not I should be eating nothing but celery for the next few weeks so I can fit into that thong.

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My Almost Spoiler-Free Indy Review

Posted on 29 May 2008 by GlazednConfused

Let me start out this review with the following statements:

1. If you have accepted the fact that George Lucas has gone stark raving nuts, then there is a greater chance you will enjoy the new Indiana Jones.

2. If you think you can keep your lunch down as Shia LeBouf tries to be a Sha Na Na wannabe, then there is a greater chance you will enjoy the new Indiana Jones.

3. Spielberg, please stop Mr. Lucas from pen to paper, electronic or otherwise, ever again. You are our only hope.

That being said, I enjoyed the movie in general. The action scenes were well-staged and well-executed. Steven Spielberg was responsible for everything good in the movie; the spectacular opening sequence had his fingerprints all over it. However, the plot is – well, awful. I would say about halfway through I became a little embarrassed. I thought “I know this is going this direction, but let’s hope and pray to God not.” Perhaps by now you’ve heard the stories, about how the Indy team went through several writers to come up with a script, including Frank Darabont (who’s not thrilled). The Wikipedia says it all. Although there were many writers involved in the final product, George Lucas dreamed up the ludicrous story. Well, one of the many well-known “Will this movie suck?” guidelines is the number of writers involved – the more, the less merry. Indiana Jones was the kingdom of hair-brained ideas. The Ark of the Covenant and its powers was as plausible as the electic car compared to the plot devices in the latest Indy.

As for the actors, the aforementioned Shia LeBouf was flat out lame, and the movie did him no favors. The Tarzan scene alone would have outright killed a less talented actor’s career (I’m looking at you, Chris O’Donnell). Karen Allen, pulled out of semi-retirement, was charmingly pissed away. Ray Winstone tried gamely, and William Hurt was OK as the obvious stand-in to Sean Connery (who told the Indy gang to go piss up a rope).

The primary problem – no Nazis. Darabont’s first script called for no Bowser, Marion Ravenwood back in action, and best of all…Nazis. My God, give us Nazis! Yeah, yeah, The Red Menace, Commies, Hammer and Sickle, blah blah. Really, who cares about Russians? Last time I checked, they loved their children, too. There is no more despicable villain in the history of the world than Nazis. Watching a goosestepper getting devoured by swarms of ants, as finally nothing remains but a glistening swastika medal. – that is my idea of a good time.

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What about Hybrids?

Posted on 27 May 2008 by Thraxxus

With Oil being the scary topic lately, affecting everything from food to dating, we have learned to look elsewhere – Hybrids. These lush little dollies are the wave of the future right? My pal Enigma has the Honda version and loves it. Recently we have been discussing the battery replacement costs, which frankly scared the bejeebies out of me.

I found this article that talks to the topic that may add to the discussion.

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Where is all the oil?

Posted on 27 May 2008 by Enigma

Ever wonder were all the Oil Fields, Refineries and Oil Pipelines are?

You may be surprised where you will find oil.

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I miss ME

Posted on 24 May 2008 by GlazednConfused

While just about everyone I know ramps up there computer for Age of Conan, I can not. Sure, I have a Dell laptop, which means upgrading is probably impossible. However, my computer is fairly new, and it more than meets the minimum requirements for the game. No, the problem with my rig is Windows Vista + Dell = good luck finding updated video drivers. Here is the breakdown:

Dell does not offer the latest drivers for my NVIDIA card.

NVIDIA does not offer drivers for Dell computers, and their standard drivers do not recognize my hardware.

Windows Vista is the spawn of Satan.

Anyone want a copy of AoC, cheap?

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I got Dubai in my Eye!

Posted on 22 May 2008 by Thraxxus

Where does all that oil money go you ask? Watch this.

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Disturbing News

Posted on 21 May 2008 by Thraxxus

A friend of mine this morning shared this article with me regarding what the Big Oil Companies are doing with the landfall of money, that they are oddly getting during an oil crisis. Not sure how. Think about it – You are saying that the supply for a product is far lower than the demand. It is costing your company much more money to conduct business – so how then are you making record profits? Are you also increasing the overhead charge to your consumers beyond the percentage you maintained before?

Say you spend 140 dollars per barrel of oil(this site covers that). A barrel yields 42 gallons of gasoline, so you are paying $3.33 per gallon of gas. The consumer, however, is now paying in some cases 5 dollars per gallon of gas, or 150% of what you paid! Nice profit.

A year ago Gas was at like $65 per barrel (Costs the buyer of said barrel $1.54 per gallon) and consumers were paying on average $1.60 per gallon, or 103%!

How is it that we now pay that much more percentage wise of the whole?


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It Was a Very Good Year

Posted on 19 May 2008 by Thraxxus

I posted Shatner destroying “It was a very good year” – a song made most famous by Sinatra, but I feel this may redeem me… somehow. Good bye Fellas, we love you.

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You are not paid to think. Now sit down, nod your head, and agree.

Posted on 19 May 2008 by Caravaggio

Over the past three decades, the gradual reduction in true American innovation remains negatively correlated with the gradual increase in the mass media’s ability to continually flood the populace’s awareness with insignificant (read: statistically insufficient) stories of successful innovators. This has led to a broad-based false awareness regarding our true state of competitive effectiveness. Yes, there is innovation in this country. No, it is not as prevalent as it once was. Some would state that this is the logical result of >50% of all hard science and engineering advanced degrees being bestowed in this country to students of foreign birth (many of whom return to their homeland upon receiving said degree). A recent New England Journal of Medicine article cited forecasts illustrating that by the year 2020, 80% of bio-engineering advanced degrees will go to foreign students in American universities. I believe this is just part of the story. Through the systematic dummying of our society (which begs for a separate blog entry all of its own), business culture has begun to reflect general culture and has morphed to adopt norms that actually instill disincentives towards the process of thinking (critical thinking, creative brainstorming, etc.). In Corporate America, we are taught that critical thinking is what you do during your off-hours. In fact, the fine art of brainstorming is now a course that must be taught so you can show your hard-earned certification on our résumé. As a F500 management consultant, I’ve become very use to seeing situations where ideation is simply given a superficial nod with little more expended towards its evaluation. Who wants optimization, intrapreneurialism, and positive change when one can work towards and embrace the status quo? When change (or just the idea of change) becomes a four-letter word, it indicates that our society has become mollified by its own history of success. Arrogance and ignorance become closely intertwined in this realm.  


There is literally a monetary hurdle imposed on the activity that I’ll call “practiced thinking” (sans the depiction of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial culture). A primary example of this Onslaught Of The Stupid is when the ex-CTO of Microsoft was forced to defend his funding of Microsoft’s global research and development division AT EVERY INTERVIEW given during his tenure in the 90s. Dr. Nathan Myhrvold would patiently restate the tangible and intangible ROI of “practiced thinking” and cite a few viable examples of why this endeavor is actually primary to Microsoft’s longevity (fast-forward to now, and Microsoft has indicated that every single project in its pipeline has been thoroughly vetted by its R&D division for optimal market traction). Most obvious from this case in point is that the standard criterion applied to this cerebral-based activity is immediately categorized thusly, “You cannot make money from brainstorming.” It is currently considered of limited purpose in this country… like a peripheral effort that can be undertaken by anyone while zoned out watching “Reality TV”. I completely disagree. It takes an explicit degree of general and specific experience as well as broad applicable knowledge to generate innovative ideas (imaginary or not) – plus a rebel-like personality that doesn’t follow convention. This type of person is on the “endangered list” in our society and within the current business landscape. Additionally, I’ve yet to find certification training in practiced thinking that reflects these necessary attributes.


Personally, I seek-out and surrounded myself with idea-driven people as family, friends, and associates. It is people of this caliber that are required for continued innovation and forward momentum in any society. This particular variety of rarified “practiced thinker” isn’t limited by current stereotyping or succumb to cultural normative pressures — hiding in some ivory academic tower offering little free-market potential or willfully sequestered in some back office outside of the real work flow. These thinkers, and their ilk, are producers and their ability to create given the hurdles outlined here will be a true micro-measure of the continued success of our country in an ever-increasingly competitive global market.

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PC Upgrade Hell!!!

Posted on 18 May 2008 by Enigma

PC Upgrades used to be something I enjoyed. I would crack my case at any given opportunity to show off the amazing cable job I did, flaunt my new graphics card, HD configuration etc. As I got older and more and more vendors started producing more and more sub standard hardware with crappy drivers I slowly moved away from upgrading or even building my own PC. I would buy…. and by god if I was gonna buy I bought good.

My current rig is an Alienware box I got about 3 years ago. It has held up well. The AMD 64 X2 Dual Core AMD processor and My Dual nVidia 6 series SLI cards made WOW look amazing, blazed through Hell Gate London and have never failed to meet the requirements of any game I wanted to play (no I did not want to play crysis). Now I have downloaded and installed Age of Conan, much to my surprise I just crossed the threshold of minimum requirements. Therefore I embark upon my question today to upgrade my rig.

To-date myself the last time I cracked open my own I had a Pentium II in it. So I had to being the research to find out what I could add to my rig, and what I could replace. My first road-block SOCKETS!!!! why the hell do people feel the need to change the socket requirements on the motherboards more often then I change my socks. Come to find out I have the fastest processor my board can support given the existing socket. As a result of this finding I decided not to upgrade my motherboard nor my chip. So all smooth right? No! next problem is RAM, what the hell why is RAM phasing out so fast. I have DDR1, now there is DDR3; and DDR1 is now CRAZY expensive… ok I suck it up and buy 4 gigs of ram tossing out my existing 2 gigs.

So now that I have sunk 250$ into ram i turn my attention to my small, itty bitty 60 gig harddrive. Alas I get a break and buy a kick ass hard drive for under 100$. Next I turn my attention to my video cards! WOOT yet another area that I can upgrade without any major issues. I am now running dual SLI nVidia 8 series with 512 meg ram per card.

Next I break open the case and install all my new lovely hardware and boot it up. What do you expect happened? Well much to my supprise the machine booted up no issues, everything is working great then 2 of my fans in my rig die!


I am now off to go buy 2 new fans for my case…. Maybe one of these days I will be able to actully play the game I bought.

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How many licks?

Posted on 16 May 2008 by GlazednConfused

Thraxxus was being subjected to one of my rants the other day, and I would like to expand on it. Also, as much as I would like to mount a comeback to his pithy post comparing my thespian skills to Mr. Priceline, I shall resist. I’d rather be a Shatner fan than a Diceman acolyte any day of the week.

I occasionally watch MTV Hits, which is a cable channel spun off of MTV that actually plays music videos. That’s right, there are channels still devoted to that ancient form of entertainment. What’s next, the glass-blowing channel? I came across the new Lil’ Wayne video “Lollipop”. This is not just a lazy excuse for a song, like “My Humps”. At least that particular jingle had a point, and elaborated upon said point in a myriad of ways. “Lollipop” could possibly be the worst song ever to be created for mass consumption. It ranks right up there with musical atrocities of previous generations, like “Boogie Oogie Oogie”, “Feelings”, and anything in the Britny Fox library. I dare you, gaze upon the video:

Rap has jumped the shark – again

I apologize that you can not understand one iota of the song. Apparently, Lil’ Wayne can’t keep his dick in his pants or his mouth out of the gutter. Check out the lyrics here. Lil Wayne even steals a phrase from “My Humps”, which is a lot like borrowing Amy Winehouse’s urine to pass your drug test at work. Keep in mind that this work of pop art is currently on the charts at #6. No, not the Asinine Rap Club Mix charts – the actual Billboard pop charts. The video is an embarrassing throwback to the excess of the 90s, with garish colored lights and limousines chock full a’ bimbos. Furthermore, if Lil’ Wayne can actually play the guitar with any skill, then Joe Satriani and Steve Vai should remix Kanyeezy’s next album. You know, just to even out the natural order of things. The weirdest part is Wayne’s sidekick – he is NOT R. Kelley. However, R. Kelley’s lawyers will probably claim it was HIM on the sex-piss tape. That’s what high-priced lawyers do.

Also, on a cruder note, I must address the false metaphor of a female treating a man’s genitalia like candy on a stick. Have you ever actually watched the typical person suck on a lollipop? Most people, no matter how bored, have got better things to do than just hold it in their hand and take long, luxurious licks. It just sorta sits there in your maw. Maybe you brush your tongue up against it, move it from cheek to cheek, or (GASP) clench it in your teeth occasionally. I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like Gitmo government policy, not the $50 clear-heels special.

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GlazednConfused Early in His Career.

Posted on 16 May 2008 by Thraxxus

Please enjoy a bit where GlazednConfused shows us his acting skills.

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This link is for Thraxxus…

Posted on 15 May 2008 by GlazednConfused

He’s the comedian’s biggest fan EVER – I hear he has a framed Ford Fairlane poster up in his bedroom.

Diceman Interview

(Hey look – it opens in a new window for once!)

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Well endowed, to say the least

Posted on 15 May 2008 by GlazednConfused

Here is a great article on all the cash private universities are raking in, and how they spend it – or how they don’t spend it.

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Learned Behavior or Instinct?

Posted on 15 May 2008 by Enigma

Humans are  an odd species. Most animals are born with a natural instinct to survive. Many can walk or swim when born. In addition most animals need to stay with there parents for a very limited time before becoming self sufficient (some need not spend any time with parents). Humans; however are helpless; most behavior is learned but some remnants of instinct still lives… just look at young child.

So while taking a shower this morning a thought came to me. Are the following behaviors that humans do Learned or Instinct??

I have to wonder when Cro-Magnon Man had a giant snot ball stuck up his nose did he just dig for gold (just like every 2 year old child on earth) or was he/she evolved enough to really shoot off a good snot rocket.

Ponder that over your morning coffee.

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Public Service Announcement

Posted on 14 May 2008 by Five0ClockCharlie

TICK WARNING! I hate it when people forward bogus warnings, and I have even done it myself a couple times unintentionally…but this one is
real, and it’s important. So please send this warning to everyone on
your e- mail list.

If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks
due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance
around with your arms up, DO NOT DO IT!! THIS IS A SCAM!! They only want
to see you naked.

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Ethanol Summarized

Posted on 14 May 2008 by GlazednConfused

Check out this handy chart on the different types of ethanol and their characteristics (compliments of Please note the “Percent…” column on the far right – alarming, to say the least.

 Ethanol Chart

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Toys …. um I mean necessities

Posted on 13 May 2008 by Enigma

What fun would the world be to a geek without gadgets. You know what I am talking about the necessary little elements of technology that you know your life is not complete without. They can fall into three categories (and oh yes I have examples)

1.) The ones you buy and stick on your shelf never to use.

2.) The ones that you love to use but make you look so geeky even sheldon looks like rico suave compared to you.

3.) The crème de la crème…. The 007 gadgets better know as the holy grail of geekdom. These are the small perfectly balanced units of form and function that makes you the envy of all your pocket protector wearing friends.


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Gasoline and Politics

Posted on 12 May 2008 by Geekstr

I realized just how much filling up the tank in my car hurts the pocketbook the other day when it cost me roughly a thousand dollars for a full tank. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but it was expensive. I know everyone is complaining about the cost of gasoline at the pumps right now, and for good reason. We are a country which has access to our own natural resources. But for some reason, we insist on allowing idiots to dictate what we can and can’t do in this country.

We have enough petroleum to last several centuries, yet we’re not allowed to use it because God forbid, the tree huggers would have our heads. We’ve put ourselves in this predicament by allowing groups of whacko environmentalists to cry us into a lull with their sad stories about “global warming”.

If only for a time we could be like Saudi Arabia, where they have gasoline at $0.91 cents per gallon. That would be the life, wouldn’t it? But then we’d actually have to drill into our own resources for that to happen and I hate to say it, but Democrats and Republicans make me sick because they’re both either too ignorant or too “political” to allow that to happen for the betterment of their own “beloved” country.

I’ve altogether given up on politics because both sides are completely full to the brim with idiots, liars and politicians instead of people who truly want to do something worthwhile for their country. In fact, I may even use my right as an American citizen not to vote in the upcoming Presidential election because I have absolutely no faith in either party.

On the other hand, I do enjoy five dollar coffees on a regular basis, so I personally don’t have much room to whine. So, I guess while the elections are going on, I’ll sit at home sipping my Java while griping about gas prices and calling the politicians names that they would probably have to look up to understand. All while remaining very comfortable in my home which is cooled by my Ozone depleting central air unit. Isn’t life grand?!

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Bill O’Reilly

Posted on 12 May 2008 by Thraxxus

Total Douchebag.

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We discuss Gas Companies

Posted on 12 May 2008 by Thraxxus

GlazednConfused and I talk on Instant Messenger:

Thraxxus: I ever tell you about the developer I worked with that once worked on Chevron’s accounting system?
Thraxxus: you may find the tale hard to believe

GlazednConfused: I doubt it, but fire away

Thraxxus: He asked his boss how accurate should he makes the calculations decimaa wise.. aka how many decimal places..

Thraxxus: his boss’ response:
Thraxxus: “Round to the nearest million.”

GlazednConfused: you could tell me they were grinding up abandoned cats to fuel there CEO’s rocket powered executive chair and I’d believe it

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Can I get an Amen? The Obama Lift

Posted on 09 May 2008 by Thraxxus

I’ve been paying fairly close attention to the political races over the past year or so and have made note of how candidates change their various approaches to communicating their message, whatever it may be at that moment, considering they typically change from minute to minute, or if you are George Bush JUNIOR, in mid sentence, and have noticed a rather amusing change to Barack Obama.

First let me mention the other front runners. We’ll start with John McCain.

At moments I find McCain to be a patriot, which from a glance is always nice, but then at times I preceive him to be a war mongering scoundral. He comes across to me as someone who is caring around a bit of a grudge against anyone who may disagree with the United States of America. Don’t get me wrong, the guy has earned that right at least somewhat considering he spent something like 10 or 15 years in a prisoner of war camp. given that I have never even visited one I wouldn’t be able to describe the difference between one and the likes of a Holiday Inn. I can only assume that the prionser of war camp is most likely a trillion times worse than a Holiday Inn, and I once stayed at a Holiday Inn in Ft. Lauderdale Florida that was so grundy I slept on top of my dirty clothes. True story. Either way I am not so sure that at this point in time the United States needs someone in the Oval Office who is bent on the continual smashing of brown people, as George Carlin puts it. Tragically he has already won the nomination for the Republican party because apparently that is the best they have left to offer. Just wow.

So what about them Democrats? The race started with roughly a billion of them running and has come down to two. I mentioned Obama at the begining of this piece, and will end with him, but now for his opponent: Hillary Rodham Clinton, her middle name I seriously couldn’t make up. Hillary, oddly enough, is basically the female version of McCain with a seemingly lessened ability to stick to her story that El Presidente Bush, and that kiddies is saying quite a bit. First let me address her inability to woo me at all. When she speaks, and tries to deliver statements that are meant to invoke an emotional response from the crowd, warranting cheers and tears, she gets neither from me. Her husband, the blue dress messer Bill was a fantastic Orator, quite possibly the only thing the man did well, beyond keeping dry cleaners in business, and cigar makers. Face it the guy got credit for doing stuff he really had nothing to do with, like the techno-explosion of the Internet.

Back to Hilary. She lacks oomf. When Hubby spoke speach analysts used to brag about his delivery where with Hillary she comes across more like frump girl. I’ve noticed her hair gets more slicked back by each new iteration of the same speach and in turn her make up gets thicker. By now you are sitting there thinking “Good god Thraxxus, could you be more male? Focussing only on what many women find themselves being judged by, their looks!” Trust me that not my problem with her. I’d run out and sign up to vote for Roseanne Barr if I felt she had a great platform, however given her ability to even remember the lyrics to our national anthem I don’t see that happening any time soon. No my main problem with Hillary is her wishy washy attitude that sways with the breeze. she tried to come across as someone who wasn’t a politician, and the harder she tries the more she looks like the spitting image of one. Tragic really.

So what of Obama? I was having a conversation with Enigma one morning over a piping hot cup of Starbucks, you know them, the company that hates Palestinians, and we noticed something about Obama. Roughly 9-10 months ago Obama, whom I find to be an amazing orator, added something to his shtick that surprised me – a slight lift to his voice at the end of his sentences. This began to shape itself further into all parts of his speach patterns. don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t gone full blown Jesse Jackson on us, but he definately has the lift. One might think that I am against this for some reason, perhaps racially. In fact, I think its cool. I grew up in Southern California and thus the concept of racism is basically totally lost on me; I do however understand the Southern Baptist Black Preacher Stereotype that some people have, under hushed breath, labelled Obama with and I need to note that given the recent debacle regarding his church’s pastor I can only assume that Obama would not want that label. Either way I don’t care, I just like how the guy sounds. If you look at the field of horses you will note that he winnies the best.

Funniest part is this: I know what Mccain believes in; likewise I know what Clinton has said she believes in, from time to time, never really being consistant. The funny part is neither of them are really good at public speaking. Obama is a great public speaker except I really haven’t got a clue what the guy believes in, beyond the magical word he loves to use: Change. Perhaps he is right, it is what we need, change. Let’s start with our politicians.

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Integrity, Business, IQ, Capital Punishment

Posted on 08 May 2008 by Enigma

I have now come to realize beyond any possible doubt that American business is doomed, and coming in a close second in the race to annihilation is the human race as a whole. 

Why do I say this: Ask yourselves these questions

1.) When in business did it become ok acceptable expected for a sales person to just flat out lie to the face of a customer?

2.) Why is the intelligence of the average person slowing creeping to the level of a dodo?

3.) Why is the high school curriculum easier then the classes we had to take in elementary school?

4.) Why oh WHY is there even question as to what to do with THIS person?

5.) What happened to break the new generation of workers?

Well I had a lot more but now I have depressed myself. I am gonna get a drink and go turn some tricks in front of the local circle K.

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The obese and fatherless, point and laugh

Posted on 08 May 2008 by GlazednConfused

I visit one web site that could be classified as MSM – “Mainstream Media” to those unfamiliar with the dull acronym. is my replacement for the local news – why should I care about the meth lab that blew up in Oakland, killing two squatters and their fourteen cats? Let’s face it, only people within 100 yards of the meth lab at the time of the explosion should really care. I work hard to get away from meth labs. However, that old lady next door that constantly and loudly berates her dog “Molly” is suspect.

So, as “liberal-biased” pablum for the masses, why is Rush Limbaugh on the main page? That’s right, the conservative icon was featured yesterday, shoveling some bullplop about how he wants a “weak Obama” to become the Democratic nominee. Previously, he was trying to get his listeners to basically sabotage the election process by having his listeners vote for Hilary, who he believed to be the weaker candidate to the Mighty John McCain. Blah blah blah.

Sure, it was just a link to the political blog section, but it was on the front page. Let me explain my position – that fat bastard should not be on the front page of any web site besides his own. Actually, he gives fat bastards a bad name – he couldn’t even get into a club of the lowliest fat bastards to walk the earth. They would tear up his application, laughing through tears. Looking at his site, he looks like he lost a little weight. Unfortunately for Rush, “Fat Bastard” is just a symbolic title. Rush is the guy that railed against broken families, yet has been married four times. He has mocked and derided drug abusers, yet is one himself. We run Larry Craig, anti-gay rights crusader, out of town on a rail for soliciting gay sex en el bano, yet uber-fat bastard Limbaugh is still influential enough to get on CNN’s front page.

The only statement I want to hear from Rush in the MSM is “Doctors have given me six months to live”.

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